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Monday, 2 August 2010

Brace Yourself Grandma Whacker!

Me and Boys 1 and 2 are off to Grandma's for a few days. We have packed our bags. We travel light. Our luggage is compact and elegant.

OOPS! You weren't meant to see the real luggage situation!

Departure preparations are not going too smoothly. Boys very over-excited. I have already had to confiscate one deflated beachball (being used as "wig" by Boy 1), phone, camera, and Boy 1's Ipod thingie; also the man has turned up to fix the broken tile in the bathroom; he has had 2 months to do this but decided to drop by today, and of course he would like a cup of tea (milk and one sugar) and now seems happily settled in for the morning.. I expect we will leave some time in early September..
Mr B gave a serious pep talk:
while at Grandma's, no shouting, arguing, use of bad language, sulking, whining to be taken shopping!
That's me covered, wonder what Mr B said to the boys.
It is Grandma's birthday while we are there. We have some presents for her. I went all fancy with the ribbon.
So no posts for a while I am afraid. Grandma is lo-tech.
But don't worry, we have all the essentials covered and will be dressing for dinner.


  1. Have fun Blighty and boys... will be thinking of you at G'mas - hope to hear about your adventures when you return. x

  2. Oh Blighty I'm rolling about laughing at the pic of your boys in their helmets.
    Hope you have a pleasant visit with your Mum and everyone behaves.

  3. Have fun at Grandmas! I'm sure the boys will love it and will amaze you with their ability to behave themselves!

  4. Dear Blighty, safe travels to Grandma's place - I take it this is the MIL, not your own dear mother? Look forward to new posts on your return!

  5. Blighty, your blod is such a hazard to my work-life! I fear I have to burst out in laughter, reading your lines. The deflated beachball as a wig - I actually FEEL the sensation you probably with your family acting like crazy. How far away does Grandma live? Oh yes, and the tile-project. Haaaaaa. Just like Mr Paula who decided to work through all his bills when I asked him to but everything in the packing boxes. I am sure we act like crazy, too. Sure we do. Only I can't tell it anymore. Enjoy the getaway. Hope you don't get homesick for the blogsphere. :-*

  6. It's taking me a while to recover from the helmets.

  7. Have a great visit. Maybe you should arrange for Mr B to guest post for you.

  8. I like the helmets, the crazy paving and the little brick fence thing you've built to keep the snakes out.

    Give my love to Bruce and to Grandma (I'm imagining Bunny on Sex and the City?) x

  9. You have made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Thank you! I am off to the coast this weekend with my two children, husband plus two other families so I empathise with the whole pack up scenario, It(including linen and do they have doonas?), coordination of food, and who is going to feed the children's pet turtles makes me feel quite exhausted and I have not started yet. Instead I, the wicked and idle non-working spouse that I am, have been reading your blog and FF's. Sometimes, Mr LiC comes home and wonders what I have been doing all day...



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