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Thursday, 21 March 2013

10 years later

Dahlings how are you?

As predicted Boy 2 returned from his school trip and had the Tantrum of All Tantrums.

Maybe he is affected by the break up of Girls Aloud.

I know I am.
Girls Aloud in 2013
From the Guardian on-line

Girls Aloud is about the same age as Boy 2 -  I used to sit on the sofa feeding the baby Boy 2 (I know, TMI)  and watching Popstars the Rivals, which created Girls Aloud.  So I feel a link between them and Boy 2.

And I have lived it: the tears, the laughter, the arguments, the nightclubs, the footballers, the tattoos, the dodgy singing.. and that's just Boy 2..

In other news I am trying to understand the Harlem Shake meme.  This article explains it.
 here.  The latest is the sacking of the librarian at St Hilda's Oxford for failing to stop a Harlem Shake in the library.

In Haircare News, I have bought this.  Excellent for de-tangling.

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush (Pink)

And this.  To deal with the ever present worry of Colour Fading/Brassy Tones.
Aveda Pure Plant Blue Malva Shampoo (1000ml)

I know you all will be very relieved, my haircare issues must have been keeping you awake at night.

I read this. It is really quite horrid.  Only read if you really have to, and preferably on hols on a sunbed.  Not on your own, late at night.

Creepy pyscho boyfriend thriller, very well done, a real page turner

I enjoyed this more - Linda in Chile has read it too.

True story about a murder in Savannah and people the author met while living there, including a rich antique dealer, the drag queen, the Lady Chablis and a voodoo priestess. Great stuff!

I have done a new whatsit on my sidebar showing what I am currently reading.  I stole the idea from Mrs Peabody and the other book bloggers.  See, I wanna play with the grown ups too.

I am busy preparing for my trip to Paris with Faux Fuchsia by watching this tough French cop/lawyer drama, Spiral 4.

Image for Series 4: State of Terror
Spiral 4 - from BBC Four websiste

  I can now say in French "Shut up punk, spread them, it's the slammer for you" which should come in handy in Hermes (those sales assistants can be very uppity).

Juge Roban is my favourite character, he is very tall and thin and dinky in a very French way, and look at his hair, I bet he uses Aveda shampoo too.
Judge François Roban
From BBC Four website

Finally I am LOVING this Twitter thing - makes me laugh till I cry - the spoof prison diary of Chris Huhne (probably not of interest to non-UK readers, he is the ex-Cabinet Minister recently jailed for perverting the course of justice by getting his now ex-wife to take his penalty points for speeding...)

Bye for now, stay strong, Girls Aloud may have broken up but there is always One Direction....yes, quite.


  1. Oh Paris I miss you so! My Canadian French just earned me a 'what?' accompanied by an exasperated head shake. Have fun.

    1. Dear Debs, thanks for dropping by. I remember you went to Paris, can't believe I don't get there more often considering how close it is and how much I love France...

  2. Blighty!

    I think we all knew Girls Aloud were over before they did.

    In other news...I LOVE Spiral!!! Juge Roban is kind of sweet but I'll see your Juge Roban and raise you a Pierre Clement! I'd like to compare briefs with a lawyer-like sense of the word...naturellement!

    Speaking of/in French...if you an FF need an interpreter on your Paris trip I'm cheap (free)....what? You can speak French already?...merde!

    1. Sally, you are right of course, Pierre C is HOT, while Juge R is a bit odd, and would def get sand kicked in face on the beach... I need you as a French speaker, my French has almost gone now, through non-use...tragic, maybe we should double date Roban and Pierre to improve our French??

  3. Can't believe that Girls Aloud were together (ish...didn't they get back for a reunion tour?) for 10 years!

    I've heard good things about those detanglers, let me know how you find it! I'm also always on the lookout for colour fading or brassy tones, so might have to buy that shampoo too.

    So excited that you are going to Paris with FF!! Can't wait to read all about your antics!

    I'm a complete wuss and so don't think I'd be up to reading Into the Darkest Corner - I got scared by Dr Who (but in my defence I think I was traumatised by the Daleks when younger!). I like that book thingy on your sidebar, may have to steal that idea too! I'll take a look at the Midnight book (hopefully not too scary/gory).

    And that twitter is HILARIOUS!! Mr Melusine is Italian, and said that in Italy no-one could understand why he went to prison for such a trifle!!

    Melusine x

  4. Blighty
    I too have a pink tangle teezer

    1. Yay! Pink tangle teezers unite across the world! How are you my dear? hope all well with you and your lovely baby xx

  5. Hi Melusine, the detangler thing, Tangle Teeze is really good, it does what it says, which is nice! I got mine in Boots for about £10 which seems expensive for a bit of plastic but there you go! The Aveda shampoo is very nice, I bought it on-line from look fantastic, they had an offer on it (Mrs B, savvy shopper). I was also traumatised by Daleks as a child and the Cyber men too..I am addicted to the Huhne prison diaries, very rude, love the guy who smuggles stuff in for him!!!! Take care xx

    1. Am a bit behind and just noticed all your lovely comments on my blog - thank you. The Mr Darcy one was my favourite!

      Will check out the tangle teezer and the shampoo!

  6. I've never heard a single song that Girls Aloud have performed..... maybe that's a good thing. But I've kept up with their antics through copies of Hello and OK! at the hairdressers. I can see that you're feeling very nostalgic with the news of their breakup. Loved the Midnight in the Garden book... read it years ago, but still recall how great it was. That Chris Huhne affair made the papers all the way here in Oz... we had a similar thing a few years ago with a Judge in Sydney that had blamed a speeding ticket on a friend from overseas who was supposedly driving his car... except that it was discovered that she had died several years before that. He ended up in Prison too.

    1. Heidi I also don't really know any Girls Aloud songs for which I am thankful ...think there was one about the underground but maybe that was an ad for Transport for London? Glad you liked the Savannah book too xx

  7. Tangle Teezers (sounds a bit rude) are amazing. Got a hot pink one for my daughter's fairy floss hair and it is brilliant. Got myself one too - purply glitter coloured so we don't get confused.

    Paris with FF sounds fabulous. So glad you are linguistically prepared....

    I also loved Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil. Won't read the scary one though. Have been known to get scared reading Miss Marple and have nightmares about murderous vicars, cups of tea and herbaceous borders.

    Best go.

  8. Hi FW! We are starting to sound like an advertorial for Tangle Teeze!!! I also have the hot pink one and even Boys 1 and 2 allow me to attack their hair with it as does not pull, I can see it would be essential kit for mothers of girls xx

  9. Thanks for your post.... FF and you in Paris amazing.... Could be a FF and Mrs B reunion in Paris for all your followers that are near ???? I propose me as interprète and guided...
    You are right a lot of "vermine" in your blog... those spams!!! need a "nettoyage de printemps"
    A bientôt,
    Mrs R

    PS: If somebody can help me to stop being anonymous will be great

    1. Hi Mrs R thanks for commenting, yes we need an interpreter - Australian is often very hard to understand...

      I am loving your use of "vermine" - le mot juste!

      Not an expert at all this internetz stuff but can you get a google account to stop being anon?? Anyone out there know???

  10. Thanks for the Twitter tip, and the books to add to be tbr pile.

    1. Hi Lilac, if you like spoofy things, you will love Twitter, rich pickings there! Have found one for the Queen now...

  11. Dear Mrs Blighty, I quite like a flash mob thingy. I think it brings back childhood memories when people in movies would suddenly burst into song and synchronised dance steps. I am a bit puzzled by the popularity of the Harlem Shake (what is with the bucket on the head?). However, I fully support anyone's desire to make one of these videos and think that that Oxford College might develop a sense of humour or secure an industrial relations lawyer (bucket on head optional). I am terribly envious of your upcoming sojourn in Paris with Ms FF. I hope you are working on your Australian idiom as we would not have you come the raw prawn. love Lindaxxx

  12. Dear Linda, thank you for fighting your way through my allnew Fort Knox security anti Dr Spamkenstein measures.. I agree, the Harlem Shake thing is very puzzling, the only one I though was funny was the Norwegian Army, the rest looks a bit try hard and frantic, but what do I know? Have been watching old Dame Edna dvds to get my Australin up to speed.. i already have the glasses..xx

  13. I found my personal solution to deal with those brassy tones: I went form blonde to red. Copper-red. Problem solved! :-D


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