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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Gone Lost Her Mind

Hello, this is the blog talking.  Help! I am being badly neglected, look at the dust and tumbleweeds blowing across my deserted plains.  (Enough with the poetic stuff already, doesn't suit).

Once I was flavour of the month, she was always playing about with me, putting up posts, tinkering with my layout...

But I have been supplanted by that creature - the Log? no, Pog?  Wait. that's it, the DOG!

And now this....

She's put that creature in a box contraption lined with orange - yes ORANGE - corduroy - and he rides around in the front seat next to her....

And me?  I never get taken anywhere now...


  1. so sweet! My doggie niece could take up all my time if she lived with me too so i understand completely! But not a good sign when a dog is better accessorized than myself...

  2. Dear Blog, I feel your pain. You have been missed, sniff, whenever will we see you again??

  3. We miss you to Blog, however, that dog is soooo cute!
    Cindy F

  4. Dear ladies, thank you for your lovely comments. Dog currently snoring on sofa. Orange seat box thing relegated to back seat as dog staring at me while driving was very offputting..

  5. What they said: we miss you, Blog of Blighty. The pup will grow up soon and become less cute, then you will be back!

  6. I would love to read more of your musings and that of your dog - blog of course!

  7. I've only just discovered your blog, read most of the old posts, and would love to hear more. Border Terrier is my go to dog of choice when lifestyle permits. In the meantime I have to make do with stalking one who goes to my local park.


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