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Monday, 1 November 2010

You couldn't make this stuff up!

So Boys 1 and 2 have been back at school all of 3 hours when I get the following text:

The fire brigade were called out this morning due to a minor incident in the Science Lab. All boys and staff are accounted for and safe"

I was immediately in a state of shock and high anxiety, my brain racing, asking myself " What is going on?" Yes, the use of "were" instead of "was", where clearly "fire brigade" is singular and so calls for a third person singular verb, is beyond worrying. What is going on at that school?
The worry that a mother has to endure!

P.S. I have checked and it appears neither Boy 1 nor Boy 2 have (or should that be "has"? hoist, petard etc) Science on their timetables for this morning, so hopefully do not need to get them a lawyer this time.


  1. Oh dear! The grammar brigade is needed. Very worrying.

  2. phew!


    ps ~ all i can say is i could write a book on this subject alone.

  3. Oh that's a scary text...hope all is well.
    Science labs can be very dangerous...we had a gas leak once and all got out safely with no explosive results.

  4. Think Daphne needs to get herself a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves

  5. TEE HEE. I has already done my grammar exam for CU1010, so I agrees with Janet about how much I can says about grammar usage.

    Still got two essays to go, living off an extension.

  6. Pleased Boys 1 and 2 are ok!! We used to sneak into the Science Lab. at school and make toffee with stash pile of sugar we had taken and use the bunsen burners! Never caught though! X

  7. Hijinks in the science lab?

    So exciting re FF visit. Please girls, I expect detailed posts of all shenanigans!


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