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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Pots and Polish

Will the self-gifting never end? Yesterday I recklessly splurged on some new saucepans. Actually the saucepan upgrade was long overdue, I have done for some of my pans (wandering off during cooking operations to peruse out of date, irresistably fascinating TV listings mag or flyers for double glazing etc), a couple have mysteriously lost their lids and all are misshapen (Boy 1 exploring toddler stage).

The new pans have a 25 year guarantee but I am sure there is some small print that the guarantee does not apply to people who have concentration issues when cooking.

I asked Mr B whether it was too sad to put pictures of my new pans on my blog. He said it was, so of course I had to do it. But to add glamour, I have thrown in a pic of some polish - by chance my OPI The Thrill of Brazil was a very good match for the new pans and can be used in repair work when they get chipped in the inevitable smashing and bashing I call cooking. (Actually a bit disappointed about this, had hoped to have to dash out to shops to curate matching there no end to my domestic traumas?)

In future, I shall of course be matching my nail polish to my kitchen utensils, matching to clothes or accessories is SOOOOO yesterday dahling.

Look, I saw these pans a while ago, did not buy but was tempted by the Chanel Particuliere/OPI Don't know Jacques colour.

In other exciting glamour news I bought a thing called a Ped Egg which I was told was the business for attaining lovely smooth feet.

It claims to be "so gentle won't burst a balloon" (but what would I be doing with it and a balloon??) and "safe to the touch".

Just getting it out of the packaging I flayed my thumb.

Think Pedi Egg need to add a warning : not suitable for those who suffer from packaging rage and other idiots.

Can't wait to try it out on my balloon.


  1. hi blighty,

    i love your thrill of brazil pots. but the chanel ones are drop dead. i'm not in the market for new ones but those are really something.


    ps ~ i'm off to be quiet now.

  2. Blighty! I know what you mean about self gifting.
    Just yesterday and today I bought:
    - a deer brooch
    - a duckling necklace
    - a pair of shoes
    - ANOTHER merino wool jumper, same style as the three others, different colour...

    And I like your thinking about matching utensils to polish.

    Re plastic packaging rage - when I worked at the department store, I used to dust and stock shelves/racks in my early days before I progressed to customer service. I worked in the fishing and car dept for about four months. Once I was stocking fishing lures. They were all packed in that nasty hard moulded plastic. A pack fell down from the rack and sliced my nose - one of those cuts you can hear. OWWWWW. My skin is so fragile that it was pretty bad! I had to go to report it as an incident. I had a bloody nose. It was hideous! And it happened once again!

    No one took my advice about car or fishing products. One boy with Down Syndrome caught me in a giant fishing net once though!

    Happy Monday Blighty :)

  3. Ouch those pedi eggs look positively lethal.
    They are smokin red pots Blighty, are you excited and inspired re new culinary delights coming out of your kitchen?
    Don't laugh, nail polish is good for covering scrapes on kitchen laminate benchtops too, a tad better than a black niko pen. Don't ask.

  4. Dear Blighty, have several of these french pots. real excellence but my cooking hasn't improved. Need master chef. Don't worry about the nail polish. Its not important.

  5. The saucepans are GORGEOUS! I love the way they nest - so much a spacesaver. I may see if they are available where I live.

    The Ped Egg - my Husband got one and just loves it! To me the sound of his using it is akin to nails across a blackboard - but it is effective so I just stop up my ears while he uses it. Me - I just use a moisturizing cream on my feet.

  6. Blighty,
    You are so Visionary (FF). Matching your nail colour to your pots! Mine are yellow. How would that look? Does OPI have a yellow shade in their plethora of Goodness?

  7. Your new saucepans look lovely, great set! Sorry about your poor thumb though. Looking forward to the Pedi Egg report.

  8. Very posh pots Blighty! Love the marrying of polish with the pans too...

  9. Blighty well done on the acquisition of new pans they are very cheery and no doubt will improve the taste of whatever comes out of them. Do you have an Aga? My daughter learnt to cook on one in her first job and loved it! They look very scary to me.
    I have a Ped Egg or foot grater as we call it in our house. Try not to get too carried away grating as it is fascinating and repulsive at the same time. My children are completely grossed out by the gratings of my leathery soles and leave the room whenever I pull it out!
    Kate Bx

  10. Pedi Eggs are definitely not for me then. I once forked myself when trying to prepare a microwave meal....

    I LOVE the new pots. It must have been hard to walk past the Particuliere coloured pots though.

    SSG xxx

  11. Staying at a friend's last week, I surreptitiously tried out her Ped Egg - the grater thing is quite scary but seems to work - and yes, I did empty out the dead skin!

  12. You are the wild thing now are you not!

  13. Janet - so hard really to spend money on boring old pots but red made it jollier;
    Carly - like the sound of your new brooch and necklace, ouch for the fishing lures, where are Elf and Safety when you need them?
    Anne-Marie - I knew my nail polish fetish would come good in the end
    Lillian - welcome, it is good your husband takes foot care issues seriously
    Deb - excellent use of FF vocab and Capitals!
    MaiTai - my thumb says thank you for your sympathy, my career as a harpist is in shreds
    Hostess - the red jollies up my cupboard nicely
    Kate B - I don't have an Aga, lots of people round here do, they are a bit of a status symbol, I agree with you, they seem scary, your daughter sounds a very accomplished young lady
    SSG - I don't think Pedi Eggs are for me either!
    That's Not My Age - you are very brave and slightly cheeky to do that!
    LPC - grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  14. I love those Particuliere/You don't know Jacques le crueset pots, they are quite chic. I once owned a ped egg, and I didn't mind it but I have thrown it away as I never really ended up using it. Am sorry to hear about your thumb.


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