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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Some important Royal news!

I am so thrilled to announce my engagement to Prince Such a surprise (particularly to Mr Blighty and the boys). But it is sooo important for our future King and for the country to have a crazed marsupial with excellent fashion sense and top level accessorisation skills filling this position. So I felt I had to say yes. Also the bling really sealed the deal.

I know all you girls are dying for a close up of the rock.

Isn't just adorable? And it fitted perfectly, did not have to be re-sized at all to be rammed onto my paw.
Must dash dahlings, I have to get the Archbishop of Canterbury to re-arrange his diary, he will just have to cancel the tambourine workshop weekend away, I need some serious wedding planning.
P.S. Don't believe what you read in the media about that girl Kate Middleton. She is not even in the running.


  1. Love it. The bling is all worth it. Glad Will came to his senses.
    p.s. Stay away from the inlaws!

  2. you sure do like the bling-bling on your finger :-)

  3. Oh Blighty, what are you like, can't wait to see you in the dress!

  4. Dear Mrs Blighty, Come to your senses, Woman! Don't trade down! They are a rum lot, those royals. Don't you think that there is something a bit odd about giving the engagement ring that sealed such an unhappy marriage to one's intended? It would be all very well if it had sealed the deals of unhappy marriages for the last 500 years, but it was not. And another thing, he is such an uninteresting youth (albeit our next Sovereign bar one, God Save him etc etc). If he were that lovely chap, Daniel Craig, I could understand. Clearly, he would not even have the grammar and punctuation skills of Mr B. Mrs B, a Bex and a good lie down is clearly what is required.

  5. Dear Paula,Deb and Dash, marrying Prince W will not change me, but please only every address me as Duchess of Blighty from now on otherwise you will be sent to the Tower and be ever so slightly beheaded.

    Dear Linda, the Royal Beefeater guard type chaps are on their way to take you to the Tower right now and don't bother bringing any hats or hair care items, you soon won't be needing them. And I have never ever for a moment thought about Daniel Craig emerging from the sea in those white La Perla swim trunks with that muscular bod of his and those vivid blue eyes, who is Daniel Craig anyway?

  6. hi blights,

    while you and k are out galavanting i'm home in misery over the approaching holiday. i hope you 2 are happy.

    you are way more stylish than that kate woman. i mean the fur alone, she can't compete.


  7. Dear Janet, take the crazed possum approach to festive occasions - gnaw through some wiring and take out the power, so all annoying relatives have to go for me every time.

  8. Dear Blighty,

    How nice that he chose the ring with your eyes in give us details of the proposal!

    Are you going to be doing wedding tea towels, cake and tea tins?
    I'll buy one of each!

  9. Congrats, dearest Blighty!

    Gorgeous ring. Was sorely tempted to buy the replica from an American sapphire company...

    Have you decided where the gift registry will be and can we please come along to your hen's night? Please??

    SSG xxx

  10. Dear Blighty, methinks you need to take a quick lookie look in Debretts Peerage. Silly Moo you will be Princess of Wales, not a mere Duchess (that's reserved for the cuckoo who kicked Will's beautiful mum out of the Royal nest). I also like the way you endorse real fur. But, sigh, I really love the idea of Queen Catherine because it's a family name. Just wait and see how it tops the list of baby names in 2011. Well at least it's far classier than Chanelle or Britney or Chardonnay...

  11. Oo-er sorry Blighty I was getting above myself. Forgetting that Will's nasty old fart father is still the POW. So poor old you ( or Kate) will have to be content with Duchess like the old mare Camilla. What a fiasco. I don't know why I'm bothering with all this anyway as I'm a republican and want them all on Tower Hill asap. Though I will concede a sword rather than chopper as they are of the blood royal.

  12. Oh Congratulations Blighty..
    But darling this is one dubious family don't you know?
    The ring would have been attractive made into a brooch with accompanying sentimentality but I'm afraid dear you must insist on your own choice of knuckle duster with new and happy vibes.
    I do wish Blighty/Kate/Catherine a life full of happiness.

  13. Dear Princess Duchess Blightly,
    my sincere congratulations. So glad Will will have someone to guide him in creating important policies, such as mandatory matching of nails to reading material, and sending all blog followers diamond earrings and rolex watches.

  14. Hi Future Princess Blighty

    Well done on bagging a Royal. Before you seal the deal though, have you consider hooking up with an Australian marsupial? We have some quality examples. Think more Hugh Jackman than Shane Warne ...

    If you manage to arrange something with Daniel Craig I guess that would be OK too- Historically a bit on the side seems to have been fairly acceptable for Royalty so I am sure you would be just maintaining tradition.

    Adore the ring - it matches your eyes.

    Enjoy your day.


  15. Dear All, thank you for all your kind words,this is such a happy time in a humble marsupial's life. Can't chat on though, must rush to check out wedding venues - it's either St Westminster Abbey or Paul's Cafe; have already booked that well known Australian super group The Wiggles to do the music at the reception..xxxx

  16. Dear Blighty, when you are Queen, will it be Chanel and LV for all, at least all your loyal readers?

  17. Dear Blights, without the selection of snacks you thrust at me I would have STARVED on that 12 hour flight!! That ginger choc was killer and the crisps kept me sane. I miss you a lot. Will send email. Arrived in HK, got a mani and pedi and am at my sisters. Trying to extend my stay here a few more days. THANKYOU and congrats on the engagement xxx

  18. please tell me, why is it said this is going to be the biggest royal wedding? or is it the largest? dunno.
    I think prince Vic's wedding earlier this year was actually very big. Why is it that the british royals are bigger? And please, what happened to your future-sis-in-law Chelsy? Is she still in the running? And finally: don't you think you actually old for a royal wedding, I mean, 28, you will be 29 until next year, cmon!

  19. Dear Your Majesty in waiting,
    I am thrilled to bits that finally we are going to get a fabulous and unique gene mix into the old interbred Windsors/Saxe Couburg whatsies (FF 2009).
    I am a little concerned however as to how well you will cope with all that shooting and hunting malarkey considering some of your family have been on the wrong side of the barrel in the past. Not to mention how your poor ears will cope with with the huge diamond drops? But one must do their duty and you will be a splendid royal!
    Your humble servant

  20. Congrats to the engagement - although I do agree with Linda regarding the ring. Yes, it's pretty, yes, it's sentimental, but I sure hoped Wills would have stayed with the subtle rememberance of his dear mother (practiced up until now) and given Catherine (sorry, I mean Blighty) her own ring. Can't force the poor girl to wear blue all the time. In any case, dear Duchess of Blighty, wishing you all the best and lots of fun with those wedding preps! xox, Macs

  21. Congratulations Blighty! I have a few suggestions on your nail polish for the BIG day...

    Red colour was OPI Kennebunk-Port (available here And you must rush out and buy Barry M's Dusky Mauve(313)as it's an exact copy of Paradoxal! I kid you the other colour I was wearing is also Barry M in Mushroom (310). Who needs £16 nail polish when you can buy it for £3? NHG x


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