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Friday, 24 September 2010

A Man in the Kitchen

Guess what? Even as I write, a man is in my kitchen, cleaning my oven. Don't worry, I haven't kidnapped him (I promised Mr Blighty I'd stop doing that). He is from Oventeam, he has a van and a matching T-shirt and he assures me that my oven will be gleaming by the end. Wonder if they have MummyRefit, too (waxing, polishing, tightening, replacement of worn out parts, corkscrew maintenance)?

This stems from my slavish devotion to Faux Fuchsia's lovely blog - she recently got her oven cleaned, so I had to copy her! ( I do try to emulate her where ever possible, and the oven cleaning seemed more achievable than the Pucci and Marlene Birger... ) Isn't it just amazing, the power of the blogosphere and the reach of FF's blog: Faux Fuchsia, the blog that reaches parts other blogs cannot reach, even your oven!

On a more serious note, today I have made a Bad Fashion Choice. I am wearing this top from H&M. At the time of purchase it seemed cool and sophisticated. In that annoying thing known as Real Life, it has turned out to be a complete liability. Things keep getting caught in the open weave - big things like passing fishing trawlers, light aircraft and the handles of my kitchen cupboards; I got hooked up on the latter about 5 times just at breakfast. Boys 1 and 2 found it most amusing. And they could shout rude things at me with no fear of retribution as I was firmly hooked up, powerless!

Meanwhile the weather has gone to pot: after autumnal sunshine early in the week we now have grey rain. This type of weather makes me want to give up, unhook myself from my kitchen units and watch escapist films. I do not want to see important films about single mothers in sink estates being terrorised by loan sharks; I want nice clothes, scintillating dialogue, full make up (possibly not on the leading men).
I "curated" this recently from the charity shop. I hope it might point the way to some classic films.
Below, Joan Crawford in "Mildred Pierce". I saw this ages ago and must re-visit it.

Below, still of the party scene from "All About Eve" with Bette Davis in full swing and a young Marilyn Monroe. I watched this one rainy afternoon not so long ago with Grandma Whacker and loved the witty lines and the elegant clothes.
I want more films of this ilk. Recommendations please ladies.

Grandma Whacker is on her way to visit. She is bringing her new laptop so that she and Mr Blighty can do some technical tuning and trouble shooting. It seems that BT is no match for Grandma W, they are undone by the novelty of providing her with email. On the plus side I am now being called daily by Harold from the Chairman's office (you can get email addresses for CEOs, how handy, opens up a whole new hobby for me). He is from the High Level Service team. Wonder if he is any good at cleaning ovens?
Must go ensure boys have not left crisps/water bombs/socks/school friends in guest room.
Have a great weekend everyone. I leave you with another essential public service announcement.


  1. Your public service announcements are so educational for me. Do you watch any Audrey Hepburn films?

  2. I avoid those loose weave garments...I had a co-worker give herself whiplash by getting hooked on a lower cupboard knob and standing up quickly...worker's compensation got involved as she needed to go to rehab!
    Maybe there should ba a hazard warning on the tags of these garments!
    Have fun with grandma whacker!

  3. hi blighty,

    oh the power of the fucshia!

    i recently did a post on my fall wardrobe and was shocked, shocked i tell you when i saw photos of me in what i thought were my fav clothes. i say it again, the mirror is a big fat liar.

    i love those movies. mildred is one of my favorites. i just watched the brutally bitter who's afraid of virginia wolff.


  4. I second Deb's suggestion - Audrey Hepburn. My favourite is 'Charade' with the lovely Cary Grant. For fluff and clothes I also love 'Pillow Talk', Doris Day, Rock Hudson and the incomparable Tony Randall. Oh, also 'To Catch a Thief', Cary Grant again, this time younger and with Grace Kelly.

  5. Deb - Audrey Hepburn films - great suggestion, thank you so much!
    Hostess - your whiplash story is terrifying, who knew fashion could be so dangerous!
    Janet - but the outfits you posted were fab, you can't mean those ones! I have never seen Virgina Wolff film, terrible gaps in my cinematographic - oh stuff it, why am i so pompous? - there are lots of great films I need to see!
    Patricia - yes, great suggestions, thank you, I saw Charade as a child and can't remember much about it except it was brill;

  6. Enjoy your sparkling clean oven Blighty. Oven bags work a treat to prevent fat splatters when roasting meat.
    Sending empathy regarding catching sleeves on door knobs. I once had a dressing gown with huge sleeves that often caught giving me a mild dose of whiplash. Sufface to say said dressing gown went to charity and now I wonder if it's new owner incurred any lasting injuries.
    Luurve old movies. Especially Audrey, Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart etc etc.
    Alfred Hitchcock films are good fun. Have you seen Rear Window?
    'Whatever happened to Baby Jane' is a macabre classic with Bette and Joan. Think I read once that B & J rather disliked each other in real life too.

  7. If you're looking for an Audrey Hepburn film with fabulous witty dialogue do search out "Paris When It Sizzles". She stars with William Holden (also her co-star in Sabrina). It's a fun romp with great costumes and a young Tony Curtis! Do enjoy :)

  8. Me again.
    I forgot to mention a library book I've just commenced reading that may interest you Blighty.

    'Jennie Churchill, Winston's American Mother'.

    Apparently she was a huge influence in his life.

  9. A sparkling clean oven, what joy!

    The daily words of wisdom are duly noted.

    I have on my very own jeans.

    Hope you're having a lovely day, Blighty.

    SSG xxx

  10. Dear Anne-Marie - thank you so much for film tips, I have never seen Baby Jane, must catch up! I love Hitchcock's Vertigo. Rear Window I watched once with Mr B and he got bored - he likes Bourne Ultimatum type action!
    L - another great tip, have never heard of Sizzles, will look into it; I guess I can get old films on Amazon
    Anne-Marie - Churchill book sounds interesting, didn't Randolph have syphilis or something nasty?? sorry, have gruesome memory for that kind of detail.
    SSG - I am currently refusing to cook lest I sully the pristine state of oven.. Glad to hear you are wearing your own trousers, good to know! have a nice weekend XX

  11. Guess what I'm doing? Or not doing?
    Tee Hee, soooo been there done that with clothing that's loose and catches on things.
    The Paradoxal is offfffff, got so MANY adverse comments - guess Townsville is not ready for the IT colour?

    Can't wait for a POST GW (Grandma Whacker) POST.
    Thank God for Blighty in these dark and dreary Essay days!

  12. I love a clean oven that someone else actions! Hooray!

    I love All about Eve too. Edith Head designed the dress in the above photo, the sleeves were too big so Bette shoved them down over her shoulders! Love the line "Buckle up, we're in for a bumpy ride"

    I love Mildred Pierce too where that dreadful daughter (Dee Dee? Vee Vee?) is so so ashamed of her mum being a cook. She needed a smack with a wire hanger.

    Money never sleeps and neither do I- saw Wall St 2 today. Utter boring rubbish xxx

  13. Dear Mrs Blighty, I wanted to tell you that you are Mr LiC's favourite. I read your posts aloud to him and he laughs and laughs. Sadly, I am not a CIA operative. The reality is, of course, more prosaic without black suits, white shirts and sunglasses. But, it is nice to be sent hither and yon and to have people listen to you because they think that you might know what you are talking about. Little do they know! Turning to movies, I am a bit biased. Two genres for you to consider: the Hitchcock movies - "North By Northwest" must have the most surprising suspense scene - the cropduster one where Hitchcock sought to turn every stereotype on its head and succeeded magnificently. Then, the epic movie to which we have been tuned here in Santiago on Sunday arvos like "55 Days in Peking" with a very nice Charlton Heston, or "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Marlon Brando with a very wierd accent but fabulous nontheless. In these movies, one simply suspends one's disbelief and sits back with a cup of tea and a few biscuits...

  14. Louise - can't believe Townsville weren't ready for Paradoxal, how shocking! Mind you, I was wearing my version of Particuliere the other day, and Grandma Whacker asked "what colour is that supposed to be then?" and fell about laughing when I loftily mentioned wet cement; bet that Wintour daughter doesn't get that reaction from Anna;
    FF - the breadth of your knowledge astounds me, and from one so young! Thrilled that you know those films! Oven still clean - ish, am actioning roast chicken - chook as you call it??
    Dear Linda - Mr L needs help, get him to a doctor post haste. I love North by North West ,showed the boys the bit on Mount Rushmore as Boy 1 was doing it in Geog.. Interesting piece of trivia - when i was a baby I was know as Hitch because I looked just like him, mmmm nice.

  15. dearest blighty,

    it is not an old film but my favorite film of all time is the royal tenenbaums. have you ever seen it? judging by your humor, i think you would really like it.


  16. Dear Janet, I love that film, I have seen it twice, which is a record for me! Gene Hackman and Anjelica Huston are pure class, and i have a soft spot for Owen Wilson as the mad cowboy, and Ben Stiller and his kids in tracksuits..excellent film indeed! Thanks for reminding me of it. Mr B loves Amelie - have you seen that?


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