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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mrs Blighty is here to help

Paul Smith babygro, from Paul Smith website, for babies, you can get babygros for adults but that's just so wrong

Happy New Year Dahlings! So we have finished with the Noughties. What are we calling this new decade thingie? The Elevenses? Nope. The Onesies? Isn't that what Americans call babygros? (those all-in-one suit thingies you put new babies in, which have 120 poppers to do up and if you get one wrong you have to start all over again and so is excellent when parent is sleep deprived and it is 3am and you can't see, as the lights are low to persuade the Baby (who is trying out for the lead in The Omen) to go back to sleep, and obviously I am not talking from experience....)

Ah yes, babies. I am very excited about the lovely Faux Fuchsia's baby news. Of course when I met her back a couple of months ago I knew she was pregnant (I am a highly trained medical professional - er, well, no) and was Sworn to Secrecy. For a blabbermouth like me this was a real challenge....time and again I would start a post about cupcakes or my slowcooker or books or nail varnish (note how these are ranked in order of importance vis a vis world peace) and suddenly I would find myself typing "FAUX FUCHSIA IS HAVING A BABY HOW EXCITING IS THAT"...
And doesn't FF look divine and chic, quite most elegant mother to be ever? But I do feel she could do with a bit of Blighty advice re maternity wear.

I don't know what is going on in the FF household but poor darling FF is forced to make do with her YSL and Malene Birger dresses, ole Mr FF needs to spring open his wallet and buy her some proper maternity wear, or to be more precise, a tent.

A tent is brilliant as it hides All, and also provides shelter for passing wildlife. A floral tent is even better as it covers up foodstains which result from you using your tummy as a ledge on which to balance your mid-morning snack (full English, hot choc, washed down with a couple of doughnuts). Gosh I miss that ledge!

And once the baby arrives you can sell the tent on to the Armed Forces for camouflaging aircraft carriers.

Well that's my styling tip for 2011. Must go as Mr Blighty has launched into some DIY involving drilling holes in bits of wood which for some reason he has to do in the kitchen and I am really starting to regret that third glass of Sainsbury's Cava last night (Mrs B, the last of the party animals)...

I leave you with this list entitled Preparation for Parenthood. Someone gave it to me when I was expecting Boy 1. Up until the point he arrived I found it rather amusing. ( don't know who composed this, will of course attribute if anyone knows where it is from).


  1. Great advice Mrs B. Is that you in the tent? You look lovely even headless.

  2. FF will be getting all kinds of advice...
    I am sure that her style will remain intact and she will be setting the bar high for her followers!

    I like Petite Bateau garments for the wee ones...
    Happy New Year Blighty!

  3. Well Blighty, you are a vault when it comes to secrets! I'd say FF came out after she realised your credentials might be a bit dodgy though :)

    The tent so becomes you I hope you still give it a run now and then. Is it Laura Ashley?

    All the best for the New Year xx

  4. Blighty,
    I love it!

    I admire your clever recycling of floral maternity dresses. It is good to Give Back.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. My first child was born in '87 Blighty so you can imagine the maternity get-ups I was forced to wear back then. Think all-in-one polka dot clown suits buttoned up the front. Maybe this style was a mothers prep for the grow suits?
    The preparation for parenthood manual is funny but so true.
    Isn't it fab that baby FF is on the way!

  6. Point number 9 is all too familiar.
    Point number 9 is all too familiar.
    Point number 9 is all too familiar.
    Point number 9 is all too familiar.
    Point number 9 is all too familiar.

  7. Farmer's Wife - brilliant!! loved your comment so much!!

  8. Am sure FF will love the Blighty Floral tents and then be able to recyle them! somewhere@?!
    Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2011. x

  9. Blights your secret keeping skills are 11/10! I have no floral tents. Yet.

    But maybe I'll get me some.

    I am getting huge and tired and it is really hot.

    My polish is even a bit chipped! I go back to the Coalface tomoz...Must sort polish before that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Blighty I work with a guy who told us he wears adult sized grow suits to bed in winter!? He said he buys them from Ireland ( I live in Australia)

  11. Dear Mrs Blighty, I purchased a wondersuit (what we call them in Australia) for my husband at a country market as a laugh and got them quite frequently when he would put it on and potter about the house in Winter (he had idly commented on how he had always wanted one). Too much information?...

  12. Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat.

    Sorry. It's kind of stuck in there.

  13. What fabulous advice Blighty! I am so glad I read this before I had children. I'm off to buy me some goats...

  14. Yes, it is very exciting news for Faux Fuschia!!
    I am thrilled for her.
    and on a less stylish note, Swear to God, I am wearing a Onesie/Babygro (although I prefer the more glamorous term "Longjohns" in my profile photo) I have a few in fact. I'm all about comfort, at least when I can possibly get away with it. As long as there's a trap door, Onesies will remain in my fashion repetoire :)


  15. My lovely cousin sent me this just before the birth of our son six years ago. I have an uncanny knack for ignoring good advice and pooh poohed this as hysteric nonsense. Oh, if only I could turn the clock back to the days of sleep and stain free shirts.


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