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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mrs Blighty is a Twit and Other Unsurprising Things

Hi Dahlings!  Hope you are all well.
Still sulking about not getting that Pope gig?
 Get a grip, just having a pair of red shoes and a working knowledge of The Da Vinci Code was never going to be enough!

Here it is cold. Snow is still lying on the ground and small boys are still being forced to wear vests..

Melusine has started a blog and did a lovely post here -so appropriate for this weather.

pic blatantly stolen from her post - to whet your appetite and send you over there, her blog is visually sumptuous...

This polish is still available - a Classic! I have it. Inspired by Melusine's post, I applied it to my paws. It lasted 6 mins before it chipped while I was doing some light welding making an omelette.

pic from Amazon UK
( In urgent Nail Polish News, I have decided classic reds and pinks are the Way Forward for a woman of my age...tune in next week to Nail Polish News when I announce that ombre nails, lime green and gold and turquoise stripes are the Way Forward..)

In other news I have become Completely Obsessed with Twitter; not the real celeb accounts but the spoof ones.

Here are some more I really like (apologies if you know these already).

Dahlings, let me know if you have any favourite funny Tweeters.
Really important I waste even more of my time laughing at incredibly rude tweets by fake Bill Clinton.  WARNING VERY RUDE DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU

Slight problem is that I have them all mixed in with Serious Tweets - updates from Boy 1 or Boy 2's schools, the real newspapers, the hockey club, book blogs, and it's sometimes hard to tell which are which... like this one

schools emergency classroom threat list

Finished this book.

 Mr B read it before me and really liked it.  Took me a while to get into it.  Realised Mr B liked it because there were a few references to winter tyres.   Mr B likes a winter tyre angle in his literature.  He is a hopeless dreamer is ole Mr B.  In the end I liked book as very unflashy and well put together with interesting characters and a twist in the plot; quite a bit on legal procedure which I like (yep, I am a hopeless dreamer too).

I leave you with some fantastic pictures of Paris in the snow, taken by my French friend Monsieur
OM.  Paris always looks better than anywhere else, whatever the weather, n'est-ce pas? By the way, still loving Spiral 4 and Juge Roban...wonder if he tweets?  Wonder if he wears a vest?


  1. Cherries in the Snow is one of my faves but it IS disappointing quick to chip. I've had it for years.

    Twitter is horribly addictive. I gave up following sleb accounts but did follow Cheryl Kerl [sic] she (maybe a he) tweets in Geordie, like man pet aye. Maybe she'll have more time to do it now Girls Aloud are no more.

    Gregory FIToussi [emphasis on the fit] aka Pierre Clement from Spiral has a Twitter account. he tweeted me once [not a euphemism].

    Ta Ta!

  2. Yep I am already totally hooked in Twitter parodies, have wasted so much time the last couple of days but oh boy does it feel good! I love the Cheryl Kerl one - love it when she comes over all intellectual - today she quotes some Latin! Can't believe you got tweeted by Pierre Total-Hotness, wow! I dream of being tweeted by Gary Barlow (don't care whether euphemistically or not..)

  3. I really like her books, haven't read that one though. Should come around and do it!

    1. Hiya Tyres! I think you would find this book gripping.

  4. Thanks for such a lovely plug for my blog (the cheque's in the post for the agreed amount). :) I only really wear Cherries in the Snow on my toenails, since it lasts much longer that way (since feet aren't really uncovered in our permanently wintery climate!).

    I will have to look at those Twitter accounts - I agree that the fake ones are often a lot better than the real ones. Must remember not to accidentally follow them from the work twitter...

    Love the photos of Paris in the snow too, although I am really fed up now with snow!!

    Melusine x

    1. Don't follow the Bill Clinton one from your work tweet whatever you do!!!!

  5. You mean the Christian Louboutins won't qualify for the pope job? But they would look so lovely with the robe!

    1. Scaramouchine, red Louboutins! to die for dahling!


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