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Monday, 5 September 2011

Abolish the Polish?

Dahlings, something deeply traumatic happened to me recently, of which I hardly dare speak..

Oh ok, goes..

I just couldn't get the interest up to paint my nails....(quivering voice, loud sobbing, hiccuppy noises, honking of nose etc.)

If this were a nail polish blog, I would caption this as: "OPI Flower to Flower from their 2009 Summer Collection, 2 coats, with topcoat",  but it's not a nail blog and I can't actually remember exactly, though it is OPI
It just seemed soooo unimportant, trivial, needlessly time consuming, pointless....

For a couple of days (WARNING: EXPLICIT DETAILS COMING UP) my nails were bare.  Unpolished.  Au naturel.
This is my lovely friend D totally rocking red nails in her elegant French way

Above Barry M (I know because it says so on the bottle) and below some OPI which I think is called Catch Me InYour Net or it could be Take Me To The Vet, you know how they love their weird names...
But then I realised something really cathartic.  And profound:
Painting your nails IS unimportant, trivial, needlessly time consuming and pointless.
Some Nails Inc bluey/purple which Lovely B gave me, and just look at how my paw is clamped onto the choccie box

And that is what makes it such an enjoyable, worthwhile and therapeutic activity.

Here I am showing how your polish can match random household objets ..or am I about to throw the vase at Mr B???
Also, I realised my OPI Conquistadorable Colour matched my new hot lips top....

Hot Lips top from H&M, not in any way suitable for a woman of my age which is of course why I had to buy it..

Mrs Blighty, philosopher extraordinaire.

Eat your heart out, Bernard-Henri Levy*.

* As I am sure you all know already BHL is a French philosopher, recently rumoured to have been dating Daphne Guinness; I just had a most interesting read of Wikipedia where I was most amused to see he had once used the works of one Botul to refute the arguments of Kant; it turns out Botul is a spoof, cooked up by some French wag; the giveway is that his philosophy is know as Botulism...


  1. Haha! Take me to the Vet. That made me laugh a LOT. x

  2. Now Blighty, I have to warn you, I do not polish my nails. If you want me to unfollow your blog, just let me know.

  3. Ditto to what Deb polish for this gal on her fingers either, but I won't step outside without a professional pedicure, I draw the line at poorly painted toes.

    But no fingernail polish doesn't mean I condone untrimmed cuticles or unbuffed nail beds either...

  4. I shockingly and a clear on the fingers girl and any outrageous colour on my toenails. I wonder what a psychotherapist would make of that!

  5. Take to the Vet. My dahling you have the most delicious humour!
    Funny this post is about nails, I painted mine only yesterday after I'm ashamed to confide...weeks/months. Renovating kind of puts the cabosh on a glam mani. What was most telling Blights is I think I need new glasses for twas terribly difficult to actually see what I was painting :(
    Oh and I looove the more frequent Blightyworld posts hitting my computer.

  6. Dear Mrs Blighty, I had a biccie halfway to my mouth when I read, "Painting your nails is Unimportant..." Was I witnessing Apostasy? Would you have to go into hiding? Were you having a breakdown - admittedly it had been a long and trying Summer. I tell you I was transfixed. But, instead you had an Epiphany! I was so glad as with much love to our nude nailed but perfectly manicured sisterhood I love a brightly painted paw. Now I am beyond the age of caring, I revel in a sassy named OPI polish although my heart belongs to Chanel: Black Pearl! Polish for All not just the Rich! Religious fervour is quite tiring - I think I need a Bex and a good lie down. love Lindaxxx PS The blue avec Boîte de Choccies is magnificent!!!

  7. Love the post Blighty and tingling with excitement at reference to Bernard-Henri Levy and Daphne. Ole (FF 2011) Daphne has been engaging in quite a tragic, dramatic and very public oversharing of the end of the affair with BHL on Twitter. Some days I have felt she is mad with grief but other days I feel like rushing to New York; Paris; London; or the rainforests of the Amazon (she travels a lot!) to give her a big hug and a cup of tea to tell her it will be alright. I haven't followed her lately and who knows maybe they have rekindled the grand affair.
    I heart the internet!
    Kate Bx

  8. The colour is "let me steal your pet"

    Meanwhile I almost had a stroke at the start of this post but my heart was warmed by the end.

    Hooray for polish. Plus you cant eat while doing your nails. Win/win.

    Poor Ole Daffy has a broken heart. She needs to apply let me steal your pet pronto.


  9. Debs - noooo! please keep following and commenting, I love your pity one liners.
    Annie - same here re glasses - I can't really see what I am doing, so am very relaxed about chipping etc
    Linda - 00h, do you have Chanel Black Pearl, how lovely, there is something about a Chanel polish, have you seen Peridot - greeny gold?

    Kate B and FF - how come I am always the last to know re important current events such as Daffers' broken heart? Mind you old BHL does have a wife as well..

  10. Debs - oh snakes and bast**ds, I meant to type "pithy"...pithy one liners...

  11. I like to paint my toenails, and deffo go for age-inappropriate colours whenever possible. Your fingernails and hands look beautiful - truly you are the FF of the northern hemi, but I won't let you play my piano - streaks really bad on the keys! xxx


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