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Friday, 2 September 2011

Mrs Blighty Does A Spot of De-Cluttering

It seems de-cluttering is all the rage at the moment, and apparently it's not just a one off thing, it's a journey.  So I thought I'd take a trip.

Just look at what I found lurking in my cupboards.

Now I have to assess each article and ask myself some key questions:

Do I love it?
Will I wear it?
Does it suit me?
Why are there always at least 3 Christmas puddings in my cupboards at any given time?
How much bouillon does a girl really need?
How many years past a Use By date can you go?
What on earth is that white stuff in the plastic sachet?

I think the blue of the breadcrumb packet really brings out the blue in my eyes..

Please do NOT send in suggestions on what to do with the stuffing..


  1. Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is quite entertaining! Your breadcrumbs-selection is our pasta-depot. But it's shrinking!

  2. Such unappetising names Blighty! I'm not surprised these things have languished in the cupboard. My pantry can be a bit of an abyss sometimes so it is always worth giving it a good going-over once in a while.

  3. Dear Mrs Blighty, Firstly, so glad that you are returned to the bosom of your family. I knew the charges would never stick. That blue is very fetching. My favourite thing about kitchen cupboards is when an open packet of something (sugar, rice etc) falls out onto one's head as one is rummaging about. The other thing about an untidy cupboard is the running out of staples like black pepper or olive oil five minutes before a dinner party. I am now considering that which lurks in the bowels of the fridge. love Lindaxxx

  4. The blue paxo box is the absolute perfect colour for your eyes Blights. Lets consider how you can work this box into your wardrobe as an accessory?
    This is a timely post for me and I shall be decluttering my pantry this weekend due to wasting ingredients today on two cakes by using out-of-date baking powder. Flat as tacks. Straight to the rubbish bin. Could have cried.

  5. Lucky you don't live in the USA where we like to experiment with our Thanksgivings...

  6. Blighty - you and FF are busy at the decluttering journey thing *feels bad, decides to declutter to fit in*

    The bouillion situation is similar to my own, only my bete noir is peanut butter. I keep thinking that we're run out and we now have 3 jars in the kitchen. Similar problem with cumin (4 jars).

    I do think that the blue brings out the colour of your eyes. The stuffing? What to do with it? ........ I have a few ideas *wink*

    Ali x

  7. the real question is whether or not you'd want an ex to see you in it. i'd def keep the breadcrumbs.

  8. Decluttering has been my thing lately too - but you make it sound so much more fun!
    I once found a four year old bag of frozen peas and a jar of salt that had expired in 2009. How the heck does salt expire?

  9. I am decluttering too! I have just found a box of trifle mix I bought some time ago in Ireland. I don't think powdered custard really goes bad, does it...?

  10. Oh crap! You've just reminded me of all the de-cluttering I have to do!
    Thanks :-)

  11. We clean out our pantry once every six months. And every time we stumble across something that has an expiry date of pre-2000. Not sure how it happens but our pantry is a Tardis. Unbelievable.

    I am about to attempt to declutter my bathroom. Wish me luck.

    K xx

  12. How did I miss this post! I laughed out loud. VERY FUNNY!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


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