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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Brands and Blighty

I think I've worked out what you guys like best. Having carried out an extensive survey I realise the most popular posts include 2 elements: brands and a soft toy. So here you are:

No, that didn't quite do it, not the right sort of brands I suppose.

Much better! Here I am reclining seductively on a cushion, wearing a Karl Lagerfeld frock arrangement put together using a scarf I bought in Selfridges hundreds of years ago when I earnt and spent my own money. Visionary!

I also channelled MaiTai and her marvellous way with scarves, her blog is just gorgeous. (Also love MaiTai as she did a post on Aix en Provence, she lives near there; I spent a year in Aix in pre-historic times, studying French law. I completely wasted this great opportunity - skiing, sailing, beach, bars, cafes, liaisons with handsome Frenchmen; no, instead I dutifully attended 8am lectures and tutorials, and studied conscientiously).

I spent a couple of most happy hours following MaiTai's very skilful scarf tying demonstrations but I think I may have gone wrong quite early on (step 2?) as I now cannot move. Help, somebody! Anybody!


  1. hi blighty,

    mai tai is perfection. can you imagine her life? sometimes i pretend i'm her - just like you did and wind up looking a bit silly. what are we doing wrong?


  2. I am cackling over here in California, where it is not even 7am yet. BTW, my best friend has lots of boy children, one of whom said at one point, "Mom, I think I have a bean in my ear." And he did. The end.

  3. Considering the model's short neck, you have done rather well!

    Clearly, you must come to Aix again, to make up for the lost opportunities. Well, perhaps sauf the liasons with Frenchmen, lol.

  4. Blighty this looks like fun!
    I might try dressing up my Steiff Hermes.

  5. Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, etc., etc., you are so funny!!

  6. Oh Blighty, I laughed with tears this morning. You absolutely crack me up. You even got a belly laugh out of Mr A-M. Great wit. What is that thing? A Possum? What am I going to do when I lose the internet for a week during my move?!!! A-M xx

  7. I love Maitai. She has the most fabulous collection of enamel bangles. I also love Aix - we spend a reasonable amount of time in Apt when we are in France which is not too far away and it is truly a heavenly place to holiday. I do envy her life - and her wardrobe (especially those bangles) and her ability to look effortlessly chic!

  8. Hmmn looks like Superior Bondage to me, ( not that I know anything about it personally!) I do have a scarf fetish though...

  9. Your a scream Blighty, you make the start to my day so much easier :)
    I just adore this fashionable little munchkin, who I must say ties her scarves a whole lot better than I can (even after studying MaiTai's tutorials)!

  10. Maitai is a Goddess and excels at everything including scarf tying.

    That soft toy possum thing makes me laugh. Which is a good thing.

  11. Lawywer, wife, mother, blogger, all round funny person.....and Fluffy toy Stylist extraordinaire!!
    Thank you for your concern re sleep issues- no not stressed re work - I schlep in there 2 days a week so its kinda like play law...well not quite. My mind just doesn't stop! But if you'll kindly send a recording of Mr B's dissertation on various heating's bound to slow my mind right down!!! I'll swap you for a recording of Mr Mouse discussing campagnolo group sets ( it's a cylcing thing).....almost anaesthesic ( is that a word???))

  12. Your blog is hilarious - found you over MaiTai, our rolemodel, when it comes to perfect style, kindness and also regarding the household. LOL! My husband does his own laundry, otherwise he'd be running around naked, which would actually not be such a bad sight after all ;-)

  13. Dear ladies, thanks for your comments, all so funny, have now got bondage,bicycles, naked husbands and Hermes scarves and bangles running around inside my head! Wow, wild! Bx


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