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Monday, 16 February 2015

This and That

A week or so ago we had a bit of this.

I dressed up like a baglady, it was so cold. I am wearing 4 jumpers in this pic, no kidding.

I realised I had to put in place a winter warmth strategy. Comforting soups and casseroles? Hot water bottles? Wooly hats? Thermal underwear? Thick socks?

NO! Instead I bought this. Obvious, really. Nothing better than a silk scarf to keep out the cold.


It's Hermes Groenland, who could resist a scarf with husky pups and polar bear pups on it?


Study this pic carefully.  Do you see the tiny rip in the sofa cover? I know, it's hard to spot.
Someone who shall remain nameless, MONTY DOG, did that.
With all the cold I am dreaming of summer and this.

From here
And I have been trying out this, very woody and exotic, love it.

Tom Ford, Bois Marocain

I am going to be Talitha Getty in Marrakesh, but without the youth, good looks, money and the sad ending. Or indeed Marrakesh.  I expect we will go to Bournemouth.

The best exotic North African perfume I have tried is this. Divine.  What about you?  Tell me your perfume secrets!

Andy Tauer, L'Air du Desert Marocain

Last night we finished watching Series 5 of this.

What a ride! And I now know the French for a "grass" which I am sure will come in useful. 


That is what my sweet husband gave me for Valentine's Day.

This is what I gave him. That man is a saint to put up with me.

In my defence it does look just like Monty Dog.

And that, as they say, is that. Or this?


  1. A football pitch's worth of snow, even a light dusting - wow, my kids would have loved that! It was bitterly cold and I actually prefer that to this limbo of greyness. Your scarf and tunic are lovely! I actually went to Marrakesh a couple of years ago and ended up climbing the Atlas mountains without ropes not crampons but I packed light and well otherwise. Your flowers are lovely! For such a small dog, how on earth can Monty get up to so much mischief? Lol!

    1. So envious you went to Marraskesh, but were there snake charmers? Hate snakes! Monty makes up in naughtiness for what he lacks in size, even as I type this he is trying to chew the shoe I am wearing. Thanks for dropping by, I am still loving your blog and in total admiration at how regularly you post. xx

  2. <3 to your eternal sense of humor.

    1. Mr B often say the same thing but spells "eternal" wrong, which is odd as he never usually makes spelling mistakes - he thinks it starts "inf" intsead of "et"

  3. All hail, Talitha!!!!

    She's my inspiration but I never quite look as effortless as she does in kaftans.

    SSG xxx

  4. Looks like serious cold weather to me, and I can see the scarf logic: ice and eskimos, fits right in! Monty Dog is a lovable rogue, and no doubt is forgiven for his excessive bursts of frantic energy and phantom battles with the sofa.
    Red roses are Perfection: Mr B knows a thing or two....

  5. That scarf is really lovely! Where did you find that? Was it uber-spensive?!

    No-one will notice anything awry with the sofa - and if they do, they are not really your bestest friends :-D

    Ali x

  6. miss your blog! pls post every DAY!!!! x

  7. I love your posts! Keep posting updates. Thanks!


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