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Monday, 28 March 2011

Getting back in Touch

Who knew Blighty was a National Humorous Weekly for only  6 pence?

Dahlings, so sorry to have neglected you for so long but life has been busy and filled with glamour.

Like this.

Mr B: the hairdresser won't do Boy 1's hair - he has Nits!
Mrs B: at least Boy 2 hasn't got them.  Oh, yikes!

And this.

1.30am: Mummmmmeeeeee. I feel icky-sicky
Mrs B: just don't throw up on the new carpet, there's a dear

Then Lovely B came to stay (cousin to Mr Blighty, partner in retail crime to Mrs Blighty) and Things Went Rapidly Downhill.  We shopped for England.  Our timetable went something like this:
Day 1: trip to picturesque Old Amersham, coffee and shopping ( more about this later)
Day 2: trip to Bicester Village (retail outlet and my spiritual home), coffee, shopping, lunch, more shopping
Day 3: trip to Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe, shopping, coffee, lunch, shopping
Day 4: no shopping,  dvd of "Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" (brilliantly summarised by Faux Fuchsia as "I have a big tattoo, I have been abused, I want revenge").
Day 5: no shopping whatsoever
Day 6: Lovely B departs and credit cards cool down

So obviously I have had No Time for blogging.

On Day1 Lovely B and I popped into a brilliant shop in Old Amersham called Touch*, which belongs to Annette,  a very pretty and stylish mother of one of Boy 1's schoolmates.  Lovely B and I had the best time chatting to Annette and perusing grabbing and poking at all the fab stuff in the shop:  new and vintage clothes, jewellery, shoes, gifts...the pictures will give you an idea of the retail temptations that are available:

* did you see how I worked that into the title of this post? good eh?
Note from Mr B: no, not good, really a bit painful to be honest

70s glam rock type dress next to Mick

Should I buy this hat for The Wedding even if just watching it on TV?

70s peasant number (yes B, I am talking about the dress)

Vintage Cerruti

I loved this

Serious shoe lust for these

I pounced on unsuspecting customer and made her model the hat, sorry Annette if I have so traumatised this nice lady that she never comes back again....
My precious!

I came away from Touch with this silky tunic, the material is lovely and the details are nice, like the turned back cuffs and the brown leopardlike trim; Lovely B has advised leggings to go with.


Top  - pic taken from Touch website

So if you live near, go visit Touch.  Old Amersham is a great place for some light shopping, coffee and lunch!  But give those Blighty Boys a wide berth.  At least until they stop scratching.

No rewards or inducements or stuff were given to me for writing about Touch but I am hoping that if Annette's son gets nits too, she will think twice before running me over in the school carpark


  1. Dear Blighty,

    Welcome back. My fevered imagination had assumed you had not posted in a while as Mr B had bought you that Rolex and you were being treated for shock (extreme) by the NHS.

    Bicester is the best can't wait to get back there.


  2. oooh and many gorgeous things....inspiring!!

  3. Never been to Bicester. That's the first time I've even typed the word. It's an odd little word isn't it, like Leicester? Got too many letters for its sounds....

    The shopping goodies look lovely. I must get to Bicester and do some myself :-)

    worry not about the 'head visitors', we've had them a few times. Keep a couple alive and make them race them around the bathroom sink. I am disgusting *hangs head in shame*.

    Your 'flaps' comment had me almost needing incontinence pants this morning. I was trying to read it aloud to Tartarus and kept dissolving into helpless weeping laughter :-D

    Ali x

  4. Oh I've got an ex who lives near Old Amersham, terrible womaniser - beware!
    I love the magazine covers and the nit shampoo and plastic croc pick has made my day.

  5. Seems like we have similar haunts, but I've not discovered Touch yet. Love Old A - I like to think of Margaret Rutherford belting up the street on her trike in Murder At The Gallop. My daughter had nits all the time at school - and waist-length hair! - but we didn't did we? Where've they all come from?

    Dressing up for wedding is a Must - we will be in France and my husband is Not Interested, so will be wearing hat alone!

    A trip to Bicester is deffo on the cards (have you left anything?) as I want to go to Lakeland too. I will visit with great respect, as it is your Spiritual Home! xxx

  6. I LOVE Amersham! I used to work in a very well known all boys' school there... I do miss the little shops, very cute. I definitely think a hat is more than suitable for the Royal W- I'll be in my get-up on a Friday night over here in Oz, v exciting! xx

  7. You are hilarious as usual. Gee, nits seem to be going around. Is it the time of year?

  8. Dear Mrs B, What a roller coaster time you have been having. Touching wood and making a sign of the cross, we have not yet experienced nits but I know that I am living on borrowed time. I am glad that between soothing fevered brows and seeking and destroying icky creatures you have also had a great time with Lovely B. What fun to have a grownup to play with who likes to do girly things. I am deeply envious. Lindaxxx

  9. Thanks for getting in touch Blighty, but this post has done little to allay my concerns about you.

  10. I wonder if Australian nits and Brit nits are the same??? Perhaps next time my kids catch them I should scan them in and compare. Last time I used the hair straighteners on my daughter. Still had to comb out the eggs but I sure burnt the remaining live little buggers.

  11. Ooo, Ooo, please Miss (hand goes up at back of class), I'm going to Bicester on Saturday (no driving, going early). Yes, the day has finally (almost arrived).

    In truth I hope I don't see too much there as my wallet is getting a little tired an depleted.

    Was it good. Do tell? Anyhting worth having?

  12. Hello Blights
    I bet that is exactly how you dress for Mr B's arrival home each night. Do tell...white fur or black evening gown?
    Nits are the pits. How does one child get infected and not the rest of the family? Beats me. My daughter had the misfortune of contracting the little beggars several times in primary school but never my son. Small mercies I spose.
    So glad you enjoyed a shop till you drop adventure with B and love the silky tunic creation you just had to buy.
    Do hope all nits and icky sickness has been banished from Blighty Headquarters.

  13. Hello and you make me laugh. Alot.
    Very witty and almost making me miss living in England, which I did for a time a longish time ago. 'Superior' shopping as they say 'round this hemisphere.
    Thank you
    ps am luddite so no idea how to identify myself properly. I've taken to writing comments and sounding overfamiliar.sorry.

  14. Pernicious little bleeders aren't they. Legend Jnr came home with them and gave them to his mother (who has hair as thick and impenetrable as the Amazon jungle smothered in clotted cream). She was not pleased, oh no, not pleased at all.
    I used to live in Stony Stratford, so I know that area pretty well. It seems strange now to hear of these familiar places from another lifetime.

  15. So pleased the new carpet was spared. I always think that you are prewarned and prepared for the sleepless nights when becoming a mother, but not for the amount of vomit you will clean up. Wish I could go to Bicester. It sounds even better than the secret room Selfridges used to have where everything was under 20 pounds, regardless of the original starting price. I still have a couple of bits that I like to trot out in from time to time feeling smug.

  16. Hello Blights,
    Leggings are definitely needed dress. It's gorgeous but I can see it on you with leggings and ballet flats or even the Frye boots.
    God, I so relieved the new carpet was not soiled by little boy vomit. Kids come and go, but the carpet has to last a long time.
    Imagine someone naming a magazine after you, but obviously it was only a matter of time.
    Send the boys to me, I can arrange for photo ops with real crocodiles.
    Lots of love
    (Been bad, did naughty anti-back things this week, bit of a true confession needed soon)

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