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Monday, 29 November 2010


Even at midday the ground is frozen

Things have gone downhill since Faux Fuchsia left these shores, taking glamour, beauty, charm and the England cricket team with her (it's true, they are in Australialand as we speak).

It has become very cold. All glamour is gone. My favourite accessories are my thermal vest and a tissue for my drippy nose.

Even Boys 1 and 2 have given in and are wearing vests, jumpers, hats and gloves, though under protest and after an epic battle of wits, force, low cunning and gratuitous use of insults.

Small boy in normal attire

Thermal underwear mandated by Mummy

Snow is expected here soon. Oop North where Lovely B is, there has already been lots of snow. Lovely B does not approve but she is not letting it get in the way of her Christmas shopping. We have already received a Severe Warning about our failure to provide her with our Christmas list on time. Apparently it's on the 25th this year.

Mr Blighty has been enjoying the weather, sitting chuntering at the TV info pages, exclaiming happily: " Minus 17 last night in Powys, unheard of, unbelievable." Bless him, at least it gives him an interest in life other than the disastrous fortunes of Newcastle United: "17- 0, well could have been worse I suppose.."
I ventured down town today and everybody, but everybody, was wearing a hat of some sorts; Russian style fur hats seem to be very much in vogue. Indeed, what with the hats and the cold and the grey I felt I was in a pre-Gladnost Eastern bloc country. This impression was strengthened in the bank: the cashier, an Eastern European girl straight from Central Casting was having a remarkably unfruitful conversation with a customer:
Customer: I was given this account number and told the account would be open today
Cashier: Number not mean anything, there is no account, is nothing on computer
Customer: Oh
Cashier: is not there, is nothing
Customer: how about we start again, and open a new account now?
Cashier: is not possible, is internet account, is opening only on line, not in branch
Customer (weeping) : Right ho, thank you very much
Cashier: you go open on line, you go now
And when I exited the bank I saw this dog. I am definitely now living in Russia. Her name is Kim and she is a Siberian Huskey, apparently.

But I am not going to go to the dogs, sartorially (ooh, did you note what I just did there, what a slick link that was, I could be on TV!). Cold weather is an excellent excuse to wear daft hats and embarass your children at school pick up.
The Miss Marple Special

The lux leopard

The James Bond film Russian spy - so James, the microfilm is hidden down your trousers, yes?

Also the cold weather is a good reason to stay in and play with my new nail polish, a birthday present from Lovely B. What lusciousness! Note the small boys' paws all over - probably just checking no sweeties hidden in the parcels.

I was also given these books from Grandma W. Note the 3 for 2 sticker. Where's the other book? I asked (tact is my middle name). I'm reading it, replied Grandma, cheerfully.

Finally some important Puffle news. After my last post, a nice lady from Disney got in touch. Hello nice lady from Disney! She may have some goodies for Boy 2. I just know that any day now Hermes and Rolex are going to empty their warehouses in my direction. Yay!
Maybe the nice lady from Disney has some advice on controlling your Puffle in a restaurant?

It was last spotted riding around the carousel at Yo!Sushi, thankfully no one tried to eat him.


  1. The Russian spy is my favourite...
    I used to wonder why is it that our Mom's needed our lists so soon...
    well it's like this, they want to shop before the crowds take over the shops and have time for some leisurely baking and be relaxed and composed...
    it's an old lady thing and I am so there :)

    Keep warm

  2. You are lucky to have a Lovely B! Your hat choices look especially glam on you by the way.

  3. I have an odd and sudden desire for a daft hat of my own. Even though I believe there are probably only 3 women on the planet who look any good in hats.

  4. The Miss Marple special is my favorite, it makes you look like a sweet schoolgirl.

  5. ROFL - tee hee - just found out about that one.
    LMAO - except I am at Paddy's place in Brisbane so that one should be LOAO.
    Paddy and I are reading Blighty together this morning. Sooo much fun sharing you with my sister.
    That is seriously one funny post. Particularly the 3 for 2 book gift. We just spent the day with Shirl - our Mum yesterday. OOOOOOHHHHHH the potential for an entire blog about Mum. Only thing stopping us is the probability that we will end up very similar when we are old(er).

    I am starting my packing for Russia, Lapland, Norway, Finland (and of course London). 2 weeks to go. brrrrrrr.

    Paddy and I are e-enacting the Blighty/FF meeting of the superstars of the Blogworld here in Brissie.
    Lots of Love

  6. When you mentioned Mothers in Embarassing Hats, I suddenly was transported to the gates of Airdrie Academy where my mother waited in her genuine Endangered Animal Skin Hat, sealskin gloves and sheepskin jacket (it was winter), but I was utterly humiliated by her and insisted in walking on the ROAD and not on the pavement beside me. Jeez - I was a shallow, bad-tempered I'd kill for that jacket ;-)

    Ali x

  7. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. It just looks so cold. It was 40 C here yesterday! I am not sure what is worse....

  8. Dear Mrs Blighty, The thing we learned after four years in Moscow was that the tractor-driving hefty Ludmila was a fiction of the cold war. They really are fur clad beauties with generous cleavages and legs that go on forever generally in hotpants - more like The Spy who Loved Me - speaking of James Bond, I have to pause to think of that Daniel fellow. Okay. However, the Soviet-style unhelpfulness always makes me laugh. I am sorry that your weather is awful - however it is lovely here and I am constantly rubbing my nose because of hayfever. Sometimes Glamour is hard to come by. Are you following the cricket? Nights and nights of watching Mr LiC follow it by text on the computer and it ends as a DRAW!?! I can never get that time back again!

  9. hi blighty,

    so glad you are back and in rare form today. so much happiness here. my husband also loves the weather so much. i don't understand it as i just look out the window but he follows charts, etc.

    and i love the story of the bank teller. omg. so funny and so true.

    i love your hat and would love to see you in it. i respectfully disagree with lisa above me. i think everyone looks better in a hat.

    and lastly, think how we all feel, we've never experienced the glory of ff in the flesh as you have. you are the lucky one.


  10. I enjoy a good giggle reading your posts Blighty and cracked up upon seeing the James Bond Russian spy! Very glam.
    I endured a similar conversation with a bank person re an internet account once. Was trying to transfer $$ with no luck so trudged to the bank thinking that just maybe they could do it for me but noooo. Instinctively knew I had lost the battle when my eyes glazed over and his voice sounded like it was coming from another universe.
    You poor loves it sounds like winter has arrived early. It does my head in that you guys are in thermals and I'm sitting here in a wispy cotton dress cause its hot.
    Great nail polish gift. Boy (1 or 2 ?) has a future career as a hand model.

  11. You look sensational in the Miss Marple hat!
    But .....
    WHAT are you doing with your tail?

  12. Deer misus Blitey, dont by a husky, they are hi manetenance!
    just get a cheewowa like me and siggi, we r low manetenance, and we luv waring wintir coates. we like mink, but rabbit or foxfur will be ok.
    arnie boyle.

  13. You should come to Australia Blighty, and warm up a little bit. If you bring Mr B he can become an international weather expert.

  14. Louise - is that my tail? wondered what that was, was checking for clues - did the Vicar use it to strangle Colonel Humphyngton?
    Linda in Chile - bad luck for the hayfever, I get that too, so tempting to overdo it on the anti-histamines and drift around with beatific smile and glazed eyes...just say no!

    Anne-Marie and all you ladies in hot places - stop rubbing it in. (but Mr B would like to hear more about the wispy cotton dress).
    Louise - what are all those ROFL thingies? I have only just worked out that LOL does not mean lots of love and only because of the story about the mother who texted her son to tell him beloved family dog had died - "Pookykins has passed away LOL"... the only ones I know are NORWICH and BURMA and NBWI..

  15. Nice Lady From Disney30 November 2010 at 12:38

    Only the Penguin who owns the Puffle can control it but rumour does have it that Purple Puffles are particularly naughty.

  16. ROFL - rolling on the floor with laughter..

  17. Glamorous Russian Spy look is my favourite (also more chance of a go on Daniel Craig). So enjoyed reading about your adventures with FF and think you are very courageous. I would have been very apprehensive about meeting her in person and facing her style scrutiny. Though have to say she did seem to be delightful company.

    Belated Happy Birthday greetings - and love Grandma W's attitude to book buying/present giving. Very sensible. I am definitely in line for the Miss Marple hat!

  18. OMG - my word verification for the above comment was "sperms"!!!!!!


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