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Thursday, 15 September 2011

LA Woman

Hello,  my name is Mrs Blighty and I am addicted to all things leopardy, and that is why I have come to Leopards Anonymous.

The shops continue to act as enablers: everywhere I look there is leopardy goodness to be had.

I bought these little leopardy numbers as I JUST HAD TO. (Note to Mr B, Head of Austerity Measures, Blighty HQ - they were from New Look and therefore Cheap as Chips, so would have been a Crime not to buy them).

And I NEEEEEEED this cardi from Pure.  Need. It. Badly.

(Note: I think the other hand in the above photo is that of the chap the model is with; at least I really hope it is...)

And look at this dress from old Toppers (TopShop).

Right.  I WILL be STRONG.  I am off for a lie down and a look at the school fees invoice.
That'll calm me down.

Mmmmm, could really do with some leopard print silk lounging pyjamas. RRRRRRRR!


  1. Nope Blighty according to rule 697444 only women sporting 3 hands or two right hands are allowed to wear the pure cardy.( and Head of Austerity measures did not pay me massive sums to say that).
    I am now going to confess to purchasing a leopard snuggie (do you know what that is?) It is a ridiculous polar fleece rug with sleeves Just in case you do not have them over there. It is for our annual camping trip where we try and outdo each other with ahem necessary but frivolous camping paraphernalia. So all in all I am right there with you on the leopard.

  2. I like the sound of that leopoard snuggie - NEED that too! Hope the camping goes well. If you look on A Model Recommends (on my blogroll) she did a post on what to take to festivals/camping, I was looking at it earlier, not that I am going to do either anytime soon...

  3. I hear you Blights.
    Truly, a woman can never own Too Many Leopards.
    Clothes that is.

  4. Is there a 12 step program for this addiction??

  5. I would love something leopard printy, but am afraid of veering into Diana Dors or Bette Lynch-land....

    Stare at the school fees or think of David Cameron nekkid That will cool your ardour :-) In fact, think of David Cameron in leopard print. That should do it Blighty.


  6. Alison - I still think old David has lovely skin but to me he always has the air of a chap who has just popped in on his way to a drinks party...well-meaning but he has to be somewhere else...I do have a bit of a thing for George Osborne Prince of Darkness so there is risk I will drift off towards him in leopard...

  7. I think that your addiction cannot abate soon...spots seem to always be in season!

  8. I step away for a cup of tea, and suddenlythere are THREE posts on here!
    What is going on over there Blighty?
    Have you got a maid?
    Have Boys 1&2 started doing housework, cooking, their own laundry, and homework unsupervised?
    I am in awe, and am struggling to keep up!

  9. couldn't agree more, this cougar loves a bit of leopard!

  10. I love that cardi - could you not sell one of the boys? I bought a gorgeous snood from Pure but the dog has appropriated it and likes to be rugged up to watch EastEnders. I don't think leopard will ever be out of style - ask for it for Christmas! xxx

  11. Blighty!! I thought of you when I was in the shops today, and took a picture of something quite fabulous for you. I have no idea how to send it OR post it for you (on your blog)! :(


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