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Thursday, 24 June 2010

A bit of light relief for Father's Day

Dear Ladies, I have been very remiss in responding to your comments recently, too busy getting over-excited about what to post next! I wanted to thank all of you for your brilliant comments and terrible puns.

I am sure you will all have been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the outcome of my lamp dilemma: I have gone with the blue silk shades on the old bases, as life has overtaken me as per and cannot face another trip to shops!

In other important news, I have sourced an anglepoise lamp for Mr B (cunningly presented as a Father's Day gift to get under the anti-expenditure radar). He set it up last night but he is having problems with the tension in the springing. The lamp keeps moving back to upright position when moved down, totally hilarious, well worth the money! Mr B not amused.

Our bedroom now looks a bit like a dentist's surgery. Just because of the lamps. We don't have any other equipment. Honest. Except the chair. And the gas and air. (You do all realise I am joking, don't you?)

Mr B having a nap in our bedroom
Mr B also got room service from Boy 1 at about 6.35am on Father's Day morning. Boy 1 made us all hot chocolate with a side order of the digestive biscuits I have had in the cupboard since the "cheesecake that never got made" of 2007. He carried it all upstairs one by one and then put it on a tray once upstairs. Almost all of the hot chocolate remained in the cups. By 8am Boy 1 was completely exhausted by his culinary efforts and had to be put back to bed.

An over-excited lamp and boy-crafted hot chocolate. Mr B is truly spoilt.


  1. So cute. Love your bed and Mr B's crocs!

  2. Haha, my mum and I think too much alike. I was going to comment on the green crocs too ;)
    Boy 1 sounds sweet, how old is he?
    In other lamp related news, I solved our bedside lamp dilemma by buying my hubby an LED light that's on a strap to go around one's head, like a little pith light....he actually wears it, bless his heart.

  3. Nothing better than 3yr old digestive biscuits served up with love!
    Happy Fathers Day Mr Blighty

  4. Your bedroom is very techy...maybe a bit on the clinical obviously are way ahead of the curve!
    That bed looks rather like a least Mr. B won't roll over and fall off with those guard rails. Where is your bed?


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