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Friday, 12 December 2014

Right Now

Right now we are all about....


Who knew coal mining was on the curricculum at Greggs Grammar?

Christmas trees

Multiple pairs of trainers for our sporting activities

Is Boy 2 a centipede? Why so many shoes? No wonder he staggers up the drive on the way to school. Cue maternal guilt at making boys walk to school.

Trying to eat our Santa hat.

Scarfing it up. 

Photo above from the Scarf Forum, I need to buy a melon, will it count as one of my 5 a day? (it's tutorial on how to tie an Ascot cowl knot, apparently). How do I balance it on my head?

Meet Chicken* my only friend.  She is helping me sell some Hermes scarves on  Evil Bay.  If you are interested, I'm pudfish63.

* Called Chicken because she is headless.  Groan.

She is already misbehaving, all super-modelly, tantrums, wants a private jet and Cristalle champagne..I now suspect the head removal was all part of an extreme celeb weight loss fad.

Above and below,  Hermes Sous les Branches de L'Ombu

Books.  This one was interesting - I did not know that Talitha Getty was the granddaughter of Augustus John and had forgotten that old David Bailey was married to Catherine Deneuve.

Bargain Diane von Furstenburg dresses from the Bay of Evil.

Migraines.  Bane of my life.  Any tips? 

What are you All About these days?



  1. Am enduring the epic poem known as Having The House Painted Forever, And Ever, And Ever. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. i wish i was a ebayer but just cant get through it. I get overwhelmed by the choice. have you tried just trying a consignment bc i wonder if people pay good money if they arent sure it its a real one you see?

    that melon is cracking me up just thinking about it!

  3. I'm forever catching with the housework and kids stuff. I'm sorry you get migraines, I don't have any tips as I only get them occasionally when I haven't been sleeping well and/or not drinking enough water throughout the day (rushing around too much).
    I still can't get over that melon! Genious! You did very well the DVF dresses! Ahh I adore fashion/art/photography books and my constant aim is to read more.
    Hope you're all ready for the festive season - I am not!

    1. My only prep so far for Christmas is to bath the dog. And only because he really smelt bad. That I feel is enough preChristmas action xx

  4. Happy days!! You are back...I had only just discovered your blog...spent a week reading every post (many tears of laughter were shed)...and then you were gone!


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