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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015: A Retrospective

No, that's NOT a typo. I mean 2015.

I have had consultants in who advise that I need to "refresh the Blighty blog offering, while at the same time capturing the Zeitgeist."  I can't afford to ask them what that means but have decided to do "something what like the other bloggers do but different."

I notice lots of blogs do "The best outfits of 2014" or "The best books read in 2014."

So here we are:
 Blighty 2015 - A Look Back.

It's been an eventful year.

Boy 1 dressed up in his new ski gear and burst into Grandma Whacker's room at 9pm. As Grandma commented drily: "It's a good job I don't have a heart condition."

Having clocked up 3000 hours on the Xbox over the hols, Boy 2 put on his new daygo hockey boots and went to hockey practice. Hello outside world, hello long pale atrophied things which are my legs. 

Mr B went back to the drafting factory to compose new and even more intricate laws (but still refusing to pop in that clause about the Blightys not needing to pay tax ever again  - I really question his contribution to our relationship, I mean, it's not much to ask, is it?)

River police investigate drafting irregularities at Westminster

(photo copyright Daily Record)

 Grandma de-camped to Casa Whacker, relieved to have some peace and quiet and not be pounced on by adolescents in ski-gear. Below, pic of the village in the Cotswolds where Grandma resides

Under the clock is the entrance to the offshoot of the Oxford Ashmolean Museum.

(photo copyright kev 747 flicker)

Monty Dog staged a disappearing act.  He was gone for around an hour and a half, provoking a major search operation.  Eventually we had a call from a nice lady who had found him in her garden. She spent 20 mins trying to catch him.  He told me he had a lovely time, a super game of chase, and licked her kitchen floor and dishwasher by way of thanks.

And as for me, I have made my debut on the Scarf of the Day thread of the Purse Forum...yes there is such a thing. It's a group where you post photos of your scarves according to a weekly theme set by the Scarf Mistress (I may be getting carried away with the names but it's all broadly true).  All the ladies are lovely and very appreciative of each others'  scarves.  It is very civilised and a nice refuge from teen world and dog days. I did notice in my Scarf Forum account details there is a category for "Infractions".  This is currently at zero.  I do wonder what exactly I will have to do to commit an infraction and how long it will be before I get thrown off the forum - posting rude jokes or vulgar double entendres?  I like a challenge.

This is me posing with my chin up high to minimise chin sag.  I am not going to post on the Scarf Forum too often otherwise I will get RSI to my neck.

As the ladies are so nice, I  wonder if there is a parallel  "Dorian Gray painting in the attic" Scarf Forum for the Cruellas and other mean ladies of this world:
"Darling, don't take this the wrong way but that rag round your neck really brings out the colour of your eyes - red"
"Girlfriend's looking a bit haggard today" etc.

Read the above book - excellent psychological thriller, highly recommended - stick with it, a bit slow at start, author has to lay the groundwork, the pay off is worth it.   My friend S put me onto it, she always knows the best books to read. S is herself a published author as blogged previously.  If you haven't already read her book (below), get on with it!  There will be a test later...

Talking of books, have just been to see Tess Gerritsen give a talk to promote her latest  Rizzoli and Isles book, Die Again.  She was an excellent speaker, super intelligent, funny, amusing anecdotes - including how she started as a romance author but decided to change direction when her editors pointed out that the body count for her debut romance novel stood at 13! Here's Tess in action.

So that's 2015 all wrapped up, wonder what 2016 will bring?


  1. Please don't say that is it for 2015 Blights! I love reading your posts as your type of humour is fabulous. Love the scarf action as well.
    Love Cindy F

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Cindy F. Don't worry, you haven't heard the last from me yet!

  3. You work today we were remarking that it was hard to believe that it's already January 12! Time does fly!

    1. Actually have now confused myself as to the year, serves me right. Though mentally I am still stuck in the early 1990s.

  4. Replies
    1. Pls don't encourage him, he loves expensive sports gear, must be a male thing

    2. It is a male thing! My husband has a classic car and three snowmobiles! My two boys skied and I don't know how much I spent on equipment and lift tickets over the years....yowza!

  5. You made me laugh at the chin RSI. Please keep the amusement quotient up!

    1. Amanda, stretching my neck up like that is killing me but I am vey vain, cannot have wrinkly neck sag in photos! Cannot believe the unkindness of time.

  6. That cute little tiger cub peeking out of your neckline is the best scarf action I've seen in a long time...keep it up, please! Grandma Whacker's village is the stuff of dreams, no wonder she retreated back there. So beautiful. Love your 2015 Review - I am too lazy to do a 2014 review on my blog, he he.

  7. Patricia, 2014 reviews are SO last year, 2015 retrospectives are now all the go! In real life my scarves never look like that, they are either still in the drawer or hidden under layers of jumpers for fear I will get food on them or the dog will decide to get creative with them...

  8. Blightly glad to see you are back. What a darling doggy you have. I adore the scarf and I think you still have a good chin. I couldn't even hope to fake such a nice profile.
    Happy New Year! x Kim

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for dropping by. I do love my dog! My chin, not so much! xx

  9. An excellent round up! Lol at the TPF especially ... You do look lovely. I am really trying to pause in my scarf collection this year to enjoy what I have before adding more. Look forward to more posts soon I hope!

    1. Only a matter of time before I am expelled from the TPF. I now realise you are also a TPFer. It is a really nice place to go talk about my scarf obsession. As for blogging, I need to take a leaf out of your book and blog regularly, you are a real dynamo with your blogging xx

  10. omg blighty, I've found you again via K's Eurostar FB post. I am super impressed you are S's friend. Your blog now opens up a whole new world of reading possibilities for me. Don't think I'll get a silk scarf tho, is that ok? I've had a super busy 2 years after swapping careers. Feel like I'm surfacing again. xxx Paddy. (To jog your memory I'm L's sister, or Weezie as we used to call her.)


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