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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pretty Cold

When I looked outside this morning at about 7.30am, this is what I saw.

We togged up for the walk to school. Part of getting ready involved an energetic bout of something the boys called Wooly Hat Wrestling. The rules of WHW are quite fluid. Rugby tackling seems to feature, as well as boxing and judo moves.

The walk took a bit longer due to the need to inspect the snow. Boy 2 also seemed to find the drain fascinating.

Boy 1 spent more time looking backwards than forwards, probably as he was pelting Boy 2 with snowballs.

There was an awkward moment when I stopped Boy 1 going into the school building carrying a huge snowball. " No snowballs inside" I said, with authority. He stopped, and scouted round for a target outside. Oh no, not the Headmaster, please no! (Headmaster was standing close by, discussing with groundsman the effect of weather on plans for new Orangerie, ornamental Japanese garden and peacock enclosure).
My fears were unfounded. Paf! The snowball hit me bang on the chin. Bless.


  1. Oh my lordy Blights it's snowing. The first pic resembles a Christmas card. Am jealous.
    And at 7.30 it still looks kinda dark. Do you know that down here the sun is up at 4.30am I kid you not. I loathe such brightness at this hour of the morning.
    Ok I'm going to rub it in, I'm now wearing an EXTREMELY wispy frock (thats for Mr B).
    Want to trade climates??

  2. Anne-Marie - Mr B has now had to go for a lie down. Yes, it's dark here early in the morning and by about 4pm ish; the shortest day is coming up soon. I would find it really hard to live in Sweden and other Nordic countries where it is dark all the time.. blackout blinds help keep out early daylight!

  3. hi blighty,

    the first pic does look like a postcard. so pretty.

    and congrats to boy 1 on such good judgement.


  4. I feel your pain Blighty. We're having the same weather in Canada.

  5. Dear Mrs Blighty, Your first photo looks like a Christmas card! We don't have early morning wrestling - instead more of "Oops, I accidentally hit my sister on the head with a hairbrush because she was being annoying". Is Boy 1 still in one piece? I could imagine it on for young and old after that perfect hit.

  6. Look at those snowflakes...great photo!
    Keep those home fires burning, your boys might want a hot toddy when they get home.

  7. Thanks for that bit of Nordic (lack of ) daylight advice Blighty! I am going to find some daylight up there, by hook or by crook, and send a photo! Tee Hee.

    Yes Anne-Marie, this early daylight caper in Brissie is for the birds, literally. At Paddy's place it is light at 4:30, and the birds start their conversations right on 4:31. Specially the lorikeets (Blighty, Lorikeets are LOUD!!!!).

    Your snow looks amazing, will it still be there in January for me?

  8. ROFL -Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
    LMAO - laughing my a...e (bottom) off.
    LOAO - (Paddy and I reading Blighty together) Laughing Our (bottoms) Off.

  9. Wow Blighty, that picture is gorgeous! I'm sure it feels different, but it looks GREAT. We have been informed today that we have had our wettest Spring on record. It's raining it's way into Summer too by the look of things today. Btw, I think our boys would get on famously...

  10. Snow!!!! It looks so beautiful.

    All I have here at the moment is rain, Blighty.

    SSG xxx

  11. Oh God I cannot believe it! How cold would I have been!!! It looks beautiful though. Stay warm xxxxx

  12. We got covered with the same blanket these days! Let it snow! Hope your chin is well.

  13. Does not seem very long since the last bout of snow in UK - time just passing by! Gorgeous photos though! Boys 1 and 2 in their elements I'd imagine! x

  14. We've just had our annual bout of freezing weather and a few inches of snow. It is always amazing how much chaos it causes. Our little boy is always transfixed in the stuff. The little sod bopped me in the face with a snowball one morning while still in bed. When I let him out of the dungeon in a couple of years, he might regret it:)

  15. Hello there legend! Welcome to the mad bad world of Blighty! loving your name - am now off to check out whether you have a blog.

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