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Monday, 24 December 2012

Sprouts of Joy

It's Christmas Eve and we have finally managed to shoehorn Boys 1 and 2 into bed.  Boy 2 actually asked to go to bed at about 5pm, so keen was he to make Christmas come sooner but Boy 1 can always be relied upon to uphold the honour of Boykind and perform the Dance of the Seven Bedtimes.

Now the coast is clear I'm going to tiptoe upstairs and leave this outside their doors....I really am the most horrid mother (cue evil laughter).

Happy Christmas Dahlings!  Have a good one!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blogger's Headache

Dahlings, again long time no blog! Unforgivable!
So how are you all?  Really?  Dropped off completely? Frightful.
Right, back to me.

A little while ago  Sister Wolf,  whose blog sometimes shocks and unsettles but is never ever boring, as she is ferociously clever and possessed of  a mordant wit, asked which two words her readers hated most. Sister Wolf  listed "fiscal cliff" and commenters came up with equally excellent ones such as  "now trending" and "gangnam style".  At the time I could only think of "ironing board" which I felt was not quite up to scratch.

But now I feel able to contribute:


 Yes, Boy 2 has taken up the drums.
Quelle joie!
Ooh, another two annoying words - I'm on fire!