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Monday, 25 June 2012

Under The Weather

Dahlings - anyone? Is here anyone out there?  Jiggle your mice* around if you are!

I have been Under The Weather:  not ill, but tired and lethargic due to all the rain and gloom.  Mr Blighty says that is nonsense but I argued back (masterfully I thought) that "under the weather" must mean precisely that, otherwise why say it?

I have also been involved in a period of intense boy activity  - the usual stuff - tennis, cricket, school exam angst,  jean styling issues - whether to go drainpipe or stay with relaxed fit - and general failure on the part of both Boy 1 and Boy 2 to come to terms with the fact they are not an only child....)

And this morning at 5.30am I dropped Boy 1 off at the school for his epic coach trip to Cornwall for the week.  I think he will enjoy it - he has prepared mentally by watching all the Bourne Identity films so will be able to think on his feet and evade any CIA operatives that might want to "give the asset the green light.." (no, I don't know what that means either).

As a mother I felt rather bereft once the coach left... my friend's son is also on this trip - as soon as she got home, her daughter, with the impeccable timing of a 7 year old, put on the CD of the Titanic music... and explained it was to "calm people who were about to die."  Bless.

Meanwhile, I am seriously thinking I should rename this blog "Duck News" - or maybe "What The Duck!"   During a weekend garden inspection  - I was showing Mr B my droopy peonies - I discovered....
yes, a duck nesting again in the undergrowth. 

Mr B: Is it the same duck?
Mrs B: How the heck am I supposed to know that?
Mr B: Well, you seemed to get on really well together
Mrs B: ??****??%$*?

Has the caddish drake installed a new female in the love nest?  Has word gone out in the duck world that Blighty HQ is the maternity hospital de choix - like the Portland for ducks?

Tune in next time for further Duck News!

Finally you remember my confusion about that pop singer chappy Goatie?  (several  of you kindly explained it is actually Gotye, pronouned Gautier...)

Well Boys 1 and 2 found what I think is a really funny take off of That Song...
(not at all suitable for young boys, I blame the parents I really do).

* Computer mice, not mice mice; this blog in no way advocates the jiggling of mice or other small rodents, this is a cruelty free blog, otherwise Janet would hunt me down and make me drink soy milk...


  1. Chin up Blights cause your lad will be back before you know it.
    Been feeling a tad lethargic myself but winter has that effect on me. Ducks are so cute...I'll trade you a fluffy duck for the marauding bush turkey who is ripping up my garden.

  2. you and deb are so funny.

    i'd make you drink almond milk, for the record.


  3. I'm so fed up with the weather too! Luckily this evening has been gorgeous, but the occasional evening isn't going to rescue this summer. I keep thinking wistfully of sunny places like Greece and Italy...but then have to get back to work. Sigh!

    Hope you aren't missing Boy 1 too much. I'm sure he's having a lovely time evading the CIA! :)

    That's so funny that Mr B seems to think you speak duck!!

    Hope you have a lovely sunny week! Am keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine...

    Melusine x

  4. Ahh, rendey vooing with the CIA, as they say down in Cornwall. He might meet up with one of their USA assets who is now off school for 2 months and currently on assignment in the back yard interrogating the chickens. He also speaks Duck if you want any help. Please Please.

  5. I thought "mice" was British slang for what we in small town America call "hooters."

  6. Sorry about your droopy peonies Blighty. That isn't something a woman needs in life. Love a bit of Gautier.

  7. Ohh the Year 6 Adventure! My daughter loved it - she was such a tomboy and used to go to climbing club at Amersham so knew no fear! Expect a happy darling home on Friday who has not been near a bar of soap since you last saw him :)

    Under the weather - ain't that the truth! I just hope things perk up a bit for the school hols. Ordinary chores are made so much easier when ths sun shines, and everyone smiles. xxx

  8. I've been 'under the weather' too but that video fair cheered me up it did.

    Glad you're back Blighty.

    Consider my mouse well and truly doesn't sound right, does it?

  9. Dear Mrs Blighty, Rain, gloom and too much of one's offsprings' exam preparation can have that effect. You could be in Santiago but for the ducks - but you could substitute pigeons. Possibly Mr B was suggesting you have become a Duck Whisperer. It does feel odd when one child goes away on an excursion. However, the surprisingly lovely thing about being home with one child (who has realised their fantasy of being an only child, albeit temporarily) is how lovely he or she is, without the distraction of having to argue with or point out the defects of his or her sibling. Most restful. love Lindaxxx


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