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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Intrepid adventures of B and Blighty Part 2


Dear Ladies, still more to tell you of what B and I got up to!

These pictures record a little trip we made to Wendover, a small market town in the Chilterns. There are woods high on the hills above the town which form a lovely backdrop to the town. With all this picturesque-ness happening, instead of scenery, I ended up taking pictures of cakes and more cakes!

After our arduous drive (all of 11 miles) we needed refreshments. A friend had tipped me off that Rumseys, a cafe/chocolaterie was THE place to go. So we partook of cappuccinos, lemon polenta cake with vanilla ice cream, and carrot cake with pistachio ice cream. Yum.

Below, they had an old-fashioned cash register, but only for show. Modern banking has reached these parts.

More cakes, we saw the chef dipping the strawberries in choc and putting the finishing touches to this cake.
Did I mention they also make their own chocolates on the premises?

Well sugared up and happily replete, we sallied bravely forth to see what Wendover had to offer. What we found was more cakes.

These pictures are of the window of a little shop which sells everything a cake maker could want. They had gone for a beach theme- sandcastles above and flipflops below.
And ice lollies.

Superior cupcakes.

They had an amazing array of cake decorations. I was tempted by a little football figure for Boy 2's next birthday cake, then I remembered his emotional collapse during the England v Germany match and thought better not....

They had very fancy flowers too.

All made out of icing. But the lady in the shop warned me that they should not really be eaten as they have lots of wire in them. She obviously knew I was the sort of person who would try eating them.

And look, a cake stand like the organised mothers had at Sports Day. I too could be organised!
But not £30 worth of organised!

We had such a caketastic time!

Finally, we did a little walk through the meadow and by the canal/river.

All very pretty. I kept expecting to see Heidi. Lovely B gagged me when I broke into "The hills are alive with the sound of.."

The river looked pretty in the hot sun. Lovely B and I worried about the houses nearby and the risk of flooding and the effect on their insurance. We tend to get carried away by the romance of the moment.

Lovely B and I admired this lawn. Stripes. Very superior indeed. A lot of work has gone into that lawn. My lawn is mainly moss, even the moss has moss growing in it. And there are lots of brown patches now.

After that we went home. For a snack. Hungry work, all this sightseeing.


  1. My 3-year old nephew sobbed yesterday when Uruguay beat Ghana. Boys will be boys:).

  2. Too fun! Now all I want is sweets, and it's only 10:30 am!!

  3. Certainly you were well sugared up on this outing - sensible for the walk along the canal! Love the cupcake stand but think I would have said ouch too at the price! x

  4. Cake and good walking scenery on the same day = a good day indeed!

    SSG xxx

  5. The cakes are divine. All that beautiful scenery would make one hungry for sure. I noticed the prices on some of the flowers and things. Whoa! expensive!

  6. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon...and so nice that you could partake of excellent nosh!
    That walk along the water looks so serene....are those stripes a result of one of those English Atco mowers?

  7. Oh it is so pretty up in your hemisphere.... all so green and floral-ish. Now that is what I call a serious cake session.... coffee looked good too! A-M xx

  8. So glad you and B have the important things in life sorted, ie. cake first then sightseeing.

    Enjoy the warm weather Blighty.

  9. Good to see you and Mr B Livin' the Dream Cake Wise.

  10. hi blighty,

    sounds like a lovely day for 2 friends. cake and a nice walk and sunshine. what could be better?


  11. LPC - your nephew sounds v sweet! Boys continue to be a constant surprise and mystery to me!
    L - it was sugar intensive!
    Semi E and Deb - for that money I would rather buy lots of nail varnish and decorate myself!
    SSG - it was a good day!
    Hostess - Atco? i will have to ask an expert!
    A-M - it is not as green as usual, no rain for ages, expecting a hosepipe ban soon, we can't cope with any unexpected weather here
    Anne-Marie - the next step is to drop the sightseeing
    FF - livin the dream yeah!
    Janet - cake, nice walk, sunshine,champagne, Hugh Grant


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