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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Watch it Mr Blighty

Setting the table to creat the right ambience is so important
and little extra touches really show you care

I received a most interesting comment from the wise and lovely Ms Faux Fuchsia yesterday, following my post which revealed my longing for a Rolex watch. Ms Fuchsia explained that if you blog, a Rolex will be forthcoming; she had started a blog, and lo and behold, Mr FF had bought her a fabulous Rolex.

I was beyond excited to learn this. I could hardly contain myself when Mr Blighty reappeared yesterday evening from a long day of meetings, wrestling with the difficulties of comma placement and the trying question of whether brackets have a place in modern legislation. But, wise wife that I am, I bide my time while Mr Blighty removes his dinner from the oven, having donned his bio-hazard suit and selected a medium hacksaw from his workbench in the garage with which to tackle his Marks and Spencer Chicken Kiev. I even let him carry out his usual nervous preliminary probing and dissection of said dinner before I broach the subject. (The poor man has never forgotten my far too literal interpretation of that British classic, Toad in the Hole).

“Mr B”, says I, “FF tells me now I am blogging I will get a Rolex: when FF started blogging, Mr FF got her one”.
Mr B grunts and asks me to pass him the pliers.
I press on. “ So, what do you think? Would that be OK?”
Mr B looks up, ponders for a moment and replies, “ Yes, I suppose so.”
Be still my beating heart! At last!
“Really, are you sure?” I ask excitedly.
Mr B puts on his special legal opining face and pronounces:
“Well, if some Australian chap wants to buy you a Rolex, fair enough, can’t think why on earth he would want to, but fine, go ahead, let him”

Mr B is now sleeping in the spare room.


  1. Nice try Blighty !

  2. hi blighty,

    you are hilarious and i thank you for that.


  3. Aw shucks Janet, now I've gone all shy! (yeah, as if!)
    Dear A-M, the truth is I don't actually want a Rolex anymore, if we had the money I would rather have a new fence (yes, glamour at all times) but I enjoy winding (perpetual winding, ha, ha,) Mr B up about it... Mr B does not approve of fancy schmancy watches, he swears by his Casio G spot Wave Septic etc etc special..

  4. You are HILARIOUS! Just please don't burn out on blogging so I can look forward to a summer spent lying on my sofa, laughing. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi Blighty,

    I haven't laughed so hard in ages, you are just so funny, what a great way to start the day. Cheers

  6. Blighty, you are fabulously funny! Am sitting here avoiding going to my dreaded 'coalface' today, but reading your blog has rejuvenated me and brightened my day!

    PS: Typical of the role of a Mum - bloody fences come before self. Go get yourself that Rolex... even if it means the kids can break free... oooh, there's an idea ;)

  7. I don't think I should read you on the tram into work.....I made a fool of myself this morning spluttering and giggling while everyone else was being very was the plier comment that did it..

  8. You are so funny, Blighty. You could easily reinvent yourself as a commedienne.


  9. Fantastic (- what are blog thingos called - post?) I like the way the hack saw and hammer contrast with the pretty flowers and help with kieve consumption. You're too funny Blighty :)

  10. Ha Ha... well, you could see what Mr FF says about all this (he might even provide a fence too!) Good weekend to you Mrs B. x

  11. Dear all, thank you for your lovely comments, if I can make someone out there laugh with my deranged ramblings, then that is a Good Thing I think and hopefully will postpone the day I wander the streets with all my belonings in a shopping trolley shouting at the cars (no, wait, I do that already)
    LPC, thank you for your nice comments, Burn Out is always a possibly for me as I have the attention span of a...oooh,loook, chocolate..

  12. You are so incredibly funny. I love this little story :) Esp the Marks and Spencer chicken eating.

  13. Don't give up on Mr B...according to Sex and the City 2, if you kiss another man, you will get an expensive ring from your husband. Just a thought.

  14. Dear all, thanks for encouraging comments! Dear Septicsue, the sad thing is I would rather have the telly Mr Big got her! Mr B is currently involved in complicated analysis of our TV requirements, risk/benefit of moving existing TVs to different places, built in DVD recorders etc etc and keeps throwing out words like Blu-ray and HDTV, and frankly I am getting FEDUP, just want one..

  15. Dear Septicsue, further thought, what do I need to do to another man to get a telly? And a Rolex. Please tell me. In lots of detail.

  16. Oh my god that is funny! I am laughing out loud and my husband is yelling "What is so funny?" from upstairs.

  17. have tears literally jumping out of my eyes in joy - I would have loved to see your face. LOL! Right now I'm working on starting a blog myself. Will ask DH, if he'd finally buy me that Jaeger LeCoultre for doing so. Oh no, wait, maybe I should just ask DH of Faux Fuchsia :-)


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