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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hairy Maclary and Other Clothes

Cold today.  Plus the Apple logo appears to be floating over my garden.

Luckily I am prepared, as have found a fashion blogger in Alaska

#over40 color blockedt winter work look with scarf | High Latitude Style |
copyright High Latitude Style

It's a fascinating blog, fashion plus a insight into life in a very different place - things we never think about here, like how cars often just won't work when the temp drops below minus 40; the skill of driving when bundled up in coat and gloves and snowboots; the high cost of goods as most things are imported and many companies won't deliver to Alaska.  Plus it came in handy when Boy2 had to do a homework on a cold environment.   It may be the first time a geography project has been lifted from a fashion blog. A refreshing change from the old Wikipedia cut and paste.  Might need to prune the paragraphs on layering while maintaining a slim silhouette...

Already had to rein Boy2, as he was very taken with the "non-contiguous state of the US" thing and so launched into a description of the other non-contig state, Hawaii.  I am not an expert on climate but possibly Hawaii was not what the geography teacher had in mind. But don't worry, Boy2 is irrepressible and, deprived of his exposition on Hawaii, he bounced back with facts and photos on polar bears.

And the actual caption Boy2 used: "These 2 polar bears have developed a very good sense of smell so they can find food in the cold climate"  Just these lucky 2 bears, no others!

Another fashion blogger I discovered recently  is Silk Path Diary
She is so cute, elegant and well-dressed, with an amazing collection of vintage Hermes bags, scarves and some beautiful classic coats.

copyright Silk Path Diary

 Inspired by her I bought this on eBay.  At the bargainous price of 40 pounds.

Jigsaw, wool and cashmere, ideal for muddy dog walks. I am totally on message re buying clothes for your real, not your imaginary, lifestyle.  


But then I went off piste and bought this.  Hairy Maclary.  A bargain at 4 pounds and real suede and Mongolian whatnot.

But really, what was I thinking?

To wear this you need to be 
a) Kate Moss; 
b) at Woodstock in the 1970s;
c) in The Gruffalo: the Musical; or
d) all of the above.

Should I give it a deep conditioning treatment or comb for nits?

I don't know whether to take it to the hairdressers or the dog groomers, I have tried smoothing it down and rearranging it but ended up with an unflattering centre parting...

copyright Lynley Dodd

In other news,  a friend posted a link about Mikhail Baryshnikov on Facebook (thanks M) and that sent me off down memory lane.  Did you ever see this?

  I love seeing classically trained dancers cut lose and dance more modern styles. Misha is such a great dancer, such charisma. And may I must add, PHWOARRRRRRR! Thank you, just needed to do that.

 Has any one read this? 

  I really want to read it.  Gelsey partnered with Misha, back in the day, on and off stage.

Memory lane again : a 1000 years ago Grandma Whacker and I saw old Nureyev dance Romeo and Juliet at Covent Garden, then hung around the stagedoor as he swept past in fur hat with ballerina in tow. "Not tonight" he exclaimed imperiously to the autograph hunters.

Right, now I have ended up in Memory Lane it's time to embrace the present.  Maybe I'll take Hairy Maclary to the vets for his injections.


  1. Afternoon, Blighty! A fashion blogger who lives somewhere with weather not dissimilar to mine? She will be my NEW BEST FRIEND! I think your ebay bargains are excellent. I have too much frontage to wear the gilet. I'd look like an Ewok :-D

    1. Hi Ali, I need some frontage, send some down here pronto!

  2. This is why I love blogs. Alaskan fashionistas. Too cool. I discovered silk path recently as well. I say shave the coat and be patient.

    1. I thought about trimming it, or maybe hair removal cream; waxing might be a bit too rough. We are still talking about the coat aren't we?

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the kind mention! I'm very honoured. Your Jigaw coat is just beautiful - well done and hope to see some modelling shots soon. I really love your Hairy Maclary too - have got total fur envy now! I also love High Latitude Style. Whenever I feel like complaining about having to layer up against the cold I look at the climate she has to deal to come to my senses.
    There's an interview on Mikhail in the Porter magazine - very interesting.
    Thanks again!

    1. So glad you did not mind being featured on my stuff and nonsense blog. I am very easily influenced so will have to control my spending urges when I check out your blog, you always have such nice things! I need to shop my closet, as they say. Or spend my spare timing grooming Hairy Maclary. xx

  4. I think hairy maclary looks like fun! I have a vest that is eerily similar!

  5. Sigh....old Nureyev even came to Brisbane once, and I went adoringly with my sister. Russia's loss was everybody's gain back in the day. Nice fashion blogs, with my current love of ice and snow, the Alaska one is right up my alley of interest. Hairy Maclary is so funny - but I'm sure it looks cute with jeans.

  6. Given how cold it is here today I think I'll have to look at the blogger from Alaska for some tips! And I'll look at Silk Path Diary too, since I love the sound of her style.

    I love your bargains - and am totally with you on buying for your fantasy life rather than your real one. :) Currently I am imagining buying if I had the budget of a Holy Roman Emperor (found the catalogue recently of an old exhibition I went to of their art objects - must have been nice to have had that much spare change!).

    I love ballet too, and love that you saw Nureyev! Can just imagine him sweeping past the waiting crowds.

    Right, back to the washing and ironing...

  7. Hmmm, I'd send Hairy Maclary right back to Donaldson's Dairy, Blighty!

    White Nights...oh yes.

    I remember Nureyev in a cafe one lunchtime. Didn't look too good, bless him.


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