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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Watching With Mother

Dahlings,  just dropped by as a kind of insurance policy....I can't say too much* but I am sure one of the Dahpne4Boyz mothers works for the FBI or the CIA (she is American and very clever and used to work for NASA, this is true) if I suddenly disappear, please contact Mr B - code word RENDITION PROTOCCOL 5 - FAILURE TO PAY SCHOOL SWIMCLUB SUBSCRIPTION - he will understand what you mean and swing into action on the Thai brides website to get me back....

You see, the mother in question has been regularly updating us on our son's movements during the epic Cornwall school trip - by cleverly locating and linking us into public webcams where ever they are. Her surveillance skills are outstanding.....

NOTE TO BOY 1 - NEVER EVER SWIPE SURVEILLANCE MOM'S BOY'S BLAZER UNLESS YOU WANT TO WEAR ORANGE .  Which to be honest is a very tricky colour for you to pull off with your skintone. And well done on watching all those Jason Bourne films in pre-trip training.

One other thing is worrying me.  Apparently the boys have been romping around in Lusty Glaze and Hydra Waterworld.  I really, really hope these are local attractions of the beach/swimming pool I can't help thinking, they would make great names for porn stars. I may have shared this thought already with a few of the mothers.  Funny how we can never get playdates these days.

Right, I'm off and if a man in black with an earpiece  and a minivan comes looking for me, I was never here, ok?

*That would be a first.  Ha ha, Mr B, ha ha.


  1. You're a hoot but you are kidding about "Lusty Glaze", right ?xx

  2. Oh that is bloomin' scary! Public webcam child surveillance?! She's keen! Either that or she's planning some kind of abduction?

    I thought that you might have sat down to watch Game of Thrones with Grandma Whacker. I did that with my mother. Once. In Season One. I blushed so badly she thought I had developed Scarletina.

    Ali x

  3. What some mothers get up to. Personally, a week without children would have me watching back to back Ben Affleck movies whilst indulging in facials, massages and copious amounts of chocolate and cheese eating. I wouldn't be spending my time hacking into CCTV feeds...

    But that's just me ;)

    K xx

  4. Dear Mrs Blighty, This is not Cricket! What about the time honoured adage, 'what happens on tour, stays on tour'? How is a lad supposed to get up to the requisite High Jinks when his mater may be peering at him from behind a tree? Faced with such challenges, I feel sure that any self respecting fellow would have developed an impressive range of counterespionage competencies. At least I hope so - it would be that or a Complex! love Lindaxxx

    PS Mr LiC says, When you get to Cornwall, boy, keep running!

  5. I am entirely with Linda in Chile. 'What goes on tour, stays on tour'. Webcams on holiday indeed!
    As for Lusty Glaze, it's a beach. I think.

  6. heee heee hee ha. You are very funny today. Should be very entertaining for the other inmates.

  7. Wow, I am in awe! And am also a little nervous. :) Very impressed by the surveillance techniques!! And yes, Boy 1 had better never annoy her son. :)

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