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Friday, 30 January 2015


Lately we have been wearing our new harness-lead combo in cranberry.

Lately we are the dog du choix of the celebrity.

Jo Malone's Border Terrier, from her Twitter account

Bella Freud's Border Terrier

This one has quite the media profile

Will Young and his BT

Lately we have been catching up with our friends

With my bestie Alfie the Wheaten Terrier

Living the dream with my blonde beauties

Mabel, fashionista and party girl

Lately we have been giving our girlfriends little tokens of our love

Gave this brooch to Mabel's owner, from the Cancer Research charity gift shop

Lately we have been expressing our wild side via our hairstyle

Spending time giving your dog a Mowhawk is a sign you need to get a job

Lately we have been enjoying some relaxing music

And inhaling some calming pheromones

It's working well. Mummy remains calm while I go outside and bark up a frenzy.

Lately walks have become colder and it's harder to chat to new friends

Lately during our sniffing we have spotted signs of spring.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. A cranberry lead is very chic indeed, and will look very well against a background of snowdrops in spring. Nice choice of gifts - that is a very attractive and worthy brooch. We are only up to swooning about in the heat, feeling faint, and generally Victorian. Pass the smelling salts!

  2. The Border terrier is definitely the new pug.

  3. Love it all especially the cranberry lead! Some crocuses had burst through under my apple tree prior to the snowfall so will probably be gone by now.

  4. Love your terrier! There are a few guys around here like him and they are such good pups. I think we need a dos. The boys want one, but I know it's going to be my job...I was thinking corgi after visiting my friend the contessa who has Winston. He's got such a personality.

  5. Looking at the photos of your dawgie, I was suddenly reminded of my granny's border Terrier, Glen. When I was a toddler, I remember being utterly fascinated by his little bum and his curled up tail. SO fascinated that I had to be forcibly prevented from trying to put a lollipop stick up it.... he died soon after, but I am reliably informed it was due to old age and not wooden lolly stick insertions that did for him in the end.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on Border Terrier care, here is the link

    1. Dear Gordon, thanks for the link I have had a look and will buy it, looks really good, Thanks for dropping by.


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