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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Killer Knitwear

Dahlings, how are we today? Really?  How on earth did he get it stuck in there?  Awful!*

So Mr B and I have just finished watching The Killing 2.  Always a bit behind the times at Blighty HQ.

Gosh, it was BRILLIANT!  I had heard that it wasn't as good as the original Killing, but I loved it, in fact I think it was even better.

It ticked all the boxes for Nordic Noir:
  • knitwear - must admit I was a bit worried at the start as SaraLund (you must run it together into one word to sound authentic Danish) was sporting a plain red number; but my fears eased when I noticed it did in fact have the trad  Scandinavian pattern on it; then later a more familiar jumper reappeared - I gave such a loud shriek in recognition that Mr B thought I had seen a major plot twist.  To be honest, I don't think Mr B is fully on board, knitwear-wise, as his main comment was how on earth could a lowly police officer afford those really expensive jumpers? Remember they gave one to old Camilla Duchess of Charles? The Daily Mail told me they cost a bomb

  • gore
  • lovely sounding Danish: "Tak!"
  • that spooky music (which always speeds up at the end of each episode when they start doing a montage of the different characters so you know it's about to end and you shout "Oh no, it's the end!" and you say "Can't we just watch another episode, it's only 2am and who needs sleep really?"..)
  • Thomas Buch, considering his next snack option  Source
  • charismatic politician : Thomas Buch,  very jolly and amusing and enjoyed eating chocolate, except once when he was a bit upset and opted for a bit of fruit

  • about 15 different suspects, each of whom Definitely Did It, till you see the next episode and then you say, of course I knew it couldn't possibly be them all along...

  • Brix, SaraLund's boss, looking moody yet strangely attractive and very tall

Brix, looking enigmatic, or possibly a spot of indigestion?

  • full frontal willy shot - yes ladies, in one scene SaraLund, intent on tracking down an army officer she needs to interview, marches straight into the changing rooms/showers at the army barracks. So refreshing as a change from naked women and probably very Nordic, what with all those saunas and stuff.  I explained to Mr Blighty that this was no doubt a Very Important Scene and that I needed to see it again to search for vital clues...Mr Blighty muttered something to himself, sounded like "TotallPerverte", which I think is Danish for Top Detective?? Tak Mr B.
*don't be disgusting you lot, I was actually thinking of a recent newspaper report about kids getting their tongues stuck inside those metal drinking bottles, poor things had to have an operation to get it out.  After I had read that, I had the most dreadful urge to try sticking my own tongue in the boys' metal bottles.  What can I say, I was that kid at school, who always had to do the ONE  thing we were told not to do...


  1. Loved Killing II - Strange is so handsome in his white top! Love Scandinavian crime, especially in this weather. Every time I have to struggle out with the dog I imagine I'm in a Wallender! Xxx

  2. Mrs E how are you my darling? I have been wondering how you are, hope all well, I guess you are busy settling into your new house. Why you not blogging now ? We need to catch up XXXXX

    1. Miss you too, Mrs E, and hope all is well with new house.
      Blighty, you are funnier than ever. Don't Stop Blogging!

  3. Oh I haven't got on board with this yet but my sister in law is obsessed with all those Scandinavian type crimey shows and books. Blighty you are v amusing, as usual!

  4. Ok. So I'm getting back into the swing of life as a normal person.
    That's why I'm here.
    What does Wallender do in the snow with his dog? I haven't seen Kenneth do anything doggy and snowy.
    Is it the other WALLENDER.?

    1. Hi there Louise, welcome back to blogworld! Not sure I want to see Kenneth doing anything doggy and snowy..

  5. I've always dreamed of being enigmatic. Maybe I just need to eat more beans.

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