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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cooking with Blighty

Dahlings, can't stop long today, am busy cooking up delicious bolognese for my loved ones. Here are the ingredients, I do get so much pleasure from cooking!

Er, I'm back, that didn't go as I expected, very strange texture and taste.

Ah, I see. It's OK, I am getting so much calmer as I get older...The problem with embracing thrift is that they make the value range packaging too similar for blind old bats like me who always have their glasses perched on the top of their head where they don't work so well, for God's sakes what is that red stuff on the rice pudding label, if that is not tomato sauce what on earth is it? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Feel a bit calmer now. We'll have these, only 10p per packet and really quite tasty. And there is always a silver lining: if I feed Boy 1 and 2 on these every meal for the next 10 years I will have saved enough money to buy me a Rolex. Ha! That's my idea of thrifty cooking!

Note to Social Services and all those concerned people out there: I would never for a moment entertain the idea of scrimping on my children's food to buy a Rolex Lady Datejust, 26mm, steel and Everose gold, it would never so much as cross my mind, waterproof to 100m, model no 179171, I don't even really know much about Rolexes, I am not really a material person.....


  1. If you Blog about the Rolex you will get one. In January I did one of those "where are you sitting?" "what are you wearing?" questionaire things that do the rounds on blogs and at the time I didn't own a rolex ( I know. Boo Hoo) and my answer to the question "what would you like?" was something along the lines of "World Peace. And a Rolex" Anyway fast forward to February, Mr FF bought me one!!! (Oh Happy Day). It's a datejust oyster perpetual (the bigger size not the smaller one) with gold and silver and it makes me 11/10 Happy EVERY DAY!!! I say scrimp where you can- You're Worth it!!!! Everytime I look at that squirrel toy thing n the orange scarf I laugh. SO FUNNY.

  2. I think many generations of university student have proved you can live off 2 minute noodles (supplemented by hefty quantities of very cheap booze) for several years with no ill-effects...

  3. Too funny Blighty.
    Reminds me about the night I misread the amount of tablespoons of Thai curry paste. Certainly cleared out our sinuses :o
    Anne-Marie x

  4. Anne-Marie, excellent, i love extreme recipes, gives the children something to remember about their childhood; i cherish memories of my mother's cauliflower/caterpillar combo;
    Anita, yes apparently this is how Mr B eked out his grant at uni;
    FF - I am not a squirrel thing, Boy 2, to whom I belong, reliably informs me that I am a bushbaby, I came from that great London game reserve, Hamleys. I am not keen on that weird woman who keeps dressing me up, so not dignified. And then taking pictures- perv!

  5. Blighty! I am so excited you have a bloggy! Looking forward to catching up on your entries tomorrow :) Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

  6. hi blighty!

    why was i not told to run not walk over here? i'm stumbling upon you quite by accident and i haven't been this happy in days. i can see that i'm going to love it here.

    thank you for commenting on my blog even though you didn't have one (at the time.) now i get to sit and watch you mess up, i mean raise you boys properly. ha, this is going to be so fun.


  7. I'm so glad I found your blog. So surprised FF did not apprise of situation.

  8. Crumbs, I see what you mean about the Tesco tins! I don't write on freezer bags before I pop them in the freezer, spaghetti and Lamb tagine was quite interesting, I made out it was my style of fusion cuisine.

    I could of course have named it Flumbala, which was the word verification for this comment!

  9. Roger is proof that one can make it to adulthood with no ill effects after subsisting for 10 years on Pot Noodles. Well, almost no ill effects.

  10. Oh I hear ye...eyesight is not what it used to be. I am existing on varying strengths of pharmacy reading glasses, positioned at stations around the house. I too, work by colour in the kitchen, when I can't find my glasses. 2 minute noodles are the bomb in this house... warm and filling for the lads... and super cheap...... and bolgognaise... extended with all things green...zucchini, spinach..... not looking forward to the teenage appetites. I agree.. put it out there on your bloggy and ye shall receive! A-M xx

  11. Hi Blighty,

    Have just found your blog, yay, so glad you started one as I have laughed out loud so often on your comments to FF. Am really going to enjoy reading about the happenings in the Blighty household, you are so funny and really brighten my day, thanks

  12. Oh great Blighty - I am so glad I have found that you have a blog...It has made my day... So funny... loved this post - I am always peering at tins and ingredients with glasses on my head too! Now I will go and read all your other posts too... Hooray! And I love your accessorized panda/squirrel (what is it exactly??!!)x

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Oh Blighty
    How funny you are. Mr B also seems to me to be quite a character. I would almost have to say he is a bit a Mr D [in Jane Austin terms].

    Strong...."Where are my pants?"...[Oops left them by the lake]"

    Silent..."I won't be telling anyone about the lake,pants thingy"

    Romantic... Oh the Poetry!!!!

    How does he look in wet clothes?

    The imagination runs wild.

    Your Thoughts?

    LOL which stands for Laughing out Loud [at the moment]and Lots of Love [when i get to know you better]

  15. Dear MOB, thank you for your comments v funny! Mr B does not do wet clothes but he has a very snazy wetsuit and wetboots, he takes a keen interest in equipment of this type....he does sometimes do windsurfing and sailing in it too..

  16. Oh Blighty
    Perhaps Mr B/D needs to do a guest Blog Spot to explain his keen interest in equipment of this type. It appears that if he can have all that stuff you need a Rolex. Doesn't seem fair to have all that waterproof gear and no watch to tell the time under water. It has to be a good investment as per the FF standard of use.

  17. I did tell everyone of the situation- I mentioned on my blog that Blighty had a blog x

  18. Blighty,
    The more of us that blog about said Rolex, the quicker it will happen.

    There is power in numbers.

    SSG xxx


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