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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Greece is the Word

Dahlings, I am back from the beach and keen to share with you my latest deranged ramblings my recipe for a successful holiday.

First, it's worth travelling a little bit out of London to ensure better weather,

 Somewhere with blue skies and sand is good.

But you have to take sun protection seriously.  Take enough to sink a small battleship, to be on the safe side.  You can always hide behind it if you don't want to be photo'd in your swimcossie.

A hat is important, and also serves to underline the fact that you are a mad old trout.

There is no point these days in loading yourself down with piles of books.  Go hi-tech and get yourself a Kindle.

 Be sure just to eat salad, veg and fruit, to avoid tummy bloat and swimsuit over-stretch...

Keep your exercise regime going.

And avoid puddings with dubious names. (And next time try not to fall about laughing in v childish way...)

Get to know the area by taking a stroll.

Keep your brain ticking over by being ritually humiliated at chess by an 8 year old.

Failure to follow hotel rules could be painful.

Try not to cry upon reentry into Real Life (and English Weather).

This was a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the Elf and Safety Directorate of Blighty Inc.


  1. Jolly good of you to do your bit for the EuroZone (LOL - is that a way of saying all Europe except Blighty?). Greek weather looks wonderful and I'm glad you had a good time. I think about getting a Kindle but I'm worried about losing it. xxx

  2. Hilarious as usual. Hope you had a great trip. Greece is a gorgeous summer holiday destination, definitely one of my favourites. Did you island hop? Fifi

  3. Blighty went to Greece? No fair!!!

  4. Dear Mrs Exeter, Boy 2 in partic did his best to boost the Greek economy by selflessly consuming vast amounts of ice cream every day..

  5. Welcome back, dear Blighty! You were sorely missed.

    I love the ping-pong (table tennis) photo. I am terrible at that game.

    And, for the record, I was expecting the "dubious pudding name" to be spotted dick. Apparently that is a tasty treat in your part of the world, but in American, it sounds like an unfortunate venereal disease.

  6. I did mean "in American". I don't think we speak English here! :)

  7. Welcome back! Meanwhile we took care of your rain. Take it back, please, would you do me the favour? Thank you!

  8. Welcome back! you have missed nothing except rain and possibly a riot in London. I love Greece - congrats on boosting their economy by about 2000%

    Hope boys 1 and 2 had a good time too - and Mr Blighty, of course!

    Looking forward to hearing stories of Mad Trout on holiday!! And did you read all those books?!

    Ali x

  9. Greece looks fabulous and I'm happy you enjoyed the holiday Blights.
    All that sun-block! Hilarious but extremely sensible my dear.
    Must say you are rocking the spotted beach garment in the hot chips photo.

  10. Well done Blighty - taking one for the team and visiting third world countries, I mean economies, and supporting local industry.

    It's been raining here like no-one's biznis. We just had a hail storm. So jealous of your summer adventures!

    K xx

  11. Is it OK to hit the wall with the COC?

  12. so how was the coc? i know you had it!

  13. oh Blighty, how I laughed. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for helping me not et too much breakfast. I've just sprayed most of it over the table on account of that balls sign. Wince!!


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