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Friday, 28 January 2011

Mrs Blighty's Cold Front

Photo from Illamasqua website

Hello Dahlings! Hope you are all well. I will explain the above picture later. I just couldn't face starting the post with a photo of, say, socks.

Right, now here's a photo of socks.

You see, it's got very cold here. Not snowy cold. Not frosty in the mornings cold. But a cruel, biting wind. As I said to Mr Blighty just this morning, "Ooh, that's a cruel, biting wind."
And part of my maternal duties involves watching Boys 1 and 2 and other assorted sizes of boys play in football matches. Last term rugby, this term football. Whatever next? I was just getting used to the rugby too. For example, when during rugby matches over-excited fathers yelled "Ruck Over", I learnt not to shout back "Ruck off". Don't worry, I have no idea what "Ruck over" means either.
I have discovered that the cold and damp seems to seep up through my Hunter wellies as I stand dreaming of the post-match cuppa. A friend told me you can get liners for your Hunters and as I love spending money on accessorising my rubber wear (that sounds wrong) I was there.
I also got some welly liners for the Boys, as during the pre-Christmas snow we went on a trek through the woods with friends. On the way home Boy 1 claimed he had frostbite and it looked like our expedition was going all Scott of the Antarctic. I attempted a mother-to-boy sock transplant in the middle of a snowy field in the almost dark (one of my worst ideas since offering to help with the fraction simplification Maths homework). At this point my friend's husband masterfully flung the whimpering Boy 1 over his shoulder and strode off with him. It was just like the ending of "An Officer and A Gentleman" except without the sailor uniform...where was I? Just wandered off for a moment...
Below, some handy dandy heat warming pads I also bought. Note to self: do not confuse with Instant Noodles, probably highly toxic.

Mindful always of my role as fashion icon to the masses, I opted for these leopard numbers. Jaunty or what?

In these grey wintry days I find myself attracted to bright red lipstick. In Selfridges the other day I went to check out the MAC counter as I heard that MAC lipsticks like Ruby Woo and Russian Red were the thing. Sadly the MAC counter was swarming and too hectic for me, thought I did have a nice chat with a lady who was trying to get a lipstick to match her red Hermes bag. The terrible challenges some people have to face.
So I took refuge at the Illamasqua counter. Illamasqua is probably the only English cosmetics company out there. The sales assistant chap was charming and called me darling, and advised me to get this colour. He also Strongly Recommended I get the Matching Lipliner. So I did. You do not argue with top make up experts who call you darling.

Apparently the key is pigment: Illamasqua products are highly pigmented so in the case of this lipstick you do not need much to get the true depth of colour and the colour lasts longer on your lips. Having carried out extensive testing in the Blighty beauty room (downstairs loo) under highly controlled conditions (minus 3 mins to get boys to school; boys in bout of unarmed combat right outside the door) I can confirm this is top stuff.

Lipstick, colour:Box, and Medium Lipliner, both from Illamasqua

Now, further winter warming equipment: chocolate puddings. Full of essential nutrients...

And discounted Panettone (actually a Pandoro, the plain one without fruit in) from the local Italian deli, who were selling them off after Christmas (Mrs B, savvy shopper).

And vitamin drink. Which I hope will increase my energy levels, as my current tendency is towards hibernation.

Boy 2 was dressed up like this first thing this morning. No idea why. Maybe dressing as a Viking is his way of keeping warm. I expect all that pillaging and other stuff they got up to, kept them nice and warm.

Below, not another chocolate pudding.

This is a hat: Step One in pulling together a Tudor costume for Boy 1. The amount of dressing up that school goes in for, I expect Boys 1 and 2 to be nothing less than Dita Van Teese type burlesque artists when they grow up. Actually, I'm not sure Dita wears than many clothes for her act...
So now I just need to get a brocade doublet, cloak, tights, sword, horse, greyhounds, falcons, manor house.
At least Boy 1 is not Anne Boleyn. That part went to another boy (boys only schools: the cross-dresser's alma mater).
Have a nice weekend Dahlings and Keep Warm/Cool*
*delete as applicable, this is of course an Equal Opportunities Trans National blog.


  1. Blighty

    I'm laughing out loud from over here in the Sydney dawn.

    I too, wish for more first world crises like the need to find a red MAC lippie to match my Hermes.

    I am in awe of the Hunters and the Hunter socks. We do not have Hunter socks in Australia. Only Explorer socks which I love. I do think Hunter sounds more old worlde colonial glam than Explorer. But then again, there is a strong element of Republicanism here at the moment so I don't think Explorer are going to change their brand name in a hurry.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. dearest, so much wonderfulness in this post.

    i LOVE your boot warmers. did you get the same ones for the boys? and since i know none of my clients are reading trick is a big hello beautiful and a hug. they are like putty after that. mean?

    and lastly is that your wallpaper behind the pannetone thing? if it is i would like to see more of it please.

    stay warm.


  3. I don't know what to say except that you are a hoot and a holler.

    p.s. chocolate puddings over here are just crappy custard.

  4. Dear SSG,so nice to get your comments, always. I heard about another First World Crisis today: a woman who took a dog back to a Dog Rescue Centre as he did not match her curtains.
    Janet - got blue and red ones for the boys, so we don't get them muddled up; I can just see it, you give your clients a big hug, then before they know it they have had a Brazilian and special Janet Tweezer Torture, and are too overwhelmed to tell you they came in for a facial... sadly that is not my wallpaper, would love Toile de Jouy wallpaper - you have it I think - it is a tray, I use it to cover up the piggy wiggy tiles put up by last owner.

    Deb - these choc puds are the business, they are steamed puddings you can microwave, with lots of sauce..boy approved.

  5. hi blights,

    omg, you know my mo. all i can say is that they always leave smiling and keep coming back.

    oh shoot, i was hoping your whole room was done in it with the matching drapes like the english do. damn.

    and one more thing, what do i have to do to get you to turn off your word verification thingy? beg? ok i'm begging.

  6. Dear Mrs Blighty, I was terribly relieved when they told me my youngest was going to be a girl too - I never had to learn any more about boys than I already knew and then never had to watch them play rugby (mind you there is still time and you never know whether the girls may yet take it up). I sympathise re the lack of feeling on one's shoes. In Canberra, my girls took up ice skating and I would rush back from work in time to take them to practice and then remember that I had yet again forgot to bring anything warm to wear next to the ice rink. Those heat packs are quite the bomb. What gorgeous lippy! You must demand to be taken to smart restaurant sans enfants toute de suite. My girls and I tried on all the Illamasqua nailpolishes with the assistance of a very lovely sales lady in Brisbane and we agree that the depth of colour was extraordinary. Ah those were the days! Now, Mr LiC comes home and grumbles about how much mess there is and how he never gets to choose what to watch on tele...

  7. The lipstick does look sumptuous. I still have some make up by "Biba" circa 1975. Wasn't that an English brand? I obviously don't over use the stuff.

  8. I'm a new follower (thanks to LPC of Privilege), and I am so happy to have found you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow as I stand shivering, watching a lacrosse match. I'm hoping that if I sniff and cough into the crook of my elbow enough, then the Mister will suggest that I watch from the car. (In all likelihood, I will again be passed over for Mother of the Year.)

  9. I have hunter book and sock envy. They would be perfect for Saturday morning Aussie footy in freezing paddocks. I wonder if you can get them here. Google here I come.

  10. Personally, I think a Viking in the kitchen is just the bee's knees.
    You are one lucky girl.
    And isn't he just the most darling Viking, answering emails, checking your calendar, entering your todo list in the iPad.

  11. There are so many Luffable tidbits in this post- the fur trimmed boots, the pannettone, the lovely hat on your son, the red lippy...

    It's a hard life trying to match your red lippy to your Hermes handstitched 'spensive leather goods. I hope she found what she was looking for.

    Meanwhile it is BOILING here. Not ideal when you have another human being internally affixed to your body.


  12. I had no idea about all this foot warming, welly lining bizzo; but I like it. Makes complete sense, and the leopard is destined to take off. If not, who gives a ruck?!
    My feet are warm and bare in summer heat.
    You've taken me back in time mentioning Selfridges. I worked there aged 21 on the Estee Lauder counter... one of the jobs I did as an Aussie Backpacker.

  13. Those wellie socks look fantastic. The leopard is right up my alley! And they look so warm too... If you want a MAC red colour I recommend Dubonnet. It's lush. Just fight your way to the front of the counter. That's what I do! And we have a pannetone as well in the cupboard. Am thinking it might make lovely bread and butter pudding when the weather gets colder here...

  14. Love the welly liners. Tres Chic.
    Of course, no one over this side of the Atlantic knows what wellies are. Rubber boots just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  15. Dear Janet, will look into word thingy but I do need something to discourage Mr Craig and Mr Clooney
    Dear Linda, we have been through an ice skating phase recently, I can see Boys playing ice hockey though, rather than dancing around in spangly leotards..TV here currently banned after massive boy fight at the school in front of the Alpha Mothers, involving hurling of school bags, kicking of shins and shouting of parent..
    Dear English Rider, hello, nice to hear from you, will go check if you have a blog too. Biba is back as clothing range again, I noticed, in House of Fraser.
    Dear Town and Country Mom, welcome and thank you so much for becoming a follower..I will whizz over to yours pronto! Lacrosse, now that is really hardcore, fast and scary..
    The Moerks - I love the idea you play sport in paddocks, I imagine lots of livestock ranging around at the same time..
    Louise - the Viking was checking his calendar on the IPad: Mon, pillaging, Tues, pillaging and burning, Wed Pillaging burning and ransacking, Thurs, Pillaging burning ransacking and kidnapping Fr, tea with Mother.
    Dear FF, I will never know if the lady did succeed in lipstick matching, it keeps me awake at night
    Raine and Sage - can confirm Estee Lauder still there!

    KittyCat - thanks for tip about Dubonnet, once drank almost whole bottle of that stuff and was found lying on kitchen floor as teenager but that is another story..
    Legend - actually as I am eternally immature, rubber anything makes me giggle, pathetic..

  16. Oh how I laughed! Quite took my mind off my rotten toothache!! Good luck with stitching together a Tudor mansion :-)



    PS - what's more toxic - eating the noodles or the handwarmers?

  17. Dear Ali, bad luck about the toothache, go in hard with the ibuprofen! good point about the noodles, Boy 1 loves the 10p budget ones, I am v dubious about what they put in that powderxx

  18. Blights,
    Got a post done finally. Your two posts to my none, shamed me into it.
    Also two impending cyclones have sort of helped me to shake off the lethargy.
    RE Viking - I BET VIKINGS ONLY EAT FISH - maybe with chips!

  19. BLIGHTy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My word verification just now was - fried.
    How did the blogging Gods know?

  20. Louise, so funny, especially as today was our fish and chip day! Vikings now being dispatched to bed, without helmets and axes hopefully. Good luck with the cyclones, sounds scary, keep safe xx

  21. Dear Blighty been dreafully busy what with chucking over styling bit like ruck off and trying to keep out of the biting wind. Where has it come from.

    I'm also deep in meditation yes meditation not medication bracing myself for a jaunt to Bucks rugby club next weekend, my sister lives in Bucks.

    Interesting stuff ref lippie, might take a look too although might cry if I don't get called darling.

    I gave in and got the skirt - know what you mean about the underskirt or rather lack of it. Luckily have a good petticoat stash to ensure people are frightened!

  22. Fabulous post Blights.
    Geez I wish we experienced cold enough winters to warrant the purchase of designer wellies and leopard print liners. You will be THE most stylish footy mother.
    Are vikings, along with babies, the new black? Did you know I have a viking heading my way via Louise...!

  23. Hello. I actually like the air hostess dress. I think you should wear it with those puss in boots boots in the picture with the dog manequins.

  24. Dear MDS, am now envious that you have got that swishy skirt, now I want it too! Good luck with the rugby club, layering is key for warmth - oh and staying in the car.
    Dear Anne-Marie - what is Louise sending you???? Am all agog. Make sure you have a longboat ready.
    Dear Paddy - so remind me, are you Paddy's older or younger sister? (sorry Louise!)

  25. Ahoy there Mrs B!

    I have been an avid reader of your blog for a while but have never commented. I was amused to discover your beginnings on Faux Fuschia's blog comments. Glad you started one of your own.

    I too have Hunter wellies and wellie socks. They are indeed the business! I live Up North so we are used to the cold (allegedly) but having lived in "That London" for a few years I may not be quite as hardy as I used to be. Large Law offices were always well heated (probably by burning money or getting paralegals to shovel coal into the fires!).

    Ta ta. x

  26. Ha ha about the Dubonnet!! I have a similar chambord story but funnily enough it hasn't put me off drinking the stuff... Apparently there is an NYX lippie called chambord FYI. Pity there's no lipstick called Gin and Tonic...

  27. Blighty - love your new lippie, and your furry liners for your boots.. need to CHECK OUT this make up - it is here in Australia but probably furiously expensive or 'spensive (FF-ism.. trademark, of course) xx

  28. I'v e got those Hunter socks too but my feet still freeze in wellies, I need an alternative winter boot or maybe just someone who lives in a warm country to take me in in wintertime.

  29. Dear Tabitha, I think the boots to have are Dubarrys, Irish, leather, expensive, Jeanne of Collage of Life got some for Christmas and I went and lusted after them in our local outdoorsy shop - they are leather, treated with Gortex, but most importantly they look nice! xx

  30. I'm glad you found a good red, MAC or otherwise, and good on you for buying the matching pencil; a pencil is crucial for red lipstick!
    Love the Hunter liners, too fab!

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