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Monday, 18 March 2013

Blighty fights back against Dr Spamkenstein

Dahlings, I am afraid I just can't put up with the spam attacks in my comments section anymore!  The tinnitus and weight loss spam was bad enough, but when I saw "Petite Gangbangs" (for real, I am not joking) I knew enough was enough!  I have turned on comment moderation and we will see whether that keeps the spam out.  It really is making my blog look like a neglected garden, the spam being virulent weeds please bear with me if it's an extra faff to comment, and please keep commenting!

Things are very harmonious here this evening - I have one very happy Boy 1 who is Living the Dream (of being an only child).  Boy 2 has gone off on a 2 night residential school trip, where he will be forced to partake in outdoor activities.  But don't worry, he very considerately ensured we would not miss him too much by having a very loud, very prolonged tantrum yesterday afternoon.  Unreasonably provoked by his evil parents banning him from the X-Box.

Once I had dropped Boy 2 and his airline pilot type wheelie bag at school this morning, I took myself off to London for a cultural infusion: the Manet exhibition at the Royal Academy.

I saw lots of pics, including this.

And this.

It was very crowded (a bit like the above picture but without the top hats and bonnets..)

But very interesting.  I am a big fan of those audio guides thingies, this one included the thoughts of the writer Julian Barnes ( he what wrote Flaubert's Parrot).

Manet knew lots of arty people, like Zola and Mallarme. 

Also he had syphilis and died at about 51.  Though they don't mention the syphilis in the notes on the gallery wall.  I suppose they don't want school children asking awkward questions...

In other news I am loving book blogs at the moment and in particular Mrs Peabody Investigates
I came across her blog when listening in the car to a Radio 4 programme called Foreign Bodies, in which Mrs Peabody was interviewed on the subject of a German crime novelist called Jacob Arjounis, who wrote a series of books featuring a Turkish immigrant detective in

Mrs Peabody writes a great blog on foreign crime fiction, I have already read a number of  excellent books recommended by her and through her blog have tapped into a rich seam of other crime fiction blogs. If your reading needs a pick me up, do take a look at Mrs P.

Recommended by Mrs. Peabody Investigates blog.  Excellent, hard hitting literary detective novel set in the Mexican border town of Juarez, notorious in real life for high number of murders of women - femincidos. Not a cosy read.Ernesto Mallo / Needle in a Haystack | Mrs. Peabody Investigates -detective novel set in 1970s Buenos Aires when Argentina under military rule

Brilliant tour de force of a thriller - dark, funny, addictive; a marriage goes sour, the wife disappears...

Some of Mrs Peabody's recommendations

Well that's me for now.  I'm off to do battle with Dr Spamkenstein.  And, even more frightening, to gird my loins in preparation for the stormy return of the delightful Boy ("IT WAS RUBBISH, THERE WAS NO 'PUTER GAMES AND THEY MADE ME EAT CARROTS AND DO OTHER STUFF THAT IS LIKE TOTALLY AGAINST MY HUMAN RIGHTS" ) 2.


  1. Thanks for the link to Mrs Peabody investigates.

    Did you click on the link for Petite Gangbangs? No I guess not.

    1. Yes Mrs P is fab, she has done another great review today, this time of a Nordic crime novel I have been wanting to read for ages. Too scared to click on the link... Thank you for commenting Claire!

  2. Ahoy there Blighty!

    I've been really remiss at commenting on my favourite blogs. I still read them but on Bloglovin on my iPhone and I haven't worked out how to comment on that medium. Any tips?

    I'm glad you are still blogging despite the evil Dr Spamkenstein (am now thinking about the film Young Frankenstein and laughing to self)

  3. Hi Sally, thank you for working your way through all the new security levels on my blog - a bit like hacking into the Pentagon but harder. Hope you are well and not working too hard. sorry no tips for iPhone/bloglovin I am even having trouble replying to your comment on my iPad, blogger hates me. I know what you mean about reading blogs but not commenting, I am do that too, life just seems so busy..x

  4. Give my regards to Boy 1. As the eldest sibling, I know what he's been putting up with:).

  5. Hi LPC, thank for dropping by. Boy 2 is back from his trip and really pushing all Boy 1's's not pretty. Feel I should be wearing a UN helmet/bib...


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