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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Update-gate- Mrs B Speaks Out

Dahlings - the horrid 'puter won't let me comment on my own blog!  Mr B was Fiddling with it (and with the computer) last night muttering about Updating to Incontinet Expender 9  which to me means hassle, loss of data and general pain in the arsal region.  And, he has wiped off my Favourites.  Mr B,  back in the Spare Room!

But you can't silence Blighty (as Mr B has found out over the years, poor man).

So here are my replies to your lovely comments ( I am always sooo thrilled and flattered to get them, and please don't think if I don't reply I have not read them, I have, I sometimes do not have time to reply as  often trapped under the vaccum cleaner or fighting with the over 70s in the reduced item section of the supermarket, I do have a life you know, tosses head in prima donna fashion..)

Dear All, thank you for your lovely wishes for Grandma W, she is now out of hospital and at home with me, getting better quietly.  We never saw Nurse Poo again, obviously realised there was nothing doing at that end...of the ward..
Linda - well done on the pea incident, that must have alarmed your poor mum, can you now whistle Stars and Stripes through your nose? Useful at parties. Twice daily delivery of post?!! That went about 10 years ago, we get one delivery a day, anytime between midday and 4pm, if they feel up to it, by highly trained post office operative skilled in dropping those red elastic bands all over the drive/pavement and with a commitment to all year round shorts wearing not equalled by aesthetic quality of legs.  And we get very excited if someone gets something we posted, really feels as if we have beaten the system.
Dear SSG, thank you for your kind wishes for  the Big G, very nice of you
Deb - the bins are such a worry, I can never get to sleep the night before bin collection, I am sooo excited..
LPC - hello, thank you for calling by
Kate - the whole bin collection issue is a terrible worry! I did not make up Pippa Poppins, it does exist, or did when Boy 1 was tiny, I got the brochure and thought about sending him there 24/7 till he was ready for school as he was Such A Nightmare but then I saw the prices - and there was a bit about collecting your kid from the airport, heartbreaking..I know the children's A&E in Chelsea well, it was our local, we almost got a loyalty card..
Anne-Marie - every time Boy 1 did something particularly daft, I took a photo, it gave me time to calm down and I think perhaps also I was compiling a dossier to be used when they hauled me in front of the Bad Mothers Tribunal. Bet the flour was a treat!
Hostess - good point, I think they may be a natural selection thing here - either head stuck in things or things stuck up nose? we never did the nose, thank goodness. But maybe some kids do both??
Town and Country - thank you that's kind of you, I would love to prattle on everyday but then no one would get fed etc
Kitty Cat - yes, bannisters and railings, thank you for reminding me, I will set up a separate division in PippaPopOffs for these, will need cutting gear and some hunky firemen...oh my...
Sally - told your joke to Boys 1 and 2 who laughed and then informed me that Lady GG is so not cool, who knew?
Louise - G loved the idea of pizza challenge but I sprang her out of there before she could put it into practice...what had your handcuffed guys been doing????
Legend - you are spot on about hospital being no place for the sick!
Tabitha - if I couldn't have a laugh, I would just give up, what is the point otherwise?
Alison - the Royal Wedding bin thing is priceless, you couldn't make this stuff up! love local council newsletters!
Suzanne - thank you so much for that lovely compliment, you know that encouraging me will only make me show off even more?

STOP PRESS: just had call from Mr B - upon which I interrogated him in menacing fashion about Update-gate and my missing favourites...he claims there is some Icon somewhere that will help.  Only Icon I can think of at the moment is Audrey Hepburn ......


  1. Oh I do feel empathy in the computer woes department...hope that Icon might look like superman or a computer geek...not the lovely Audrey, although I can see why you chose that Icon...she is such a classic.

    Good luck!

  2. Dear Mrs Blighty, Your post has rescued me from the filing aka piles of paper all over the floor. One should never get started. Most men do look completely rubbish in shorts but there does appear to be an inverse relationship between the propensity to wear shorts and attractiveness of legs. I still get excited about mail - oh the joy of a letter! Hope Mr B gets out of the doghouse soon. Lindaxxx

  3. Hope the puter problem is sorted soon Blights. Silly things, we now can't live without them but gee they do cause grief.

  4. hi blighty! your blog is a Phenomenon! Awesome. THat is soo funny about boy 2 joining in! Not funny to be there, you managed it highly effectively i think. they might now understand you are not to be trifled with. What age can we expect some level of insight from boys do you think?
    Also, Thank you for helping me feel less guilty about the time i frisbeed a "dorothy dinosaur" melamine plate across the room when my wee treasure of a lad said something similarly ungrateful after a long day. FYI, frisbeed plate did not come in contact with treasure's head, but it was never used again!
    please excues lack of capitals, broke arm trying to be green and ride bike. clearly universe getting revenge on frisbeeing arm. i get the message- next time go drive-thru for food in bags.

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