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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Catch Up (What did the Mummy Tomato say to the Baby Tomato?)

Dahlings, I have been such a terrible blogger recently, I do apologise. After my release from house arrest - I mean - now that school hols have finished - life seems to have resumed with a rush.

Getting back into the school routine was quite frankly a struggle. I know how this lady feels.

The boys weren't too keen on going back to school either. But one day someone brought in some puppies for the boys to see. Here's Boy 1 - he is surprisingly gentle with animals and babies - it's only Boy 2 he likes to thump about. There were 3 of these retriever puppies, about 8 weeks old I think, and very sleepy after all the attention from the boys.

Here's a book I got in the January sales. It lampoons mercilessly lots of well known books (the author has a column in a newspaper doing this). Probably best to dip in and out of, rather than read all in one go. Some of it's very crude and over the top as the books spoofed include Lady Chatterley's Lover; Crash; and American Psycho. I did think the author crossed over a line when he takes on The Great Gatsby and Love in a Cold Climate, those books are sacrosanct!!

I went on a little jaunt up to London and called in at the Oxford Street TopShop.
I think I really am getting too old for TopShop. Look at those girls' hair. Weird.

And their eye shadow application definitely errs on the over-enthusiastic side.

Is this a look I should adopt for parent/teacher meetings?

And this poor girl has gone to the other extreme - no hair at all and suspended from the ceiling by a rope. Not good.

I tried a couple of dresses on but my heart wasn't in it. This was crumply and creasy.

This looks like a 1970s air hostess outfit - British Airways I think, the crimplene must be a fire risk.

I also swung by H&M. I liked this skirt, but did not buy it, I could just see it languishing in the wardrobe looking pretty but unworn. When did I get so sensible? Shocking.

I liked the dogs in the H&M window. Maybe I could get Boy 1 one of those?

Must go, Mr B has come home and is now playing with the boys' Scalextric racing car thing. All by himself. The boys are in bed. I guess Mr B is reliving his youth.


  1. I thought you were going to introduce us to a new member of the Blighty family a 4 legged one!

  2. Those are mighty scary mannequins. Looks like they've had a bad shock.

  3. Dear God - my hair is like that every morning and would no sooner dream of going out with it looking like that than I would leave the house sporting my Big Pants as a jaunty hat.


  4. I like the H&M skirt Blights, but know exactly what you mean. One must be in the right zone to make the purchase. You possess killer legs my dear.
    Imagine the blog fodder to be had if a puppy came to live at Blighty headquarters.

  5. hi blighty,

    i've been bad too. but i did just finally post your award you gave me so that counts for something somewhere. i kinda liked the first dress you had on with black tights.


    ps - the labs are adorable.

  6. Dear Ladies, thank you for your nice comments. I would love to be one of those super capable mummies that had a dog as well but at the moment I am struggling to cope with Boys 1 and 2 who will not stop fighting, a dog would just be too much..and I know who would have to walk, feed, poop scoop etc and it would be bound to have behavioural issues and cost me a fortune in dog psychologists xx

  7. Mr TNMA is a big John Crace fan, so maybe I'll get him that book for his birthday (better write that down, it's in May!) Think you should have bought the H&M skirt, it's lovely - good for now with black opaques and for summer, if you don't mind getting your legs out.

  8. Dear Mrs Blighty, I love opening up the computer to find a new post from you. Stay strong regarding the doggies. My Dad and Step-mum just adopted a dog from the RSPCA who would be due for the chop as she is deaf. She is a handsome creature. She is also driving them to drink (well a bit earlier in the day) as unlike the lovely King Charles Cavaliers that they have had previously, this one thinks she is a dog and acts accordingly. My Step-mum is running out of shoes and the garden looks as if a pack of prairie dogs has moved in. Were you shopping by yourself? I do too here but it is so much more enjoyable to go shopping with a lovely female friend who likes to shop too. One tends to try on things one would never try on otherwise and sometimes these clothes are wonderful.

  9. Dear TNMA, your husband would like the book. Re skirt, truth be told, it was too tight round my middle, not comfy and could not be bothered to re-dress, trudge outside, get bigger size etc. That's why I should go shopping with a friend!
    Dear Linda - you say the nicest things. I was shopping by myself - I hunt alone - as I would drive anyone else bonkers the way I gallop around the shops and then faff about for hours; with friends I just talk all the time and so no one can concentrate on retail therapy! So when I meet friends and we look round the shops, it's mainly chatting, a different thing altogether and also very nice. FF is able to multi-task - when I met her in London, she was able to pick out a lovely dress in Malene Birger despite my incessant chatting, I was impressed!

  10. that H&M skirt was precious! You should stop being so sensible, buy it, and wear it at least once (with green hunter boots!).
    And, in other news, there is a lady who used to frequent the shopping centre I work in and she would wear purple eyeshadow in the same over-zealous manner of those mannequins. She was probably in her 50s and seemed a little off....eyeshadow each their own I guess.


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