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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fangs Are Not What They Used To Be

Boy 1 is losing teeth at an alarming rate.

In the space of a fortnight  he has lost 3 teeth.

He lost 2, 2 days in a row.

I feel I am being SHOWERED with teeth.

Every time I look in my purse, there is a tooth....

Some thoughts on this:
  • If he carries on at this pace, I will have to sell the car just to finance the "Tooth Fairy"
  • Could he be pulling them out himself?
  • Are they in fact his teeth?*

*note to self: check Boy 2 dental situation


  1. Look at it this way: If he loses all his teeth he won't need braces.

  2. Maybe count yourself lucky Blights that Boy 1 is losing the teeth all in one fell swoop. Get the dramas and overdraft over and done with I say!
    Do you keep the teeth? I've kept my childrens' teeth in a little box, they tell me this is gross.

  3. answer to thought #2: yes they can and they do!

  4. He's onto something Blighty and is milking that Tooth Fairy economy. Is he saving for something special at the moment?

  5. Annie: I can't bear to part with our teeth either but it is gross! What do I expect to do with them in the future???

  6. My daughter was the first in her class to loose a tooth. The teachers assumed she was injured and tried to force the tooth back in. Later on when she broke two permanent front teeth on the monkey bars they plied her with ice, even though the nerves were exposed. Be happy that you are the one dealing with this yourself. Not everyone's a gifted tooth fairy!

  7. My kids figured out there was no tooth fairy early on, so that was a gift. There is nothing worse than a wobbly tooth at the edge of falling out and having to be the one to give the final yank. YUCK.

  8. Dear Mrs Blighty, Did I ever tell you about the earnest searching look the dentist gave me when he asked whether my youngest ever ate sweets? I thought - you are a pediatric dentist; what are your views on the tooth fairy? Try keeping an 8 year old from them! Thank you for reminding me about dental appointments - prevention is considerably cheaper than cure (that episode with two removed teeth cost $3000). love Lindaxxx. PS what are going rates for teeth in Buckinghamshire. Our TF pays $2 but the one up the road pays $20! Children want to move.


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