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Thursday, 10 June 2010

What goes around comes around

Mr Blighty came home from work earlier than usual last night. He was in a very good mood and looked very pleased with himself. "Why are you home so early?" I asked suspiciously (I had only just had time to untie the tennis instructor*). "Oh, so I'm not allowed to come home to my own house and see my lovely wife?" replied Mr B. That did it, I was extremely suspicious. I scanned the hall and noticed an interesting looking package sitting there. "What's that?" I said. Mr B told me to wait till after supper (he was already climbing into his protective suit and putting on his helmet and visor). While he was wielding the hammer and chisel (my macaroni cheese tends to be very robust) I tried to wheedle further information out of him. Is it a present for me? Yes, he responded. I was now beside myself with excitement. And when he added that it was something I had always wanted, I almost fainted with joy.

At last Mr B finishes his supper and I hose down the kitchen, and Mr B does some quick dental repair work.

He hands me over the package, inside is a large box tied up with a red bow. I rip it open, like a frenzied toddler with a Lindt bunny at a Easter egg hunt.

This is what I find.

What a difference just 2 letters can make.

Mr Blighty is now back in the spare room. Indefinitely. And pointing out he got me the chrome version is not going to help.

*Joking of course. It was the plumber.

**Thanks to Amazon and Rolodex for use of the picture.


  1. LOL! - So useful, but so not romantic. Reminds me a bit of that Valentines gift my DH gave me a few years back. He got me a gift certificate to finally take a course and get my drivers licence (which I finally ended up doing last year). Must add, that I have nothing against driving, but only against DH beeing passenger. :-) After twelve years of living and working together that has put our marriage to a whole new stress level.

  2. Aaaaaaaw....he is channelling his inner Harold Pinter....the romance!

  3. hi blighty,

    this is hysterical. my morning ritual used to involve tea and toast. now it's tea, toast and blighty. i can't remember when i last laughed this early in the morning! please, no jokes about that last line.


  4. Hilarious :):)
    Yes I must say I would have been speechless Blighty.
    Just think of the fun you'll have turning those knobs.
    My sister-in-law often joked that all homes housing young children should be tiled throughout so at days end it could be hosed down LOL xx

  5. OMG...what were the 2 letters?
    I am stunned and it's early morning here...what's the plumbers name?

  6. I was hoping it was going to be a trick. That you'd open the large box and then find a smaller box inside, then open that and another box etc. Was hoping that somewhere in there would be the rolex! Are you sure he didn't misunderstand you when you said "ROLEX" (not "ROLADEX"). Maybe it is his idea of humour? LOL All in good time...

  7. The way I see it... he's taken note. The shorter lettered version is on its way.. you'll see.... he's just playing along for a while. Mr B sounds so much like Mr A-M. When you least expect it. A-M xx

  8. You hang in there Blighty, remember FF said you would get that rolex because you put it on the blog. Mr B just toying with you, building you up for the big rolex reveal any day now.

  9. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just be patient and bide your time- that ROLEX will soon be YOURS. Rolodex be damned. My tip- why not start scrimping (purloining) the housekeeping cash and siphoning what you can into a Rolex account??? Also have you thought about a vintage rolex? Half the price in some circumstances.

  10. How very... useful! I was hoping it was an interestingly-shaped box with a Rolex enclosed, for your sake.

    My BIL recently brought home for my sister a (gift-wrapped!!) Dustbuster. "Not Impressed" does not even begin to describe it.


  11. I think your wit is under-estimated!

  12. Ha Ha ! you do make my evening (or whatever time of the day I read your posts!) Am sure the rolodex will come into use though :-)!

  13. I can't work out if this man is a complete bastard or funnier than you. Am very torn. In other news, just picked up Must You Go from The Free Bookshop

  14. This is v funny and I think Mr B is teasing you. However I could be wrong and he just might be a wee bit clueless. My husband is English too and does not do hints well so I just tell him what I want and he barely quibbles. He once told me that I was allergic to diamonds but we soon sorted that mix up out quick smart. Agree with FF vintage Rolex or simply a second hand one from a reputable estate jeweller is the way to go.
    Kate Bx


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