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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


You have to be the mother of a small person to recognise what these are.

No, I have not been experimenting with knitting or doing some weird hamster breeding programme.

These are Puffles.

As I watched too many home decorating programmes in my youth, I have of course popped them into a dinky little basket, Linda Barker style.

This is what they look like.

Each colour has a different face, I am told.

To me they are just a lump of stuffed fabric which retails for £6 a go. £6 for a lump of fabric?!! Has the world gone mad?!

But if you are Boy 2 and so 8 years old and obsessed by a virtual computer world called Club Penguin, then these are the business. Apparently.

You have been warned.

P.S. I imagine that, even as I type this, there is a Puffle magnate sipping Dom Perignon and relaxing on his yacht somewhere..


  1. Okaaay, so what does boy 2 do with them??

  2. dear blighty,

    i have never seen these or even heard of them but my boys are all grown up now (chronologically that is.) have a happy day would ya.


  3. Hi Janet, hope all well with you, must pop by your blog soon - just need to iron 456 shirts first...glad to have brought you up to date on the Puffle issue, you can now go to dinner parties with confidence
    Hi Deb - good point, he does not do much with them at all, just buys, or persuades me, more like, to buy them, then leaves them around the house where I trip over them and moan about the waste of money...

  4. Think Arnie and Siggi might need a puffle soon.

    PS Can you believe FF did the garden and went straight back to work as soon as she got home? I'm back to thinking she is absolutely the bomb! Soooooo not like me!

  5. What cute little munchkins (although the orange puffle looks scary).
    Never heard of this puffle craze Blights, is it a British thang?
    I will not berate you B for getting conned into buying these, my daughter when young owned enough Barbies and accessories to sink a ship.
    Looking to the future, when Boy 2 is finished with his puffles they will make good little dusters.

  6. The world has gone mad! I've not seen a puffle before, thanks for the introduction. They look happy grouped together in the basket.

  7. Dear Mrs Blighty, My 8 year old daughter who is fan of Club Penguin would probably go for these beanbag thingys too except they have not made their way to Chile - thank god for small mercies. If she knew about them, there would be the mandatory eye roll and the drawn out "Muuummmmm" which indicates that if her mother was not born in the last ice age, it was not long afterwards. However, I am complicit in her accumulation of useless objects: snowglobes - I pick them up for her whenever I go overseas. Being of a practical bent, she has blutacked them to the shelf in case of earthquakes.

  8. Hello Blighty

    Thank you for keeping me updated on the young folk and their toys :-)

    SSG xxx

  9. There is always a new 'in' phase or item - Sylvanian families and furbies when my little one was small! As you say,it also means that someone somewhere who thinks these things up gets quite rich very quickly!! (p.s. love the basket!) x

  10. Hello Blighty

    I am impressed by the number of Puffles Boy 2 has! My name is Nicola and I work for Club Penguin but am sadly sitting tippy tapping at my desk in Chiwick but dreaming of Yachts and Dom Perignon.

    Be great to work out how to get in touch so we can sort out a Christmas treat for Boy 2.


  11. Hello Nicola from Club Penguin, welcome to the Blighty blog, we're wild and rock and roll and sometimes throw caution to the wind and have a ginger beer and stay up to at least 10pm...

    Am intrigued by offer of Christmas treat for Boy 2 - are you going to dye his hair bright orange and force feed him carrots so he turns into his very own Puffle? Just an idea. If you comment again with your email address I will not publish it but will email you back, thank you very much, am very excited! So excited I will have to mention it in next post!!

  12. Had to laugh as I read your PS - having gone though umpteen fads over the years with all my kids, I've often thought how someone was making a fortune over each beanie baby, Pokemon card and Webkinz I bought!

  13. Blighty, first it's puffles. Next the watch and sitting next to Anna Wintour at the NYFW. I think you've officially made it as a blogger
    much love
    Paddy (using Louise's 'puter it's an macbook air and everything is back to front)

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