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Monday, 12 September 2011

View From My Kitchen Window

 A while ago Hostess invited other bloggers to post the view from their kitchen window.

I  like to get in on these things. So here is my view.

Complete with one of those cute but annoying muntjac deer.

Annoying, first because I can never remember how to spell their name, secondly because they chomp off bits of plants - they neatly decapitated my hostas, thank you very much.  Also late at night they sometimes go in for this weird barking to each other, sounds like a hacking cough, possibly a mating call, most unattractive to me (but then I am not a deer, or a smoker).

And this was the view from my kitchen window yesterday.

Grandma Whacker gambolling about,  trying to fly a kite.  What is she like? It was lunchtime and I was calling all children to the table and there she is, still outside playing.  She really is most wayward and Sets a Very Bad Example. She never got the memo that Grandmas should sit quietly inside reading an old copy of the Radio Times while having a little drop of sherry.

Must go. Some one needs untangling.


  1. Hilarious. I wish I had a view of a Grandma Whacker from my kitchen window. Or a deer.

    I have a view of our next door neighbour's wall. It's nasty grey brick because they couldn't be bothered rendering it like they did the front of the house. Lazy ass cheapskates. It looks like Stalag 13. So depressing - I won't be posting a photo.

    K xx

  2. I love your garden. And am probably the only person in blog land who has actually seen it with my Own Peepers. I never saw a deer whatsy though. Dammit.

    Love the Gran wacker. Feel free to send her over for a visit.

    You should come too!

    All Love xx

  3. Dear Kitty - you realise in London that wall would be sought after as giving privacy and also trendy urban vibe..
    Dear FF - will send over a deer, will be easier to catch than Grandma W.

  4. Hello Blights, I'll trade you one of our local protected unattractive bush turkeys that creates havoc in the garden for a cute deer. Then again I could just ship over the turkey, no need to send deer as replacement.

    Grandma W is my kind of Gran. You go girl!

  5. Grandma seems to be quite enjoying herself there. Deer can be such a problem. Bambi is cute but voracious. My country cousin suggest spraying their favorites with some cayenne pepper diluted in water.

  6. I love Grandma Whacker. She's too 'advanced' to start behaving now!

  7. Blighty, those Woods at the bottom of your garden look like something from a fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood might hang out in there. Please don't tell me it's just a hedge.

  8. Dear Siobhan, yes we do have a bit of woods at bottom, I imagined the boys would go play Cowboys and Indians there but they prefer to hang around the house whining to go on the computer..huh, kids these days..

  9. I will link your View from the Kitchen sink on my blog.
    Your deer have the same taste as ours...hostas and rose buds are the top picks at the Bungalow Garden "salad bar".

  10. We've had a break-out of whooping cough over here in my school in Melbs, maybe the poor deer have caught it? Grandma whacker looks incredibly fit for her age. xx


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