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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mrs Blighty Turns Over A New Leaf

Enough of this obsession with animal print fripperies.  I am a mature woman of today, I will stop yearning after silly frocks in dodgy prints. Instead I will engage in spiritually enriching activities like learning to mix up killer cocktails playing the harpsichord and pickling  -er - squirrels  pickles and reading Tolstoy in the original Russian ( note to self: take evening class in Russian for Beginners).  I will devote myself to Mr Blighty and Boys 1 and 2.  Where are they actually?  Oh I forgot, they are in the office/at school.  Well, anyway, I will make sure they always come home to piping hot underpants and a freshly laundered Chicken Kiev.

Ooh.  Look at this,  this is nice....

From Next

A couple of thoughts -
I am terrified of snaks, so would this dress give me the heebie jeebies?  Would it squeeze me tight and then swallow me whole?
Why am I looking at patterend dresses when my current uniform seems to be navy blue jumper/cardigan/trousers? yes, I have turned into Sensible Navy Blue Mummy.


  1. Say it isn't so Blighty! You will never be sensible. I wonder what laundered chicken tastes like.

  2. I'm waiting with baited breath Blights for our first snake sighting of the season so I can do a post especially for you dahling. I might even get rooly brave and snap a pic of said slow moving snake.

    While I love leopard print you'll never catch me in snake print because it's just too close to home and would make my skin crawl!

  3. No!! Animal print is the print of the gods!! You can't not have it in your wardrobe.

    Your love of snak print is not irrational - the fact the snak is dead means you have won, no?

    I too want to know what freshly laundered chicken tasted like!

  4. On the outside you might be Sensible Navy Blue Mummy, but on the inside - sexy slinky naughty snake print wearing wild woman.

  5. Dear Mrs Blighty, Spiritually uplifting activities be damned! I think we should Play Fast and Loose until our Daddies take our T-Birds away!! At least, I fully intend to after I finish the filing, make dinner, organise the girls' clothes and have a nap... Snak is very IN here too - it graces every mannequin in the super expensive shop on my office block - and they really would know. I think Snak does require a particular body type (of sort illustrated). I would ressemble a Snak who had had excessive number of snacks if I tried to pour self into same. love Lindaxxx

  6. I am often reminded not to break out of the stay at home mum uniform of jeans as whenever I do, I end up with all sorts of sticky paw prints on my dry clean only trousers, or silk top. Or better yet, food on my knees from kneeling down onto some sort of unidentified muck to clean the floors under the kitchen table. Of course my wardrobe shopping is all about the dresses, tops and heels I don't wear that much. Maybe instead of the snake dress, you could buy some snake print lingerie for under all the navy? It might give Mr B a little turn though!

  7. If it helps you feel better, my stay at home mummy look is more lorry driver than sensible woman. I even wear a hat. The plus side is I am often mistaken for the babysitter. (Until I take off the hat and they can see my face...)

  8. No snak skin anything is coming anywhere near me. I think it would definitely give me the heebie jeebies and make my skin crawl. My advice would be to keep well away from snak skin anything Mrs B, particularly as you're worried it might swallow you whole! Did someone say snak skin print undies ack I'm off!

  9. Ah, not looking forward to Snak Season. My husband has a deep, irrational fear of them and would probably try to take off my head with a shovel if I showed up in that little number.


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