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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Little beady eyes

Mr Blighty, who has been working all hours, came home early enough last night to see the boys before they went to bed. In an attempt to reconnect with Boy 2, he asked him what he had been doing at Holiday Club. This is a one week club run by the school as a contribution to mothers' sanity during the long summer break. It offers such entertainments as football, dodgeball, swimming, waterfights and art stuff.

"So what did you do at club today?" ventures Mr B.
" I made a baby chick out of beads" says Boy 2.

"That's nice" comments Mr B. "And what else did you do?"
"I made a penguin out of lots of different coloured beads."

"Did you do anything else?"
"Yeah, I made a frog."
"Was that out of beads too?" asks Mr B, getting into the swing of things.
" 'Course" replies Boy 2.

"And did you do any other things, perhaps not bead related?"
Boy 2 gives Mr B a hard stare.
"Yeah, a snowman."

In the acting business they do say never work with children.


  1. thank you for the relieving laugh your last line provided!
    we are having 93°F since sunday ... in the office building only 90°F. we muddle on ... towards 95° tomorrow.

  2. snorting out loud with laughter.

    I do hope you drink gin.

    I hate those Naional Trust People who only open Cliveden on weekends. I say we go anyway.

    meanwhile it is 8 degrees here I am v cold xxxx

  3. Boys are not into in-depth conversations, one is expected to be able to read their minds!
    Nice bead work Boy 2.

  4. I sent my two lovelies off to summer day camp for a week every summer. It was such great time for the mummies...and the university students who majored in education were so energetic and fit..
    the art projects involved macaroni creations and cheerio necklaces!

  5. Well said, Boy 2!

    SSG xxx

    PS - they are excellent examples of bead work! I am thinking brooches.

    The House Of Prada may be keen.....

  6. Boy 2 is very talented. Artistically. He might want to work on his storytelling nous.

  7. I quite like the plastic beaded creatures and think your boy could go into business making jewellery.
    Though him recounting the stories of what he did in his workdays could get repetitive...

  8. All hail to the King of Hama Beads! My two get fed up after making just one item (which takes them hours). Then I usually mess it up while attempting to iron it.

  9. Dear ladies, thank you for your interest and kind comments on beads, various bead creatures' limbs have now come off thanks to Boy 1 rough handling and emergency application of Superglue is called for (to bead creations, not to Boy 1, although..)


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