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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dates, Sticky and Otherwise

Morning Dahlings!

Before I forget, the lovely Annie from Queensland has started her own blog, it is fab, very inspiring, check it out!

I am attempting a new approach to bloggitisation*!   Little and a bit more often.  We'll see how long this lasts!

A couple of weeks ago at Blighty HQ we were all about dates.

First Grandma Whacker was en residence to celebrate her Birthday.

You might think this is a pic of the Birthday Cake but in fact it's a life sized model of Grandma Whacker herself. 

I dare not tell you how old she is now.  372.  Remarkable.

Then it was our Wedding Anniversary, with the usual gloomy comments from Mr B about serving less time for murder.
The card read: "Happy Wedding Anniversary Mrs B, can I have my passport back now?"

And then very excitingly, Mr B took me on a surprise date.  I did not know where he was taking me.  I was All Agog and Stuff.

He drove me to Berkhamsted, to an old Art Deco cinema called The Rex.

The seats are big and plush, or if you sit lower down, you can eat and drink at tables while watching the film.

I knew they were showing a French film "Potiche" - with old Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve.

I don't know quite how to break this to you all.  Here goes.

Mr B had selected a film about motorbike racing on the Isle of Man.

I am NOT making this up.

It is the first time I have been speechless for years.
(Maybe that's why he did it).

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr B.  Hope you sleep well in the spare room...

*ok, I made that word up, I just enjoy winding up the spellcheck gismo. In the same way I enjoy deliberately going the wrong way in the car and listening to Tim the Sat Nag going bonkers - "Turn around when possible. Turn around when possible. I SAID TURN AROUND NOW, YOU HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!!" What can I say, I am a natural rebel and Tim is such an uptight little fusspot).


  1. Oh no way. If Mr Kitty did that to me he'd be sleeping on the porch. The spare room is too good for that kind of behaviour.

    I hope you bought yourself a lovely present on his credit card. I hear Cartier does a good line in "scorned wife whose husband took her to see a sports film for their anniversary" gifts.

    Happy anniversary and happy 372nd birthday Grandma Whacker!

    K xx

  2. Dear Mrs Blighty, Hurray! You're back! I just woke Mr LiC up (he was trying to sleep in) to ask his opinion about the anniversary movie. "It is the thoughtlessness that counts", he said wryly and went back to sleep. Possibly Mr B became confused at the last moment and bought the wrong tickets? A case of leopards and spots perhaps? Lovely to see that Grandma Whacker has what Ms FF would call Superior Hair! I am also not surprised about the wings! Lots of Chilean kisses to welcome you all back. Lindaxxx

  3. My goodness I'm all flustered and thrilled and beside myself to see my name up in lights here Blights, you are very kind dahling.
    Left a reply comment over at mine re OPI. Hmmm is it correct protocol to answer your question here or there??
    Happy Birthday to Grandma Whacker. I certainly hope I look as smashing when I turn 372.
    How wonderful, a motorbike racing film on your Anniversary, you lucky girl you.

  4. Happy Birthday to Grandma Whacker and Happy(?) Anniversary to you and Mr B. At least he took you out, on ours(just passed) we just looked at each other and sighed. Oh the agony.

  5. Dear Miss Kitty Cat, yes, there was retail retribution, I will Tell All very soon...
    Hope you and the Bump are well! xx

  6. Dear heart - Closer To The Edge - featuring Guy Martin and endless cups of tea in awe-inspiring 3-D.....yes, I feel and share your pain. Maybe Mr Blighty and Tartarus should just go on holiday together lol!

    Dying to see the Gerard Depardieu (sp?!) movie too - Catherine Deneuve is still a fine looking woman.

    Happy Birthday to Grandma Whacker - lovely cake!


  7. oh dear Mrs B, get yourselves off to Therapy STAT!!!

    On the other hand, maybe he bought into the hype about the film being a "life-affirming heart-stopping joy ride for anyone with a pulse" and wanted to share that exhilaration with you. Depends how you look at it really.

  8. Dear Blighty, I nearly spat my cereal across the laptop laughing at you & Tim the Sat Nav.(yes, it's 11.49am I'm eating cereal at my desk, it's just how I roll). Too hilarious!
    PS Happy Anniversary.

  9. I just can't believe that is a life-size model of Grandma Whacker. I thought she was smaller than that. x

  10. I don't like to be a stick in the mud, dearest Blighty, but at least he took you out. My birthday was a few weeks ago and I got NOTHING. Literally! One of my daughters didn't even come in to wish me a happyybirthdaygoodmorning because she didn't want to wake me. An evening out would have been nice, especially at a theater that has tables! Then again, I quite like motorbikes and quite dislike GD. Although "Greencard" was nice.

  11. Dear Ali, am impressed and yet disturbed by your knowledege of Guy Martin and all...perhaps we should form a support group....
    Dear Maggie, what can I say, Happy Birthday!

  12. I second Ali. Tertarus and Mr B would make a lovely couple.

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