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Friday, 4 February 2011

The Horrifying Return of Repetitive Dress Syndrome

Hello Dahlings,
I trust you are all well and looking forward to the weekend, except for those of you ahead of the rest of us, in which case, (not wanting to introduce a down note or anything), make the most of your weekend, it's halfway through!

First a housekeeping point: the lovely Janet of Gardener's Cottage asked me to do away with word verification.  I pushed some buttons randomly and hope that's done the trick ( if not, NASA: sorry about that satellite).  The wordster went out on a high note: Louise of North of Queensland was joking about Boy 2's refusal to eat much apart from fish and chips.  The wordster as its swansong came up with: "fried".  Excellent.

I've also had fun doing labels for the posts, but with limited success: if anyone spots "macaroni chees" (sic) lurking around, well, I don't know what it's doing there either...and just like my real life version of that dish, it seems determined to stay put...

Now, as the world is in turmoil what with cyclones and political change and economic worries, I thought I should focus on a really important issue: Repetitive Dress Syndrome ("RDS").   You may recall I highlighted this topic a while ago. That time the RDS involved  black and white.  Well, it's back and even more serious.  This time it's  leopard print.  Gasp.

Very old dress in leopard print, Karen Millen:
Much newer dress, in, oh, yes, leopard print from Marks and Spencer:

Top from Zara in pink polka dots more bl**dy leopard print:

Old dress from H and M in - oh god this is so repetitive, I obviously need some sort of counselling or at least sponsorship from the World Wildlife Fund (or World Wrestling Federation?):

Newer dress from H and M in familiar looking print ( a bit racy this one, to be worn with leggings otherwise will look as if Mrs B has hit on new way of getting money to pay school fees):
The RDS has even affected my accessorisation (top fashion word):

Another leopard top, again from Zara.  Right, I've had enough, this is ridiculous:
 (Unconnected anecdote: many years ago, in the law firm where I apparently worked, a partner came up to me, peered at my chest and said "My wife has some of those." To this day I cling to the hope he was talking about the pearls).

But have just thought of silver lining to the whole RDS business: Mr B thinks I am being super frugal, always wearing the same outfit...he may well suggest I go treat myself to some more clothes...


  1. May I suggest leopard skin bathing attire, in honor of future good weather?

  2. I think that you may have stumbled upon the Fashion Holy Grail - buy lots of different things in the same pattern* and your man will think that you're just being uber-frugal and wearing the same thing over and over again.

    *well, Tertarus thinks that anything in one colour MUST be the same item of clothing. His tiny male mind cannot comprehend the need to own 2 jumpers and 2 cotton tops in lime green.

    I think your leopard stuff looks GREAT. I still haven't bought ANYTHING in leopard. I love it. I want it. I look like a barmaid in it.


  3. Blighty is that a bra cup on your head??

    I'm hearing you on this leopard print fiasco because it's been stealthly creeping into my wardrobe too. Once upon a time I would not have been seen dead in leopard print. As FF says..'I don't know myself anymore'.
    Although I can never visualise parading leopard print leggings.
    BTW I adore the shoes!

  4. Is that a Bra on your head Blighty?
    Wet and sodden, still have holes in roof, it's raining, water pouring in to bedroom, no water now, and no power. Hot, humid.
    But at least I can read the blog.

  5. Ladies,

    Outraged at the suggestion that my jaunty beret is a brassiere. Next thing you know, people will be suggesting that my dress is a pair of underpants.


  6. You must be kidding! What is it with the leopard? Why not try a zebra or a cow pattern? I have never seen someone with so many leopards in the closet. btw, do you remember the the purple dress I shot in the shopwindow, with the sequins, très mini? The shop closed for good. Hope to find other fancy windows, soon!

  7. Just checking the word veri cause I'm seeing spots.

  8. Blighty,

    Oh that comment about my wife has some of those... :)

    I was just about to suggest the hat was a pair of knickers and now, well, the wind has been knocked out of my sails...the dress is a scarf right?

    I think you are chanelling Tigress...happy shopping!

  9. Ah ha ha ha ha. Blighty, your blog is one of the only where I actually read all the comments and today is a perfect example of why.
    Thanks for always making me laugh, and for wearing undergarments in creative ways. Inspiring as always.

  10. Did you not buy leopard print socks for your Hunters recently?? The saga continues methinks.
    I have a secret pair of leopard print ballet flats, they are the most comfortable thing. I will have to break them out and give them an outing after reading this post.

  11. in my world, leopard print is a neutral and I LOVE it!! You have so many lovely frocks- I do hope you are wearing is so hot here am wearing a bikini...I am Quite a Sight xxx

  12. Goodness Mrs Blighty! What racy knickers and bras you have! I have said it before - Mr B is a lucky man. It is all nanna's gigantic bloomers over here. However, I know what you mean with the leopard print. While I don't have any as yet I long long for some. I particularly like your bag and those glamourous shoes. However, I am now on an austerity drive quite literally down South possibly to Tierra del Fuego (well from tomorrow - I am procrastinating re the packing). Mr LiC shall steer us safely away from any interesting looking shops and ensure that we stay only in places full of local colour and charm...

  13. Well I scrolled back up for a look at your dress, and that's a teensy pair of undies for sure!
    I told everyone you are tiny didn't I?

  14. When exactly did leopard print go from being Bet Lynch to super cool, almost restrained??? I completely missed that boat, and might have to get me some print soon . Your dresses look lovely and I think it is a most cunning plan to appear frugal to Mr B.

    Bra as beret rocks.

    Am still recoving composure after the laughter therapy that was your school newsletter post - having 4 kids, there was far too many bells ringing!

  15. When you decide to bin them, I'll take 'em..they will blend right into my closet.
    Along with my fake leopard PJ's, slippers, and coat.

  16. And I thought it was only men who put their underwear on their heads.
    Mrs legend has a sexy pair of leopard slippers that come out on occasions. Two pairs in fact, Yikes it must be catching!!!!

  17. Oh my god. That partner's comment. I thought I was going to get through one of your posts with my laughter machinery intact. Alas.

  18. My, what racy undies you have! I recently purchased The Most Fabulous pair of leopard print shoes. I haven't been anywhere to wear them yet, so I've taken to putting them on to go out to feed the chooks and collect the eggs.

  19. Louise fell through a ceiling. Miracle she wasn't hurt more- no broken bones. Poor L!

  20. You make me laugh! I am stealing RDS - I'm a victim of this in rather a large way I'm afraid, and had no idea there was a term for it!

  21. FF - my goodness, I racing round to Louise's blog now, poor L that must have been terrifying..

  22. Dear All, thank you for your kind and witty comments on my terrible affliction, it is nice to know I am not alone. I really like FF's view: "leopard print is a neutral." Damn straight it is!

  23. That is soooo true ... not only does my other half not acknowledge new leopard print attire, he also doesn't notice new striped items or black items. I could buy 100 striped tops and anything in black and he would never notice (reason why most of my wardrobe is leopard prints, stripes and blacks).

  24. Blighty you saucy little minx.
    Love the shoes and all the bits in between.
    Oh my your lingerie is very saucy.
    You are a delight Blighty. Don't ever change your spots.
    Love FF's comment re neutralness of leopard print.My children however do not ascribe to that theory and howl with protest when I pop a leopard print on.
    Kate Bx

  25. Blighty, hope you did not get carried away by the leopards? I imagine you enjoying a ride, tucked between their jaws. Did they already adopt you? Did your fur develop patterns? Or are you already into spring-cleaning. The sun is so indiscreet when it comes to dirty windows these days.

  26. I am laughing out loud at "my wife has some of those". Love everything leopard print. I think the trick it not to wear it all at once. LOL. It is definitely back in fashion again. It seems to come back around constantly so it never goes out of style. Unlike 80's fashions which came back recently. If I wore those clothes I would have to shoot myself.

  27. Dear Paula, not yet carried way by a leopard but any day now..don't mention spring cleaning, house in urgent need of attention but feel sudden need for cup of tea and sit down;
    Real Housewife - I like the fact that leopard always seems to come back into fashion, good for my ageing wardrobe!! the problem with 80s fashion was i wore it first time round..feel old, going for lie down


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