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Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Easter Bunny says Boo!

Dahlings how are you? Feeling a bit sick? No, I agree, it couldn't have been the large Easter egg, it was definitely the side salad that was a smidge too far..

Here I have been looking after my neighbour's rabbit. A rabbit! Over Easter!  See what a happening kinda person I am!

I was totally the right person for the job:

I've seen Fatal Attraction few times.

I have this suspiciously soft furry jacket*.

And I have this useful bunny care manual.

I propped it up and changed the pages each day, to keep bunny amused.

Bunny was very cute.

Also smart - this is her reaction when she first saw me.

Bye bye Bunny, it was nice to meet you and remember, if you can't see your food bowl, it's probably because you have your hind legs in it...

In other news, I have set up a tweet gizmo at the side of this blog.  Don't miss my profound insights on life and retweets of stuff that makes me laugh. Yep, Blighty, at the cutting edge of technology, five years later...

*Relax, it's faux fur!


  1. I've read those Bunny Suicide books, you are so au currant.(sp?) I think I had a smidge too much salad as well.

    1. The Bunny books are in such bad taste yet so funny!Boy2 took one on camp with him and it was a big hit with all the other 10yr old boys, as you can imagine.

  2. Ditto with the salad here! Am therefore having more chocolate, since clearly that is the only thing that will help. :)

    Have been loving the fake Cheryl Cole, Pope and the Queen twitter accounts too!

    M x

    1. Yes I agree, best remedy is a bit more chocolate. Don't know the Pope Twitter, must look it up, thanks!

  3. Never quite got how a Rabbit's leg is good luck. I think a subject for Blighty to discourse on.

    1. Yes indeed. I was impressed how very daft rabbits seem to be. They don't do much except eat and poop do they? Which I suppose makes them very relaxing company.


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