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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

De-bunking De-Junking

I was for a long time a huge fan of those articles in magazines telling me how to de-clutter my wardrobe. It all sounded so easy and liberating; making piles of "keep", "put away" and "charity shop"; the careful wrapping of clothes in acid free tissue paper and putting into boxes; the promise of only having a few select items hanging daintily on pretty padded hangers.

I even put it into practice, including the tissue paper, though I never achieved the magazine worthy "only 5 things in the wardrobe" look.
But even back then, I noticed that de-cluttering had the perverse effect of freeing me up to buy more stuff. So that for me it became part of the early nougthies disposable fashion phase.
Then strange things started to happen. Vintage got really big. Boyfriend blazers came into fashion and there was an 80s fashion revival. The economy stuttered and took a turn for the worse. And I found myself on the point of buying cheaper versions of garments I used to own but which I had disposed of in a de-cluttering frenzy. I started to wake in the middle of the night and groan when I recalled a really nice, good quality jacket I had sent to Oxfam, the like of which I could not afford now.

So maybe this is going against the Zeitgeist (not quite sure what Zeit thingie means but I do know the meaning of pretentious) but I have decided to become hopefully not a hoarder (too Miss Havisham) but a keeper of good quality clobber, because I am now convinced that things Will Come In One Day and I want to be able to Shop My Closet. And in doing so I hope to reduce my clothes buying (for which my husband, bank account and wardrobe would be most grateful).

Is there a point to all this rambling, apart from some off-chest gettage? Most likely not, but I did want to mention how heartened I was to read reports that kitten heels are due for a comeback.

Hot on the heels of this (ouch, the electronic re-education tag put on me by the nice people at the Commission for the Repression of Awful Puns has just gone off) I saw a recent post by The Glamourai, a very slick chick who is brilliant at mixing up patterns and textures and is expert in her accessorising. Her post entitled "Short Story" showed the shoes she had been wearing recently.

These in particular rang a bell with me:

The Glamourai's Prada shoes on the Glamourai's designer legs I rushed to my wardrobe, scrabbled around a bit, hit my head, swore and then emerged triumphantly with these. At last my (failure to keep on top of things) clever keeper philosophy is paying off!

Of course, the Glamourai's shoes are Prada whereas mine are good old M and S (Marks and Sparks).

I found these too (when buying, I am never one to do things by half).

Also M andS, bronze, from a time when metallics were in.

At the moment I can't get used to the long pointy toes, they still look all wrong but given time....

As for de-cluttering, is the presence in my bookcase of an 8 year old book on the subject a sign that the book has worked or not? Shouldn't it have been de-junked too??


  1. Noooooooooo!I just sold a load of my much loved kitten heels - from LK Bennett, Alain Manoukian, Charles Jourdan etc at £1 a pair at a car boot! All bought when I had a salary and was considerably better off. Now I shall have to buy the cheapo equivalents. Burn that de-junk book!

  2. Some Random thoughts:

    Decluttering is so therapeutic. I say Reduce!!!

    You seemed to have an affinity with Kitten Heels Blighty.

    The phrase Shop Your Wardrobe always make me laugh.

    Off to Capture the Zeitgeist (one of my favourite nonsensical Fashion Phrases) xxxx

  3. I'm trying to declutter too at the moment. I did a post late last night when I was experiencing my most severe moment of cognitive dissonance.

    I'm finding it extremely stressful, as opposed to cathartic. I have cleared table tops and shoved everything into bags. Now I have bags lying around everywhere. I know, I should just turf the bags ...

    And I have toys by the truck-load which I think are going to need a severe cull, because I spend my days picking up what I picked up yesterday.

    But that's the risk, that I toss something and then regret it! Right now, I'm getting my most fun out of toys which are 30 years old. Imagine if they'd been thrown. There's some sense in keeping things.

    The conflict is stultifying!

  4. Blighty I love reading your blog, at times your posts mirror my life.
    My car boot is loaded up with bags to take to charity today as I'm a compulsive de-clutterer (FF would be impressed).
    Bravo to you for not chucking these gorgeous kitten heels, you must possess a fashion sixth sense.

  5. I can so relate! Much to the chagrin of my husband and my parents (who are storing boxes of my things)I do see the value in keeping certain items. Whether it's a piece from a thrift store or a designer dress, there are items that I refuse to let go of because A: I know that it will come back and B: I like so I'm gonna wear it!

    ps. Isn't the Glamourai fabulous?! I adore her fabulous and funky outfits and her jewellery is to inventive and beautiful!

  6. Your new approach is now called Curating. You have been warned.

  7. We must be kindred spirits! Today, I, too have been actioning Decluttering. (thank you FF for the terminology)
    My room is looking much worse for wear as I have various piles laying around on the floor. They are: would I, should I, could I.
    Also received my CK designed The Diary of a Provincial Lady. Much Impressed. Too Funny. Now know where you and FF get your Blog Speak.


  8. I once had a pair of those pointy shoes and my friend from Kent called them Winkle pickers!
    I did not know what a winkle was!
    Probably something from the beaches of Margate!

    Have fun de-junking....

  9. Hurrah for kitten heels and being well intentioned with acid free tissue and wardrobe archiving.

    SSG xxx

  10. I have that book too. Never got around to using it but need too!!


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