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Monday, 11 June 2012

Keeping The Dream Alive

Dahlings, did I mention I have just been to Paris?  Oh well, Paris now seems like a distant memory but I am trying to keep the romance alive...

Brain-washed by over-consumption of beauty blogs, I brought back some French pharmacy items (Me and Gwyneth, soulmates).

Avene skin cream, La Roche Posay sun lotions and the Bioderma make up remover that everyone raves about, except Mr B who had to lug the suitcase with it in

However, it is hard to keep the romance alive when you discover from the English section of the product literature  that the Avene Cilcalfate, lotion assechante, reparatrice (how lovely does that sound?) is meant for "Oozing skin irritations" - how typically Anglo-Saxon! So now apparently I have weeping sores. Nice.

Nuxe lip stuff, sets off my weeping sores a treat

I have also started reading this book.

 I got very excited when it mentioned the flagship store of  L'Artisan Parfumeur across the street from the Louvre - I clocked this the other day when in Paris - dahlings, did I mention I have just been to Paris? -  and Mr B had to keep a close eye on me otherwise I would have bunked off the cultural programme and hotfooted in there.

I put the book aside for a moment to gloat over my own Artisan P perfume - Rose des Indes...
But the smug glow of ownership did not last long - at that moment I noticed (after 2 years of liberal application to my person) that in fact it is "Parfum d'Ambiance" - Room Spray.

People like me really shouldn't be allowed out on their own.

Other members of the Blighty family have also been doing their utmost to keep the whole Paris experience alive: imagine my joy when I discover that while in Paris (did I mention I have just been to Paris?)Boy 2 has been wearing the same pair of socks for at least a day, a night (in bed)  and another day...... mmmmm, Eau de Trainers Chauds  And possibly "oozing".  Where's my room spray?

P.S. Grandma Whacker emailed to point out I had got my French wrong in my last post - it should be "puis-je" not "peux-je".  I tried blaming this on Boy 2 but he wearily explained that he said " Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes Madame s'sil vous plait?" - it's chanted as a singsong rhyme at breakneck speed by the boys as they leg it to the loos mid-lesson - their get out of jail card, so the only bit of French they take note of!!!! So thank you Grandma, now you have Mrs Merkel on Line 2, something about the Euro...needs your advice...


  1. Oh Blighty, what are you like? Never mind, at least you can say you've just been to Paris!

    1. Yah dahling, Paris, like, totes French..

  2. Room spray!!! And now coffee spray all over my nice clean mac!!!!!

    That is soooooo funny! Totally understandable though.

    I've seen that book, let us know whether it's a good un or not, so that I know whether to buy it! I have just purchased Religion for Atheists. Laff a minute stuff :-D

    Have you been to Paris? You singularly failed to say ;-)

    Ali x

    1. Sorry about the mac. Your book sounds very highbrow, of course I mixed with lots of intellectual types in Paris..

  3. Got to love ol' Grandma Whacker! Great post Blighty!

    1. La Whacker used to teach French you see, so she knows about these things..

  4. Lovely photos..even if N°3 is slightly out of focus. Tell me, Avène cream, Bioderma lotion, Rose des Indes, you wouldn't have to Paris recently, by chance ? Just wondering ..

  5. Room spray and oozing sores. We could be mates!

    1. Yah but don't forget you need nits and over ripe socks too..

  6. Ah, Paree ... What a fab trip!
    I should just carry on with the room spray. I suspect the main difference between room sprays and perfume is the price, but then again, I am an old cynic.

  7. Annie, so true, as it did not bring me out in a rash...or even oozing sores...but it will teach me to wear my glasses during all retail transactions.

  8. Oh darling nooo I didn't realise YOU HAVE BEEN TO PARIS as I'm a tad behind with blog reading (am terribly slack these days) so shall high tail it over to the PARIS post to catch up.
    Room Funny. I'am never without the La Roche 50+. We need hardcore sun protection down here.

  9. Blighty, I am cracking up here. I have worn room spray before too. Too funny about the oozing skin. Love the French skincare, but can never figure out what I really need from those labels either. We now carry a ton at our local pharmacy, but still don't know what's for what.

    Catching up with all your posts. Love the trip to Paris!

  10. Darling Mrs.B,
    Love all the Produits de Beaute, would happily slather any on anywhere for magical youth serum effect. But re. GoopieGwynnie; What's with all that swampy avocado puree lately? Really? Revolting muck might be a beaute secrete? Considering it's powerful potency combined with pink loo cleaner. Room spray, too. xx N.


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