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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A bit chilly

Dahlings, how are you?   Really, a kitchen extension with an orangery and water feature? Me?  Oh no, I am very happy with my beige linoleum thank you (right eye twitches).

Here we had a bit of snow yesterday but just a light sprinkling, I have to be honest I wasn't completely happy with the coverage.

I suppose I am a bit like Faux Fuchsia and her Christmas tree coverage - she likes it plentiful and well distributed.  Well so do I, with snow.

By the way, here is a pic of the Blighty 2012 Christmas tree.  It did not have uniform coverage, as Boy 1 of his own accord took it upon himself to decorate it.  So there is heavy ornament application around the front and lower branches.  But I don't mind.  I think he shows great promise - one day perhaps he could be a window dresser for Selfridges.
Selfridges window last year - a tribute to Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

Right, back to the cold weather.

Luckily I bought some boofy snow boots in the sales.

I also popped on my Alpine style waistcoat number, from H&M.  I bet they all wear them at Klosters.

I also rolled out my new fluffy waistcoat, Mr B bought it for me for my birthday, I must let him know.  It's very soft and stroke-able, like having a cat except it does not bring mice into the house or scratch the sofa, fingers crossed.

Last night I decided I wanted a Korat cat, till I read they were very sensitive and got upset by loud noises.  Hmm, probably not ideal for Blighty HQ then.


It is essential to eat properly when the weather is cold.

Nourishing drinks are also vital.

I have been reading in the newspapers that according to the Government and various charities,  it is very important to keep an eye on the elderly in this cold weather and call in on them to make sure they are alright.

Well, it's been a couple of days now since the cold snap started, and I am still waiting for my visit.

I even rang the council, I believe in being pro-active.

I talked to a very nice lady and explained I was an older lady and would very much like a young person to drop by the house, to make sure I was nice and warm.  I said I wasn't fussy, a young man,  6 ft 4, blonde, blue eyes, lightly muscled, six pack preferable....there would be some light duties around the house...

source - hmmm, typical

Gosh, I am feeling much warmer already...


  1. You need that cook guy, Curtis whoosywhatsit, to come make you a little curry:).

  2. nooooo! I want cute crawling up the steps guy! (what's with that anyway? is he pretending to be scaling a rock face??)

  3. Luff the fluffy vest the tree the snow Everything!

    My sister A has had the best idea! You should come to Paris with us for the w/e!!!!!

    I am going to email you now. Say Yes, or else x

  4. Ooohh The Wood looks spooky with its light dusting of snow!

    Love the furry vest and boots. What a stunning cat the Korat is!

    I would say you need more carbs than ever to cope with this cold snap.

  5. Dear Mrs Blighty, I love the fur vest and boots. You only need a fur trimmed hat and we would take you for a gorgeous Russian spy from a Bond movie. I do like your idea of home visits but I want my visitors to be a bit older and more craggy - able to wield carpentry tools (build wardrobes, replace skirting and architraves etc) all while looking quite spectacular with their shirts off. I am crossing my fingers you go to Paris with Ms FF - tell the boys there is many a nutritious ingredient in a tin! love Lindaxxx

    1. Hiya Linda, yes I agree actually about home visit guy, it would really annoy me if he just sat around looking pretty. As for the Russian spy, I am thinking that one with the daggers in her shoes in From Russia With Love..

  6. I like your warm up ideas. I escaped snow by flying to New Zealand.


  7. I loved this post - I also like the look of your furry waistcoat and boots. Mmmm.


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