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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Washout

After tantalising us with one week of tropical goodness (sunburnt shoulders from coffee date at garden centre, I live on the edge) the weather here has gone completely to pot - cold, rainy, windy....blaaaaah.

The pond has returned to the road, but this time I have to report that Mrs Mallard , single mother, is no longer in residence.  She valiantly sat on her eggs day and night for about 4 weeks, only leaving occasionally to eat out (she spurned my offerings of water and lettuce which is apparently what you should give ducks - I had a lovely chat with the Protection of Birds lady).  I had cardboard boxes ready to transport Mama Duck and chicks to local pond.   A bit like having your bag ready for the hospital.

Then one morning Ma and the eggs were gone - they appeared to have hatched - so I guess she marched them off in the early hours herself.  I really hope they got there safely.  Mama Duck had plenty of time to observe my skills at getting Boys 1 and 2 out of the door, so probably decided she had better get on with it herself, without letting an amateur in troop movements intervene. Wise old bird.

I do miss her, I got used to peeking at her every time I left and returned to the house.  Should I be worried that my most important emotional attachment recently was to a duck? Don't answer that.

Here's video of a duck rescue.

In other news, before I went to Paris (did I mention I went to Paris?) I had a little scoot round the old Happy Valleys Shoppe Centre .
Silk dress by  French Connection, made me feel cold just looking at it

French Connection

Brrrrr, not warm enough for these

Loved the navy sequined jumper - Whistles


Hobbs - loved this on the mannequin

NW3 - younger sister brand of Hobbs

 Snuck into changing rooms to play dress up. Noooo,  I look like a deckchair


All about NW3 here.  I liked these dresses but with the navy one priced at £99 I resisted temptation, back in the day you could get that sort of look at TopShop for a lot less, of course now Toppers has gone all micro mini and frilly...
Anyway, enough of dresses, the only sensible attire right now is raincoat and wellies..and possibly waders for visiting ducks..


  1. Hi dear Blighty - good news, I guess, about Mama Duck, although it would have been nice to see her go with her little ones. The weather's unspeakable - our garden looks vile, all the flowers have been shredded!

    Love the dresses on you, although agree the deck-chair number should prob. stay in the shop - I very much like your navy loafers - where are they from? xxx

  2. Hiya Mrs E - yup, weather dreadres, have my usual drooping peonies problem and slugs are eating my lupins! Thanks for the compliments - my shoes are in fact black and were from Churches 100yrs ago...xx

  3. Our weather has been terrible over here in the colonies too. Those last two dresses look fab on you. By the way, have you been to Paris lately???

  4. Can you tell that I am sucking in my stomach and generally clenching everything in those photos - sooooo vain!! What is up with the weather? I was promised global warming...

  5. On the BBC web site today there was a tornado in Venice, the weather is going to hell in a hand cart

  6. Did you mention you'd just been to Paris? I must have missed that somewhere.
    No Ducks, but 4 chickens that need my love and devotion. They are looking a bit soggy right now on account of Le Deluge. Welly's are no use. Must try hip waders.

  7. Hi Blighty! Yes, I too am fed up with the wet weather. I liked your tights in the photos, they look warm! I'm also wearing tights and yes, those dresses are making me feel cold too (am sipping a lovely warm cup of tea as I write!). You look great in the dresses, especially the navy one.

    I hope the ducklings made it safely across the road - I saw a Mother Duck escorting a couple of ducklings across a busy road the other day, but luckily the bus drivers stopped to let her go. :) She didn't seem worried at all by the traffic!

    Melusine x

    PS: Have you been to Paris? I hadn't heard. ;)

  8. I really like the grey and navy dresses. Looks like lots of good shops and cute choices. I'm quite sick of all the sundresses here and can't find a proper dress like those. Sorry the weather's been bad. Hope it'll warm up soon for you.


    ps. Love the duck story.

  9. what's this i hear? you've been to paris? was that paris? oh i thought you said paris!

    i love your dressing room posts. you look great in everything.


  10. You are so thin. Who do you think are? Kate Middleton??? JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you miss the Jubilee? I do.

    Meanwhile I luff that sparkly navy knit too- buy it!

  11. That navy outfit looks FAB. If YOU look like a deckchair in that striped number, I would surely look like a block of flats wrapped in rainbow material in it, which is a pity cos it looks luffly on the mannequin.

    Have you been to Paris? You totally failed to mention *grin*

  12. What a figure and great legs too ! I love your style, very Sloane Ranger (or is that showing my age too much ?). Anyway, you should do an OOTD from time to time, I miss England and people like you !....


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