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Thursday, 16 September 2010

More aliens and nails

Since my last alien encounter, things have been getting very Mulder and Scully around here (used to like that programme). The very next day, having lamented my time wasting search for a top/blouse thingie, look what picture was on my calendar! Spooky. That's just the kind of top I need. It's French, from the 1620s. Wonder if Karl was already designing for Chanel then? Not sure that it's machine washable though.

And did you see the comment I got, allegedly from Beth at Mint Velvet, the company that makes some of the tops I tried on? Inviting me to a blogger's preview. But I wasn't fooled for a minute. Look at the name: bETh. ET! Those aliens again, planning to abduct me, rearrange my brain and send me home having pre-ordered the entire Mint Velvet autumn collection.

It was Boy 2's birthday earlier this week, he got a big pack of Star Wars Lego. More evidence of alien activity. On the subject of Lego, check out this comedy sketch, I love it (warning - contains bad language so not suitable for children, which is a shame).

If the link does not work, google Eddie Izzard Star Wars canteen sketch! I am not sure of my technology!

In other unsettling news, it seemed that my love affair with nail polish was faltering. I had taken a Wrong Turn colour-wise. The worst is the one on the far left, Revlon Posh Pink, a pearlised number, really not suitable, very Doris the older secretary who knits and always disappears to the hairdressers mid morning just when you need her most, not that I've ever met anyone like that of course, just imagining....; the one next to it is Essie Splash of Grenadine, too mauvy, next to that Barry M, Bright Pink, just too too pink, then No 7 teal colour, just too weird, and No7 golden thingie, not so bad. (Note to my mother and Mr B: most of these bought with money off voucher so only cost £2, honest) (crosses fingers behind back).

I think also the colours which suit change according to the seasons - now we are in autumn darker colours seem more attractive. And I read somewhere dark colours are more flattering to short nails.

The nail polish phase has also caused peeling nails. Maybe these products will help.

But I think my interest in nail polish may just have been rekindled, thanks to a trip to a beauty supplies wholesaler (BondLink in glamorous Hemel Hempsted). A nanny told me about it at pick up (nail polish, bringing people together). It stocks a pleasingly wide range of OPI.

Behold the dinky lusciousness of all those bottles.

I will report further on what I bought when Mr B has been prepared, emotionally.

I also merrily sploshed on some Chanel polishes when in Boots the other day. Excuse rubbishness of pic, looks as if I am climbing up kitchen wall. Oh right. I was.

L-R: Vendetta, Blue Satin, Rouge Noir, Particuliere (the latter is out of stock).

I bought Paradoxal. So now I have a little Chanel polish shrine. (Note to self: you are SO giving one of these to DD, you are NOT keeping them all for yourself. DD if you are reading, please insist I hand over the polish, ignore the death grip, it's just a reflex!) Please don't think I spend all my time obsessing about fripperies and nonsense. I continue to take my role as mother very seriously. Here is my latest motivational message to the boys.
I feel this covers the main points of classroom etiquette very nicely.

I am not neglecting my cultural side either. Mr B has been recommending this trilogy for ages. So of course I ignored him and read everything but. Now I have finally got down to it, it's good. Mr B, you really should read these books, they are excellent!

I have also found a helpful motivational message for Mr Blighty, courtesy of the beauty wholesalers. He was so moved when I showed it to him, he did not speak to me all evening. Bless.

I am a very caring person, I really am.


  1. Do we assume, then, that Mr. B. is follicularly challenged?

  2. I also love Chanel nail polish. I have all the ones that you are displaying, and paradoxal. Don't you love it? the perfect fall neutral!
    Love the Bart Simpson messages. Great idea.
    Also, was so excited to see that you've experienced Eddie Izzard's death star canteen sketch. I have several of his DVDs, soooo hilarious!
    We showed that sketch to our youth group *gasp foul language* but I think they survived it.
    Hope the aliens don't start abducting your polishes!

  3. Wow Blighty, 3 Chanels purchased in one hit. Am jealous.
    Price wise we are seriously ripped off down here re cosmetics.
    I tried Essie and wasn't impressed. Now I believe there is a varnish called Butter London that is chemical free, have you heard of it?
    Occassionaly I do worry I'm becoming obsessed with nail polish.
    Oh you bought the little blue dog like FF's!
    Have not read the book but the movie was fairly disturbing.
    I got abducted yesterday and forced to purchase new bath towels, china, hair accessories and two pairs of jeans.
    I just did as I was told.

  4. I'm sitting here laughing hysterically. What multi faceted post today! I think you covered all the important points.
    My word verification was dader. Star Vars anyone?

  5. That shirt is a riot!
    It's lunch time, so I'm allowed a quick blog.
    Not finished yet, but much progress has been made, I'll tell you all about it when I'm finished.
    I just KNEW you would have been spammed as a youngster.
    See you when I've finsished the E word.

  6. Hello Blighty, I have to ask a very personal question. Who is DD? According to my, admittedly somewhat sketchy, knowledge of internet parlance, DD means Darling Daughter - I thought you only had the two boys? Or have I missed something? I swear I have read every one of your posts and don't remember mention of a daughter - I am perplexed. Thank you.

  7. Blighty, it would not be the first time that I seduce you. NailTek Intensive Therapy II is the product for any splittibng nail. I have the genes of my mum when it comes to nails and she struggled from splitting nails (mainly middlefinger and ringfinger). We tried several products until I found the positive reviews on NailTek II. I am lucky to have a nailpolish-dealer who lives in a small village close to the Czech border. I orders from the US and I feel very privileged. Nothing before ever worked like this product. We use it on a regular basis, also as base coat for any color.
    I "wear" it on the last pic in yesterdays posting)

    When I saw the photo of the photo of the jacket I thought: OMG, did the new chef designer from Mugler already start creating the new Mugler look?". It is intimidating, just like Lady GaGa.

    Consider yourself LUCKY having those swatches of OPI hanging next to the shelves. In Austria we only have swatches on the recent collection available. And of course only in 1 high-end parfumerie. For 20 EUR a bottle. argh.

  8. Dear LPC, very nicely put, yes poor Mr B is FC, but he is tall so you can't notice; he pulls a lot of hair out at work I think;
    L - I tried to resist the siren call of Chanel but they do such innovative colours and then the other producers copy! I just love the Death Star canteen - "Oh, the food is hot!" Bart seems togo down better with my boys than Oscar Wilde or Dylan Thomas
    Anne-Marie - well done on jeans and towel purchasing, sounds essential kit to me! CLARIFICATION for benefit of Mr B: i did not "buy" 3 Chanel - one was a present to me, one is a present for a friend, and one for me. does that sound better?
    Have not heard of Butter London, should I bring out a cheap version called Low Fat Spread Luton? Local health food shop has Jessica, maybe that polish is less toxic??
    Deb - I swear that wordcheck thing reads the posts, a while ago I had a real thing going with FF's checker..till it called me blabfaht
    Louise - this essay is epic, surely note on windscreen to traffic warden that machine not working should not take so long?? xx
    Patricia - i adore personal questions as I love boring on about myself!! Jeez, I knew there was something, i have a daughter! knew I was drifting away from reality with all this computer usage! Wait. Just rang Mr B. No, we do not have a daughter. DD is short for Dearest D, the friend I met for shopcrawl recently - see couple of posts back - she is v elegant friend of mine, and may well be FF's long lost twin.
    Paula - thanks for the NailTek tip off, excellent! I am still plotting re Laundress products!!

  9. Haha... I love that chalk board message! And in all seriousness, I totally agree; sheep should NOT be brought into the classroom. It can be extremely annoying X

  10. Have you stolen my temple dog?

    Lovely that polsih is bringing people together at the school run x


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