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Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Blog is not just for Christmas

Sign of the times that the first Christmas party I attend is the dog's.

All the movers and shakers of the Advanced Dog Training Class* were there.

This is Arthur.  Swiss Entlebucher, financier and raconteur - he is super bright, runs a bank, often abroad for tax reasons, loads of character and woofs, yips and growls his way through dog training, he has lots of anecdotes and some really rude jokes. Possibly.  I don't speak dog.  But that's what I imagine. Much in demand as an after-dinner speaker.

This is Darcey.  Bouvier des Flandres, fashion icon and lady.  Jackie Kennedy was a Bouvier too.  So Darcey is very refined and stylish, I can see her in an Oleg Cassini suit and pillbox hat. Monty stares at her longingly with his mouth open but she is out of his league.  Darcey is best kept away from any blonde bubble permed poodles, the sort that might sing "Happy Birthday Mr President".

Leonard McCombe/Life Magazine/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

President Kennedy  with First Lady Jackie, in fur-trimmed suit designed by Oleg Cassini, at his inauguration.

And then there's Monty.  Border terrier and class clown - always looking the wrong way, never concentrates, always needs the loo in the middle of class.

It was a fab party. 

There was a tree.

There was tinsel.

A buffet.

Hmm, always one greedy gutzer pushing in at the buffet..

Wild party games involving the wearing of hats.

Standing on things.



Everyone got tired and emotional and had to be driven home.

In short, a cracking party.


*  Laura Ward
Minds Alike Animal Training and Behaviour


  1. Dear Mrs Blighty, I am in awe of the posh dogs, including Monty, who attended this function. I therefore have to say that what the party needed was an Australian Red Heeler Cross Mongrel who would be rounding everyone up should a whistle be heard, nip at an occasional well turned ankle, leer at the sheilas (in the most light hearted and affectionate manner, of course), call all the other dogs "maaate", and laugh at his own incomprehensible jokes, all the while putting away a good deal of beer. Probably, a good thing he was not invited. I hope that you are well prepared for Christmas. We have located two rather slim French frozen turkeys (this is probably why the French keep their figures) and will improvise the rest. I have negotiated a detente regarding the Pavlova with my New Zealand colleague. While we will gracefully refrain from discussing the origins of this noble dessert on the day, I do want you to know that it is in fact AUSTRALIAN. I feel better now. Love to you all and merry Christmas. Lindaxxx

    1. Like the sound of a Red Heeler, sounds right up Monty's street. I realised Pavlova was a sticky issue at a quiz night where one of the dads on our team was from NZ. Mind you, we were so hopeless we thought pizza came from the US!! We came last. Mr B so cross he now refuses to attend a quiz night ever again.

  2. I never get invited to the best parties like this. Perhaps Millie might come next year?

  3. Monty has lots of space on his dance card

  4. What a fantastic squad of canines! I like the looks of all of them. Nero (greyhound) has tattoos on account of him being an I picture him at the back of the party, wearing a trench coat and saying *psst - wanna buy a real rolex* trying to look like a hard guy, but sounding like Alpha in Up :-D

    He and Monty would be pals. As long as there is no bottom-sniffing. He's not that kind of dog :-D

    Glad to see you back on the blog

    1. Monty would love Nero, what with tattoos and all, Monty comes from Surrey so is in awe of dogs with real street cred. Apparently bottom sniffing is polite, good etiquette, but only if you are a dog. Wish the dog trainer had made that clearer.....Monty does face licking instead, kind of like when old Tommy Lee rocker chap first met Pamela Anderson..went up to her and licked her face, classy and subtle.

  5. I have only 1 thing to say, "woof woof".
    OK, that is 2, or maye not...........

  6. Wow, cracking party indeed. Monty clearly had the best time, what with tinsel, bucket headgear, debauchery and all. Probably best to keep clear of the Bouvier - she is known for over-spending at the dressmakers. Happy Christmas, Blighty! xx

  7. Looks fantastic and everyone too! Love it. Hope you all have a joyous festive season!

  8. More fun than an office Christmas party.
    Hope no pupils took diabolical liberties and peed on the tree!


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