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Saturday, 12 June 2010

The beautiful game - England v USA

No time for blogging tonight - all members of Blighty household required in front of TV.

Don't worry, we have all we need refreshment-wise, and we have accessorised appropriately.


  1. Hello dear Blighty,
    Less than 24 hours to go until Australia plays. I am googling the rules, trying not to be distracted by the physical grace and strength of the players.

    We are in team colours here and I am still on the lookout for suitable snacks. You can never have enough food.

    Setting the alarm clock and aiming to get in a nap before the game starts. It almost sounds like rearing a baby.

    SSG xxx

  2. Blighty as much as I love you and blighty in general, England were pants and I'm having a major f off Cameron moment unless he tells Obama (who I heart) to f off over BP - we given god knows how many lives for the US thanks to their warmongering!! I'm not sticking up for BP but a mistake is different to an invasion or three ...

  3. Oh Robert Green, I feel for you. I'm the only one who defended you in this household. Mistakes happen. The 'Blighty attire' inspired 'soft toy dress ups' down here. We have a wombat wearing a 'Lytton Districts' jersey and a koala wearing a 'Southside Eagles' jersey. It's going to be a soccer mad school holidays... give me strength. The lads have started on the 'Mum's Soccer Remedial Lessons' already.... pausing the telly to explain every single muscle twitch. A-M xx

  4. LOL. We've been up all night due to the time difference. Will be getting up 4am our time tomorrow to watch Australia play their first game against Germany. At that time of the morning in winter I think I'll be drinking about 2 Litres of Coffee. Good luck to England but even more to Australia!!


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